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Providenza Rocco of Farm to Families

Providenza Rocco of Farm to Families

Update: 2023-01-30


About Providenza Rocco

Providenza Rocco, JD MSW, MBE is committed to highlighting the systemic injustices that have prevented thousands from freely enjoying healthy food option. Enza has made a life-long commitment as an ally to learn accurate history and work to identify, dismantle, and decolonize systems of oppression that continue to devalue and limit opportunities for growth in dense, disparate, and urban places like North Philadelphia. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when food insecurity peaked as supply chains were stressed, Enza’s training as a social worker enabled her to address nutritional scarcity and connect individuals in Philadelphia and in counties surrounding Philadelphia with food and other life-sustaining supplies including baby formula, dog food, and diapers. Since 2017, Enza has been working with Farm to Families, a food insecurity program that brings organic, local fruit and vegetables to North Philly residents at low- or no-cost. Learn more about Enza and her work at and

About Food & Justice w/ Brenda Sanders

Food & Justice w/ Brenda Sanders is a weekly online video series and podcast that tackles issues of food access, environmental justice, health disparities, dietary racism, and other topics related to food and justice. Food & Justice features 1 hr pre-recorded interviews, panel discussions and conversations with activists, thought leaders, experts and influencers working on the front lines of food, environmental and social justice movements.The program covers important and timely topics from a socially conscious, non-oppressive perspective, exploring real world solutions to pressing global challenges. Visit our website at to subscribe to the podcast, watch or listen to past episodes, and access our social media. 

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Providenza Rocco of Farm to Families

Providenza Rocco of Farm to Families

Brenda Sanders