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Imposter Syndrome as a Physician Dad

Imposter Syndrome as a Physician Dad

Update: 2022-07-27


In the medical community the term "Imposter Syndrome" has become very popular.  The concept began back in the 1970s by Drs. Clance and Imes.  They met with many high accomplished academics, admins, and students who felt their accomplishments were not their own and were, in a lack of a better term, frauds. 

This idea of being an imposter as grown exponentially in the physician community.  In fact, some studies show the rate of physician imposter syndrome to be close to 60%.  I personally blame the COVID era for this statistic, as we have seen the social media community go from physicians being heroes to being villains very quickly.

However, when the topic of imposter syndrome relate to physician PARENTING gets searched, there is very little to go off of.  Many of the articles are either opinion based or surveys, and many times they focus on the physician mother.  This makes sense.  I have discussed in past episodes how the gender gap and changes in regards to parenting has negatively affected both sexes, but moreso females versus males.  

HOWEVER, there are basically NO articles out there related to the physician dad and the imposter syndrome associated with being a parent. 

Today I discuss my thoughts on this, why I feel like it is a VERY IMPORTANT topic to discuss, and what you can do as a physician parent to address this.  

Check out this week's episode on Imposter Syndrome as a Physician Dad and let me know what you think!

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Imposter Syndrome as a Physician Dad

Imposter Syndrome as a Physician Dad

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