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Healing the Relationship to Our Bodies

Healing the Relationship to Our Bodies

Update: 2024-01-09


Our bodies are always speaking to us, but often we’re not able to understand or listen to what they’re trying to communicate.

In this episode, hosts Jennifer and Elisabeth unpack the complexities of our relationship to the body, including how our perceptions, emotions and beliefs about our bodies significantly impact our overall well-being. They dive deep into the impact the interoceptive system has on the nervous system, emotions and behaviors, especially in relation to disordered eating and body dysmorphia.

Jennifer and Elisabeth explore how past traumas shape our body image and inhibit our ability to express emotions safely through the body, sharing their own journeys from the cycle of maladaptive behaviors to loving acceptance.

Tune in to hear their insights into having a healthier, more compassionate relationship with your body!

Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Exploring the relationship to the body
  • How we develop our body image
  • Interoceptive awareness and our ability to connect to the body
  • The connection between trauma and the relationship to the body
  • Understanding body dysmorphia and dissociation
  • Sensory mismatch in relation to body dysmorphia
  • The emotional aspect of the relationship to the body
  • Building a healthier relationship to the body


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Healing the Relationship to Our Bodies

Healing the Relationship to Our Bodies

Elisabeth Kristof & Jennifer Wallace