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Podcast Tips From Berry

Podcast Tips From Berry

Update: 2018-09-141


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Using them together just makes me sad because why would I have created two? I get it though. Because a podcast is a podsincolor when you are listening too but people don't research hashtag meanings or use so, I do not use them together.

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This episode is on podcast tips. I first talk about episode notes, here are two examples of great episode notes Example #1 - Example #2 - Example #3.  for me it’s about how they show up in podcast apps. I look for social media of the guest and the podcast by LINKS! Because being able to click a link is the best.

The best Twitter profile example. I like that it lists with @’s so you can go to their profiles, the co hosts. Includes a android/web page link plus an Apple Podcasts link. We all know things change overtime and betting all your apples on Apple when they barely even feature black podcasts aint it. If you can’t find yourself in the podcast apps features DAILY, find a new podcast app and recommend it to people who listen. One of the only reasons I mentioned Castbox so much.

How To Listen Descriptions for your website Example #1 - Example #2

Number 3 in this tweet explains why you should be bringing new people to listen to your podcast, you want to be successful.  

Reddit post that is pretty on point about numbers it takes to make money from ads

IAB Podcast Measurement Guidelines IAB hosts the Podcast Upfronts which happened last week. All the bigger podcast companies go. They present what podcasts they having coming up and have some people poc people who work for them an have been podcasting for a long time go up and talk about themselves also. They did have Questlove present when he added a podcast to Pandora but barely anyone heard about it because Pandora like most doesnt know how to market or talk about podcasts. And people think they are coming to takeover LOL.

Trademark issues - Satia’stweet I read about leaving Shout Out

Rss feeds are you MONEY in podcasting. Understanding how they work and who has control of it has to do with your podcast intellectual property. RSS feed 101 issues. Another RSS article. Your rss is where all content is stored, if you switch host to host, the first thing they do is transfer all your information from your previous rss feed.

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Thanks for listening. It felt like I was breathing like a baptist pastor but published this episode anyway. I was going to end this differently and I didnt feel like going into the studio again to fix it so that ending sounds weird but hey I still published ‘this anyway. I dont have a lot episodes of this podcast left. I am pre recording my next podcast so hoping this helps me not be late when I podcast next year. Mainly with this podcast I learned recording a podcast around the time it needs to be released isnt for me because I like to edit down. There are people who say they dont edit but no one who makes enough money they don’t have a 9-5, which is my goal, so ill be over here editing and learning all I can.

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Podcast Tips From Berry

Podcast Tips From Berry