DiscoverLet the Truth TalkTruth #1 - Anyone can be sexually assaulted
Truth #1 -  Anyone can be sexually assaulted

Truth #1 - Anyone can be sexually assaulted

Update: 2021-08-20


Thanks for checking out the second season of Let the Truth Talk. When dismantling the myths around sexual violence, the facts should always come first. This season your hosts Tara and Tandia will be talking about some common misconceptions around sexual violence in our society. These misconceptions can prevent victims from speaking out, seeking help and holding perpetrators responsible for the assault.  Getting the facts and dismantling these myths are an important step in ending sexual violence, and finding ways to best support survivors of sexual violence. 

Truth #1 - Anyone can be sexually assaulted.  Sexual assault is not just a women's problem.  Listen in to find out where this myth came from and what the truths are behind it. 

The Harmony Project’s diverse stakeholders through expertise and experience are working together to end sexualized violence in the Bow Valley.  The Harmony Project is funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services on behalf of the Government of Alberta. 

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Truth #1 -  Anyone can be sexually assaulted

Truth #1 - Anyone can be sexually assaulted

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