DiscoverLet's Make a Horror MovieEpisode 17: Nuckelavee Country
Episode 17: Nuckelavee Country

Episode 17: Nuckelavee Country

Update: 2020-02-03


It’s Episode 17! A Jon week and the final part of our Sequels Month. In Act 3 3DK delivers his follow up to Dave’s to ‘A Long Way From God’ (from ‘Early Years LMAHMPod’) with a cannibalism infused, Scottish Highlands escapade including a regiment of the Queen’s finest and a satchel full of eyeballs! Act 1 as ever sees feedback on last episode’s pitch with a veritable feast of input from listeners, whilst Act 2 takes a brief look at the Witcher but is more a long winded apology to Mr Cavill and a paen to his nocturnal habits, amongst other cultural touchpoints from the last fortnight. Act 3 is the pitch and Act 4 gives us the pitch post-mortem as well as a bizarre conversation about inter-species onanism, specifically regarding Jon and Primates in a life or death hypothetical. I mean, it’s us, what were you expecting?

Oh and sorry its bit late.

Act 1 – 3:33 m   – Listener updates to Ep16's ‘Fertilized Earth’ sequel Act 2 – 19:33 m – This week’s horrorishy cultural highlights Act 3 – 27:37 m – Horror Pitch: Nuckelavee Country – sequel to A Long Way From God (Ep#4) Act 4 – 53:18 m – Pitch Post-mortem, titles & Gorilla Onanism with 3DK!

As ever, contributions & input welcomed – find as at or Twitter @LMAHMpod, Instagram, Telegram, The Guild of Clives, Binary Phone, House visit, SMS, Semaphore, HitFast or Jeremy.









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Episode 17: Nuckelavee Country

Episode 17: Nuckelavee Country

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