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Global Stuff with Ken Grossinger

Global Stuff with Ken Grossinger

Update: 2024-06-14


This podcast of Global Stuff was recorded live on May 24, 2024. Jimmy
talks with Ken Grossinger about his latest book: Art Works: How
Organizers and Artists Are Creating a Better World Together (July 2023,
New Press). The book describes the multiple ways in which artists and
activists and artists have collaborated in the past and continue to do so
today to support actions for racial justice, immigrant rights, human
rights, economic equality. Music, movies, theater, graphic art, fine arts
all contribute to advancing social movements. Ken and Jimmy also
consider the role museums and philanthropy can play in going beyond
their traditional grounding in the status quo to support community art
projects that foster social change.
Ken Grossinger has been a leading strategist in movements for social
and economic justice for thirty-five years, in unions and community
organizations, and as director of Impact Philanthropy in Democracy
Partners. Among other cultural projects, he co-executive produced the
award-winning Netflix documentaries Social Dilemma and Bleeding
Edge. More information, including his playlist of songs, can be found at

Jimmy Durchslag has been the host of “Global Stuff”, a monthly guest driven talk show for over 20 years. He has a long experience as a manager of several for profit and non-profit organizations. He is one of the founders of Redwood Community Radio, the parent organization for KMUD. He recently served as the Director of the Mainstream Media Project, a nonprofit organization that
scheduled expert guests for interviews on talk shows both nationally and









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Global Stuff with Ken Grossinger

Global Stuff with Ken Grossinger

Jimmy Durchslag