DiscoverCloud Returns | A SaaS Investing PodcastNick Tippmann - Vertical SaaS Operator -> Investor
Nick Tippmann - Vertical SaaS Operator -> Investor

Nick Tippmann - Vertical SaaS Operator -> Investor

Update: 2023-10-25


Our Guest: Nick Tippman, former Chief Marketing Officer at Greenlight Guru, a category-leading provider of regulatory software for the MedTech vertical. He is now an angel investor, investing in exceptional Vertical/SMB SaaS, AI, Fintech, and B2B Marketplace founders and companies at the pre-seed/seed stage alongside other leading investors.

Episode Topics:

  • Nick’s current investment criteria for a vertical SaaS company.
  • Nick’s minimum TAM + how he looks at take rates.
  • How important are fintech and payment opportunities in evaluating vertical software markets?
  • How embedded APIs - like embedding payroll into your app - are changing opportunity sets for seed-stage vertical SaaS
  • What constitutes founder market fit?
  • Nick’s advice on effectively demonstrating founder-market fit in a pitch deck.
  • Nick’s views on the increased venture capital flow into niche vertical markets.
  • The impact of Generative AI in breaking through to categories that have been resistant to digital transformation
  • Is AI an opportunity, neutral, or a threat? 
  • Eli Dukes Question: What's the primary challenge in vertical SaaS: Is it GTM or product? Why?
  • How to assess founders and their teams' product management skills in this changing landscape?
  • Understanding operator funds + Nick’s perspective as a Limited Partner (LP) in 11 funds.
  • Nick’s recommendations and tactical advice for potential emerging managers.


Eli Dukes Vertical SaaS Substack -

Nick’s Google Doc - “Ultimate List of 37+ VC & PE Firm Theses & Market Updates on Vertical SaaS

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Nick Tippmann - Vertical SaaS Operator -> Investor

Nick Tippmann - Vertical SaaS Operator -> Investor

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