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I Gave Birth During the Pandemic

I Gave Birth During the Pandemic

Update: 2020-09-29


Rachel Bloom, the Golden Globe-winning co-creator/star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, reveals what it was like giving birth during the pandemic at the same moment her friend and music collaborator, Adam Schlesinger, was losing his battle with the virus. With COVID-19 as a humbling denominator, she confronts mortality with the same out-of-body clarity in a way that she hasn’t since that one time she took way too many mushrooms in Amsterdam. “There's nothing more on the nose about as one person enters, one person is leaving,” she reflects. “Ten minutes after he died, I was breastfeeding because she needed food. So there's something very egoless about, like, I can only grieve for so long.”

You can follow Rachel Bloom on Instagram and Twitter @Racheldoesstuff. 


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I Gave Birth During the Pandemic

I Gave Birth During the Pandemic

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