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MindFULL Meals - February Edition

MindFULL Meals - February Edition

Update: 2023-02-06


It's February, and I have decided to lighten up given the heaviness of January's long days. Today kicks off a month of mindful conversations about healthy eating and easy meals! My guest today is Culinary Nutrionist, Michelle Fox. She is a former dancer who has danced her way to a healthier relationship with food. Michelle is a Master at helping folks make new and healthy choices.

She has so much to say! 3 things to think about:

1. Sugar is as addictive as cocaine. She can help you kick your sugar habit once and for all.
2. Meal Plan! It is the pillar of saving time and money.
3. You are WORTHY of taking time to meal plan, meditate and change your mindset around food. It sounds like alot, but it's all connected and one thing will lead to another. Promise.

And as a Dancer, Michelle always puts on Tropical House on Pandora when she is cooking. I, personally listen to the soundtrack from The Bear, a Hulu show about a Chef in Chicago.

You can get a recipe for a sugar-free snack at
You can grab another idea here for a Smoothie that will fill your body and soothe your mind
And, best of all...learn how to store your fruits and veggies so they last longer and you can make the most of what you buy

And...not only is she doing all this, she ALSO has a new podcast! Healthy Sexy Nutrition with Michelle Fox. Check it out.

Wanna learn more and connect with Michelle for more ideas on meal planning, energy fueling and mindful eating? You can find her at

Bon Appetite!

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MindFULL Meals - February Edition

MindFULL Meals - February Edition

Robin Glickstein