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Global Stuff with Planned parenthood

Global Stuff with Planned parenthood

Update: 2024-06-14


This podcast of Global Stuff features two guests, recorded live on April
26, 2024. Planned Parenthood’s mission has always been to protect
health care, education, and reproductive freedom. They have
continued to provide quality services even when faced with ongoing
threats and challenges. Since the Supreme Court Dobbs decision, their
work has never been more vital, or more determined, even in the face
of increasing external pressures. Planned Parenthood of Northern
California is the umbrella organization for 20 counties in the state. In
this episode, I speak with Gilda Gonzales, President and CEO of Planned
Parenthood Northern California, and Anna Meldrum, Interim Regional
Center Director for the northern region. Together they supervise 18
health clinics in 20 northern California counties. They join me to discuss
the services they provide, who is eligible, how their work has adapted
since the Supreme Court decision and how they see reproductive rights
issues unfolding in the months ahead, including the potential impact on
the upcoming crucial fall elections.


Jimmy Durchslag has been the host of “Global Stuff”, a monthly guest driven talk show for over 20 years. He has a long experience as a manager of several for profit and non-profit organizations. He is one of the founders of Redwood Community Radio, the parent organization for KMUD. He recently served as the Director of the Mainstream Media Project, a nonprofit organization that scheduled expert guests for interviews on talk shows both nationally and









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Global Stuff with Planned parenthood

Global Stuff with Planned parenthood

Jimmy Durchslag