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Meet Marsha Sims Celebrated Organizer

Meet Marsha Sims Celebrated Organizer

Update: 2021-09-22


Sort it out, Inc. Professional Organizing Service evolved from Marsha’s desire to get organized. “It was a personal quest,” said Marsha Sims, founder of Sort-It-Out, Inc.In 1992, Marsha Sims was owner of Sims Realty in Miami Florida. “Hurricane Andrew helped me to make the decision that I wanted to do something else.” Not knowing what to do, Sims met with a professional development coach. “Do this, and you will be really successful” the coach said, handing Sims the application for the National Association of Professional Organizers.

Sims was distraught. “I am holding an application for an organization in my personal area of incompetence.” Years later, Sims recalls that “empathy was my greatest skill in the early years.” Clients appreciated the fact that Marsha would jump right in and learn along with them. Clients were relieved to know that they were not alone, and that they would not be judged because of their lack of neatness. “I used to say, you can do this. I know, because I did it.”

That was 1992. The coach was right. Sort-It-Out has grown, and often the organizers who work for Sort-It-Out come to you with an assistant. “It speeds up the process and allows you to focus on making the decisions necessary for success.”

Sort-It-Out is frequently courted by the Media “we have appeared on Television, on the Radio, in newspapers, magazines… you name it.” Sims and Sort-It-Out have been frequent contributors to local publications, and Sims is often asked to speak for local organizations.

But most of all, Sort-It-Out has over 2,000 happy clients. They get so many thank-you letters they have compiled a booklet called, “Thank You, Marsha” and is available for you to view. Learn more at


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Meet Marsha Sims Celebrated Organizer

Meet Marsha Sims Celebrated Organizer

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