Setting Your Kid Up For Success

Setting Your Kid Up For Success

Update: 2022-05-25


I have spoked several times on the topic of defining what success means to you, and what does it mean for your child to be successful. 

We all have different definitions of success and how we interpret it.  Recently I saw an article posted on Facebook in regards to setting up your child for Entrepreneur Success.  Although we probably all want to see our children become business savvy adults, I felt like the article touched on several topics that can simply set up our children to be successful in many different ways. 

If you are interested, the article can be found here.  Basically, it looks at 4 key points in our children and how each one can potentially set up our child for success of failure later in life.  
Those 4 items are:
1) Company Kept: Who your kid hangs out with.
2) Education: Not the school they go to, but what they learn early in life.
3) Accountability:  We could all probably use some help with that.
4) Self-motivation: Like me forcing myself out of bed to work out in the morning.

Listen in as I discuss these 4 key points mentioned in the article and my own thoughts on them.  

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Setting Your Kid Up For Success

Setting Your Kid Up For Success

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