DiscoverThe Money Pig PodcastREBOOT! When should I hire a Financial Advisor?
REBOOT!   When should I hire a Financial Advisor?

REBOOT! When should I hire a Financial Advisor?

Update: 2024-04-22


Episode 59 - When should I hire a Financial Advisor?

GIA Founder Tim Goodwin, CFP®,  joins the Money PIG Podcast to talk about when people need to hire a Financial Advisor? 

Learn about SINKs, DINKs and HENRYs 

Are you wondering, “When can I retire?” Will I have enough money to retire comfortably? How do I determine the best time to retire? Is there anything else I should know or be doing to better prepare myself and my family for retirement? 

Are you frustrated with your current advisor? Do you feel your current financial advisor actively listens to your goals and helps you attain them?  Do you trust your advisor to put your best interests first? Do you have security and confidence when it comes to your financial plan and wealth management? 

Is managing your investments becoming too stressful and feel like a part-time job? 

Are you experiencing a significant life transition such as changing jobs, getting married, getting a promotion, moving, retiring, having a baby, going through a divorce or recently widowed?

If you are looking to hire a financial advisor or someone to manage your wealth and help you plan your retirement and legacy, please reach out and tell us your story by scheduling an intro call with our Goodwin Investment Advisory consultant here

Download our Investor’s guide to your right-fit advisor, or download Tim Goodwin, Certified Financial Planner™ PROFESSIONAL’s free book, Exponential Wealth

The Money PIG podcast is hosted by Reid Trego.  Goodwin Investment Advisory is a Registered Investment Advisory firm regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission in accordance and compliance with securities laws and regulations.  Goodwin Investment Advisory does not render or offer to render personalized investment or tax advice through the Money PIG podcast.  The information provided is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial, tax, investment or legal advice.









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REBOOT!   When should I hire a Financial Advisor?

REBOOT! When should I hire a Financial Advisor?