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Episode 16: Fertilized Earth

Episode 16: Fertilized Earth

Update: 2020-01-12


It’s ‘Sequels Month’ here at LMAHMpod, and as it’s a Dave week he kicks proceedings off with a brutal, desolate sequel to Jon’s Episode 13 Pitch ‘Goodbye Tomorrow’. Picking up the futuristic setting 6 years after the events of the first somewhat sci-fi infused horror movie pitch, Dave adds in some listener feedback from the original and fully lets the crazy out again. As usual there is listener Feedback to Ep15 in Act 1, which also takes a detour into 20 year old events from UK TV Soap ‘Hollyoaks’ with very little justification, before Act 2 jumps into BBC’s Dracula mini-series and a brainstorm around potential Harold ‘Harry’  / ‘Shippers’ Shipman movie titles. Act 3 as ever is the pitch itself – if you haven’t heard Episode 13, its not essential but you may enjoy it more if you do (or you may not, who knows!). And Act 4 is the pitch post-mortem, title brainstorm and a delirious segment on ‘Toilet Shows’. Yep.

Act 1 – 4:30 m   – Listener updates to Ep15's ‘Trying Christmas’ Act 2 – 17:48 m – This week’s horrorishy cultural highlights Act 3 – 25:48 m – Horror Pitch: Fertilized Earth – sequel to Goodbye Tomorrow (Ep#13) Act 4 – 54:25 m – Pitch Post-mortem, titles & Toilet Shows!

As ever, contributions & input welcomed – find as at or Twitter @LMAHMpod, Instagram, Telegram, The Guild of Clives, Binary Phone, House visit, SMS, Semaphore, HitFast or Jeremy.









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Episode 16: Fertilized Earth

Episode 16: Fertilized Earth

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