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Indirect Causation: Acid Attack

Indirect Causation: Acid Attack

Update: 2021-01-182


At around 3am on September 23rd 2015, residents of Westbury Park, Bristol, were awoken by the sound of agonizing pleas for help coming from the street. A man, dressed in just his boxer shorts was running blindly down the road, screaming in pain. As members of the public tried to assist him, they thought that he had mud on his face, but when they asked him what happened he told them that someone had thrown acid onto him. When he was asked who did it, he was audibly terrified and answered “my ex”.

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Women’s Aid can help you if you are experiencing domestic violence. They give advice on how you can help yourself and others. You can also contact them 24 hours-a-day on 1800 341 900.

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The National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) and through online chatting at
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Jocelyn Allan

The suffering of this poor man. The barbarity of this woman, throwing acid on the sleeping man. This is one of the most horrific crimes I've ever heard. There isn't a punishment the courts can impose

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Indirect Causation: Acid Attack

Indirect Causation: Acid Attack

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