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SOLVED/Unsolved Mysteries Episode 5

SOLVED/Unsolved Mysteries Episode 5

Update: 2020-03-29


Welcome to pandemic pandemonium. This episode is not about viruses or quarantines, but I hope it gives you something to do while you count your rolls of toilet paper and ensure you have enough shotgun shells for the ensuing apocalypse.

In this episode we discuss the MURDER of Elmer DeBoer by Jerry Strickland with accomplice Melissa Munday, the ROBBERY and possible mistaken identity case in Michael Scott Martin's FINAL APPEAL, possible satanic cult murders or coincidences with the story of Kurt McFall's UNEXPLAINED DEATH, and FINALLY we get to talk about how mail worked in WWII!

It goes really sideways in story with lots of information about Satan, so hydrate, wash your hands, and prepare for evil to enter your body in the much belated EPISODE FIVE!

(Video Enhanced Version on YouTube will be up later on.)


*Unsolved Mysteries is property of its rights holders and is not affiliated with this show in any way. Its subjects and brief clips are used for commentary, criticism, parody and review only. This is not an episode of Unsolved Mysteries, and this program is designed to be a fan-made companion piece to each actual episode of the show. So support the show by watching the episode first, then checking in here after!*


Unsolved Mysteries, S1E2 (Used under fair use for criticism/parody.)
1987-88 (Edited and re-aired)

WWII U.S. Navy Recruit Film, Pearl Harbor 1942. Used under Public Domain.

Sailors Barter With Natives And Receive Mail Aboard USS Nicholas (DD-449), Tulagi Harbor, 1943.

PRIVATE SNAFU Films are in the Public Domain as they were produced by WB for the US Gov't.
Censored, Dir. Frank Tashlin. July 1944.
Booby Traps, Dir. Bob Clampett. Jan 1944.
Fighting Tools, Dir. Bob Clampett. Oct 1944.

U.S. Army Field Post Office
U.S. Army Field Post Office near Vierville, France during WWII. France, June 21, 1944


THREE CHAIN LINKS, Album: PHANTOMS, Tracks: Magic Hour, Shadows, Architects Used under Attribution 3.0 License

"Dark Walk" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: Used under Attribution 3.0 License

“Sunglasses” Loyalty Freak Music, Album: INSTRUMENTAL R&B BEATS TO SING OR RAP ON Used under CC0 1.0 Universal License.
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Liz Fisher Sobocinski

Lol I'm so glad I stay subscribed. As always, this podcast did not disappoint. I think I know why this show appeals to me so much --- the host likes sleepaway camp! Yep, my kind of humor. Great episode

Apr 28th


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Mar 29th
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SOLVED/Unsolved Mysteries Episode 5

SOLVED/Unsolved Mysteries Episode 5