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How to Change My Mind: An Experiment

How to Change My Mind: An Experiment

Update: 2021-02-22


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Jessica Valenti changed my mind about cancel culture.

How? By speaking with clarity and empathy.

This serves as a great example of what I’ve been exploring lately in my new project, Consider the Source. This episode is available exclusively as part of this new project: Listen to it here.

Wait, why?

Marketing is about experimenting, and I invite you to take part in this experiment. This episode is not available in your regular podcast app nor on this site. That means:

  1. If you are here, you likely arrived via email (or in search results). I won’t be sharing a link to this post on social.

  2. That isolates a variable in the experiment, separating you into a control group.

  3. How will that affect my reach and results?

I’m interested to learn this, if you’ll play along. I’ll certainly share the results with you, if you are interested. Leave a comment below to say so or tell me that this is annoying. Though I kinda know that already.

Hope you’ll join me in this new project. After nearly 200 episodes of this podcast, I’m feeling antsy to take some new risks and try some new things.

With love and respect,


Published <time class="entry-time" itemprop="datePublished" datetime="2021-02-22T06:00 :27-05:00 ">February 22, 2021</time> exclusively on Patreon by Michael Boezi

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How to Change My Mind: An Experiment

How to Change My Mind: An Experiment

Michael Boezi