DiscoverFinancial Foreplay® PodcastIs The Way You Are Operating Your Business Risky and Dangerous?
Is The Way You Are Operating Your Business Risky and Dangerous?

Is The Way You Are Operating Your Business Risky and Dangerous?

Update: 2023-01-26


Running a business is challenging on many fronts not the least of which is that you have put your finances at risk to fund it. That is why it makes sense to proactively manage risk, reduce uncertainty and protect your livelihood wherever possible.

Business insurance is one of those areas that is not often talked about. There are plenty of courses on social media marketing, leadership, even financial literacy... but surprisingly very few on how to protect the key assets you need to stay in business, deal with disasters (manmade or natural) and the human beings you interact with every day in your business.

Think about how you would manage if your stock, employees, equipment, or even your place of business was badly damaged or destroyed? 

Would you be able to continue? Could you recover financially based on savings you have on hand right now?

Insurance is about peace of mind. However, you have to know what to insure and how much to insure it for... that is where it makes sense to speak to someone that you can trust.


Lisa Carter is an award-winning adviser with over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. Following an 11-year career with an international insurance broking firm Lisa identified a market gap stepping away to start Clear Insurance in 2010.

Lisa is a master at building long-term client relationships - she specialises in custom insurance and risk programs for complicated and hard to place accounts. She has delivered some very unique solutions for the construction, hospitality, medical and tech-startup industries.

Financial Foreplay® Highlights:

1.      Before COVID hit we were already in a hard market cycle for insurance – meaning companies had started to restrict cover and premiums were up

2.      In terms of under-insurance, business interruption and public liability are the two areas where businesses are most exposed right now

3.      Insurers are now demanding a much higher level of preparedness in terms of risk planning and cyber risk management strategies

4.      Almost every business (whether you are selling online or not) now has a serious risk of exposure to cyber crime as many of these are driven by social engineering and can infiltrate your business via your email and/or accounts department

5.      The new legislation in place to force timely reporting to government of all breaches is quite strict and most businesses will fall under these provisions because the definition of sensitive data captures more than it ever has in the past

6.      Management liability isn’t just for big businesses that have a formal Board of directors – as a director, you are already on the hook for decisions made or losses that affect third parties and you should be carrying insurance to protect against the risks


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Is The Way You Are Operating Your Business Risky and Dangerous?

Is The Way You Are Operating Your Business Risky and Dangerous?

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