DiscoverTrauma, But Make It FunnyEpisode 10: Jake and the Morgue
Episode 10: Jake and the Morgue

Episode 10: Jake and the Morgue

Update: 2021-03-29


On this season finale episode of Trauma, But Make It Funny, Bri welcomes her brother, Jake Hancin. At first, Jake thinks he doesn't have any trauma to talk about - which is very similar to many people. However, Jake and Bri end up talking about Jake's time in basic training in the National Guard, some super traumatic missions Jake has volunteered for, and what it's like to be a sibling to someone who has cancer. Yeah, we go there.

Thanks to everyone for your constant support and love. Trauma, But Make It Funny  will be back soon for Season 2 with even crazier and funnier (traumatic) content.

Some of the subjects discussed during this episode can be sensitive, so there is a trigger warning at the beginning of this episode. Please take care of yourself while listening.

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Episode 10: Jake and the Morgue

Episode 10: Jake and the Morgue