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How To Pause And Recharge As A BUSY Mompreneur

How To Pause And Recharge As A BUSY Mompreneur

Update: 2023-02-26


If you’re a mom, you’ve probably been given the advice at one point or another to “sleep while the baby sleeps.”

And, as busy entrepreneurs, we’ve had the importance of self-care and taking a break drilled into our heads.

But how can you find time to pause and recharge when it seems like everything you’re doing is an urgent and important priority?

In this latest episode of the Marketing Like a Mother podcast, Olivia Radcliffe and Michelle Pontvert discuss how to take a break from work as a busy entrepreneur. They shared their own experiences with fatigue and exhaustion, particularly as parents with young kids.

The two mompreneurs discussed how the idea of being busy has become a source of pride and status in society, but that it is not necessarily indicative of productivity.

But is it possible to be busy without feeling so stressed and frazzled?


00:00 "How to Take a Break and Prioritize Self-Care as an Entrepreneur"

02:25 Exploring Strategies for Managing Fatigue During Difficult Seasons

04:13 Heading: Dealing with Fatigue: Strategies for Managing Mental and Physical Exhaustion

05:48 Conversation on Overcoming Mental Blocks to Productivity

08:40 Conversation on Strategies for Managing Mental Fatigue and Finding Time for Self-Care

13:37 Heading: The Challenges of Balancing Business and Personal Life on Social Media

14:55 Exploring Strategies for Maintaining Boundaries and Self-Care in the Digital Age

22:02 Conversation Summary: Strategies for Building Habits and Visual Cues

23:59 Work-Life Balance for Solopreneurs: A Conversation with [Name]

25:43 Exploring Balance in Life and Work: A Conversation on Mode Switching and Compassionate Space

29:13 Conversation on Balancing Open Tabs and Achieving Life-Work Balance

31:09 Heading: The Importance of Taking Time to Rest and Be Present in the Moment

32:51 Modeling Emotions for Children: Benefits of Demonstrating the Full Experience of Emotion

36:32 Conversation on Managing Mental Load and Setting Boundaries

37:37 Conversation Summary: Strategies for Productive Time Management for Busy Moms with Businesses

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How To Pause And Recharge As A BUSY Mompreneur

How To Pause And Recharge As A BUSY Mompreneur

Olivia Radcliffe & Michelle Pontvert