DiscoverSOLVED/Unsolved Mysteries PodcastUpdate Update 2 - DB Cooper Snooper SUM POD MEDIUM
Update Update 2 - DB Cooper Snooper SUM POD MEDIUM

Update Update 2 - DB Cooper Snooper SUM POD MEDIUM

Update: 2021-06-24


his episode revisits the story of DB Cooper from way back in 2018's SUM Episode 2 (Unsolved Mysteries E5).

I think I really biffed up that story because I got one or two details wrong and barely scratched the surface of the madness that is this mystery. This episode is more of a casual sit-down chat session, where I tell you the story of Robert W. Rackstraw. I'm not a journalist and this podcast is supposed to be kind of a fun take on serious subjects to blow off steam and learn about crime history, so don't expect me to try to solve this case that the FBI gave up on. I read a book about Rackstraw, and watched a related documentary series featuring crime podcaster and author Billy Jensen--All about how a small investigative team is sure Rackstraw was DB Cooper. But why are they so sure? Well, it takes like an hour to explain it. It's definitely faster than watching a two-part docu-series, reading a book, then checking some of the sources in the back of the book. I'm not convinced, but the story is so interesting I wanted to share anyway. Then, we take a look at two other suspects as a comparison, and jump into the madness of DB Cooper media and the Venn diagram of serious FBI investigation and amateur sleuth detective work, and the Olive Garden. This episode is not sponsored by the Olive Garden. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TLDR: Lots of people think Rob W. Rackstraw was Cooper, but maybe. My Patreon:​ Exclusive stuff, early stuff and cassette copies of the podcast available to Patrons only! ================================================================== Mystery of DB Cooper: What The HBO Film Left Out About Richard Floyd McCoy By Matt Morrison, via ScreenRant. (TLDR about the HBO documentary) - Robert Rackstraw, D.B. Cooper Suspect with Various Bizarre Oregon Connections, Dies at 75 By Douglas Perry/The Oregonian. Accessed via - FBI History – Famous Cases and Criminals - Hoosier says he helped crack the code to identify skyjacker D.B. Cooper, IndyStar, by Tim Evans Published Aug 3 2018. Video Clips and Article on Rick Serwood - Diatoms Constrain forensic burial timelines: case study with DB Cooper money By Thomas G. Kaye and Mark Meltzer. Scientific Reports 10, Article 13036 (2020) =============================================================== Brad Melzer's Decoded, S1E6 (History Channel), - Bigfoot vs Db Cooper (2014, Dir. David Decauteau), I'm not telling you - The Last Master Outlaw, book, Thomas J. Colbert, Via Amazon Kindle - DB Cooper: Case Closed?, E1-2, (History Channel) Via Amazon Prime - Mission Declassified, Recreating Plane Hijacker DB Cooper's Skydive Escape (Discovery Australia) - History's Greatest Mysteries, S1E1, The Final Hunt for DB Cooper, Nov 2020, History Channel - Dana Gould on Conan 2015 (The money joke) ------------------- MUSIC CREDITS: THREE CHAIN LINKS Songs: Magic Hour. Appears on PHANTOMS. CCBY4.0​​ EROKIA Song: "Slow Synth Sounds." CC0. Visit me at WWW.DESTRUCTOBLOG.COM

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Update Update 2 - DB Cooper Snooper SUM POD MEDIUM

Update Update 2 - DB Cooper Snooper SUM POD MEDIUM