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Finding Strength in Tragedy

Finding Strength in Tragedy

Update: 2023-11-131


S14 EP7 | Liz Glazer, an award-winning stand-up comedian and queer mom, shares her journey to parenthood and the stillbirth of her first daughter, Leo Pearl. She discusses the struggles and grief associated with pregnancy loss, emphasizing that all forms of loss are equally difficult. Liz also talks about her wife's decision to freeze her eggs and their experience using a sperm bank. Despite the tragedy, Liz and her wife decided to try again and successfully welcomed their daughter, Eloise. Liz highlights the importance of being there for someone experiencing grief and offers insights into the unique nature of grieving for a child who never lived.

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🏳️‍🌈About The Guest(s)🏳️‍🌈

  • Liz Glazer is an award-winning stand-up comedian and queer mom. She is known for her debut stand-up comedy and storytelling album, "A Very Particular Experience," which explores the stillbirth of her first daughter, Leo Pearl. Liz is also a former tenured law professor and has been doing stand-up for 10 years.

🏳️‍🌈Key Takeaways:🏳️‍🌈

  • Liz and her wife, Karen, decided to have children, and Karen had frozen her eggs before they started trying.
  • Liz and Karen used a sperm bank for the embryo transfer, and the first transfer was successful.
  • Liz emphasizes that there is no hierarchy of grief and that all forms of pregnancy loss are difficult.
  • Liz and Karen joined a bereavement group called Pockets of Light, which provided support during their grieving process.
  • Liz shares the strangeness of grieving for someone who never lived and the abstract nature of the grief.


  • "I think that being willing to be the person who is there, who's emailing, who's calling, who's reaching out, that's really helpful." - Liz Glazer
  • "Grief is such a personal journey and nightmare in so many ways." - Liz Glazer
  • "There's no grief Olympics, all of it sucks because all of it is." - Liz Glazer

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Finding Strength in Tragedy

Finding Strength in Tragedy

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