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I Agree with Removing Limiting Beliefs

I Agree with Removing Limiting Beliefs

Update: 2023-06-20


You have a belief system (whether you're aware of it or not) and that belief system determines your reality. Hidden in that system are sneaky little (and sometimes big) limiting beliefs that keep you from striving for a better relationship, earning more money, or finally claiming and chasing your dreams. In this episode, I share some limiting beliefs that I've worked through and show you how to do the same with two tools: The ho'oponopono prayer and the process of your thoughts becoming your reality. I give you real examples of the limiting beliefs I once held, and how I worked through them.

References for this episode are:
The ho'oponopono prayer: I am sorry, Please forgive me, I thank you and I love you
One of my favorite books: Thoughts Become Things by Mike Dooley

Questions for this episode are actually a directive:

  1. Take 3 - 10 minutes to create a list of limiting beliefs. These can be actualy beliefs, and they can also be experiences or memories.
  2. Sit with each belief, feel into it, and then say the ho'oponopono prayer
  3. Continue with this practice for any limiting belief systems you want to release.

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I Agree with Removing Limiting Beliefs

I Agree with Removing Limiting Beliefs

Sabrina Avellán