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Is the Struggle Worth it?

Is the Struggle Worth it?

Update: 2024-06-07


In this podcast Tony talks about the question that we ask ourselves at one point or another in our life, "Is the struggle worth it?" The journey you are about to take is it worth taking? Is the rub worth the shine at the end? 

Tony uses many examples of how to look at why we do what we do and struggle to maintain our dignity. Why do so many people avoid the hardship and bypass the struggle element? If you had a hard life how many of you say, "I want to give my kids more than I got"? Tony gives a different perspective from spirit that is similar to old school thinking that may help you feel better depending which side of the spectrum you're on.

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Is the Struggle Worth it?

Is the Struggle Worth it?

Susanne Shields and Tony Gyenis