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The conversation covers various topics including the inconsistency of the Boston Celtics, Jamal Murray's impressive performance, the pressure on Jason Tatum, and the importance of having a point guard. The discussion also touches on Kevin Durant's playoff struggles and his legacy, as well as the potential trade of Bradley Beal. The lack of a point guard on the Phoenix Suns is highlighted as a potential weakness. Overall, the conversation provides insights into the current state of several NBA teams and players. The conversation covers the success of the Miami Heat, their ability to find hidden talent, and the need for a star player. The hosts then transition to analyzing the past 10 number one draft picks, starting with the 2013 draft. They discuss the hits and misses of each draft and compare the players' careers. The conversation concludes with a review of the 2019 NBA draft and the selection of Zion Williamson. The hosts evaluate the NBA drafts from 2019 to 2024, discussing the quality of the drafts and the performance of the top picks. They give each draft a grade and highlight the standout players. They also discuss the importance of having a diverse skill set and the impact of team situations on player development. Overall, they emphasize the significance of the draft in shaping a player's career and the role of humility and self-awareness in adapting to different roles in the NBA.


  • The Boston Celtics are facing inconsistency and pressure as the playoffs approach.
  • Jason Tatum is a talented player but needs to overcome the pressure and lead the Celtics to success.
  • Kevin Durant's playoff struggles and lack of championship success impact his legacy.
  • Having a reliable point guard is crucial for a team's success in the NBA.
  • The Phoenix Suns' lack of a point guard could be a weakness in the playoffs. The success of a player in the NBA draft is influenced by factors such as team situation, coaching, and player development.
  • Having a diverse skill set and the ability to adapt to different roles is crucial for long-term success in the NBA.
  • The evaluation of a draft class can change over time as players develop and new talents emerge.
  • Arrogance and self-belief are common traits among NBA superstars, but humility and self-awareness are important for adapting to changing roles and circumstances.
  • The NBA draft is a complex process, and success is not solely determined by individual talent, but also by team fit and management decisions.









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Jeffrey Jacobo, Micah Speight, Nygel Turner, Justin Jones