DiscoverLet's Make a Horror MovieEpisode 27: Hobbslawn (aka 'Hot Episode')
Episode 27: Hobbslawn (aka 'Hot Episode')

Episode 27: Hobbslawn (aka 'Hot Episode')

Update: 2020-08-17


What happens when two hosts sit in 37+degree heat for two hours? Episode 27 is what happens! Take a swirling trip upon our magic yet rapidly descending ship of heat delirium and enjoy Jon’s pitch in Act 3’s ‘Hobbslawn’. A quaint English village is about to experience some ancient, righteous anger, and it's not pretty!

Act 1 as always sees feedback on our last pitch (2 eps ago) and my god it was hot. Act 2 has a few quick japes around three horror movies – Host, Culture Shock and The Beach House – did I say how hot it was? And as always Act 4 is the pitch post-mortem but this time with 15 minutes of the most bizarre, heat-induced rambling nonsense that one is likely to hear. Normally this would be edited more objectively, but one suffers PTSD trying to do so. So, enjoy the sound of two men fighting a not-so-silent war of attrition against hellish temperatures whilst trying to remain somewhat coherent. Henceforth, this shall be referred to as ‘The Hot Episode (Or ‘How I learned to stop worrying about this huge red flag highlighting the imminent death of the planet’).

Act 1 – 05:07 m – Listener Feedback on Ep25 ‘The Moon Cursers’ (and ep 26)Act 2 – 17:29 m – Last fortnight’s horrorishy cultural highlightsAct 3 – 22:42 m – Horror Pitch: HobbslawnAct 4 – 52:46 m - Pitch Post-mortem & title brainstorm + website offers, history etc.

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Episode 27: Hobbslawn (aka 'Hot Episode')

Episode 27: Hobbslawn (aka 'Hot Episode')