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Weird Parenting Wins

Weird Parenting Wins

Update: 2020-12-08


Hillary Frank, author and host of the award-winning parenting podcast The Longest Shortest Time, takes us on a journey to the wonderful world of weird parenting. You won’t find any of these tips in a traditional parenting book. Instead, Hillary says, weird parenting is real advice from real parents born out of moments of sheer desperation. “One of my favorites is a game called ‘What's on My Butt?’ You lie down face-down on the couch or on the floor, and then you tell them to get some random object and place it on your butt. And then you have to guess what the thing is and the longer it takes you to guess, the longer you get to lie down.”


You can follow Hillary Frank on Twitter @hillaryfrank and on Instagram @thisishillaryfrank. 


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Weird Parenting Wins

Weird Parenting Wins

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