DiscoverPODCASTING 4 U at newclevelandradio.netGRIEF BeLIEF Season 2 with guest Michael Gershe, The Magic of Life 101723 #15
GRIEF BeLIEF Season 2 with guest Michael Gershe, The Magic of Life 101723 #15

GRIEF BeLIEF Season 2 with guest Michael Gershe, The Magic of Life 101723 #15

Update: 2023-10-18


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Due to illness and travel, only two panelists were available for the panel discussion, which focused on all forms of grief, featuring author Michael Gershe. Despite some team members being unavailable, the discussion was well-received by those present. Karen encouraged the purchase of Michael's book, 'The Magic of Life', highlighting its themes of sadness, humor, and reality. Michael shared his personal experiences with grief.

Michael shared a deeply personal story about a traumatic car accident from his childhood in 1970. The incident resulted in his mother's death, his father and brother sustaining injuries, and Michael himself suffering breaking nearly every bone in his infant body. Despite the challenges, Michael survived and has thrived, becoming an author, speaker, and comedian. However, the loss of his mother has had a lasting impact, as he acknowledged he has been grieving since his childhood. He also expressed gratitude towards a Dolly, who helped raise him and his brother following the accident.

Michael and Alison shared their personal experiences with grief and loss, emphasizing the importance of seeking help and not suppressing emotions. Michael dedicates his life to preventing others from experiencing what his family went through, using humor as a defense mechanism and a way to deal with trauma and grief. Alison turned to grief coaching after her husband's death and emphasized the significance of sharing different experiences of grief to help others feel less alone. Both agreed on the compounding effect of grief and the importance of expressing emotions to maintain mental health and avoid destructive outcomes.

Karen-Producer and Alison shared their experiences of using social media as a means of emotional expression and coping mechanism. Karen- shared her daily postings on Facebook as a way to 'take the temperature' of friends and family, as well as a method of grounding herself. Alison shared her openness when her husband was dying, and how she began coaching and sharing her experiences as a way to find meaning in her devastating pain. Both agreed that sharing their experiences, even through hard times, served a purpose and helped others.

Michael shared that his experiences have been therapeutic, helping him channel anger and making him a better person. He also emphasized the importance of sharing stories in a compassionate and non-threatening way, which has resonated with his audiences. Karen-Producer noted that Michael's work has been successful and has changed many people's lives, including his own.

Michael and Alison shared their experiences with grief and loss, noting the deep bond they formed due to their shared experience of losing a parent at a young age. Michael found solace in writing a book about his experiences, which has helped others cope with their grief. Alison emphasized the importance of groups for widows and widowers, as they can uniquely understand each other's experiences. Karen highlighted the importance of understanding individual journeys and the need for further discussion, reflecting on the diversity of individual responses to loss and grief.

Karen shared her experience of dealing with grief and how she
The team found it important to handle such topics humorously. Karen, a producer, had a light-hearted conversation with Michael, a comedian and photographer, who shared his upcoming performances and plans for future events. Michael's photography was praised by Karen, and he was invited to bring others to the show.

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GRIEF BeLIEF Season 2 with guest Michael Gershe, The Magic of Life 101723 #15

GRIEF BeLIEF Season 2 with guest Michael Gershe, The Magic of Life 101723 #15