Secrets of RVing on Social Security

Secrets of RVing on Social Security

Update: 2021-08-03


Secrets of RVing on Social Security

Special Guest: Jerry Minchey is the author of 17 books, holds 5 patents, is a private pilot with an instrument rating, has a BS in Electrical Engineering, MBA from USC, and an OPM from Harvard.

Jerry is now semi-retired and is the founder of the website, As an engineer and a business manager, Jerry has looked at RVing from a logical and economic standpoint. 

We will be discussing how seniors can RV on social security and how to succeed at the experience. Jerry not only writes about the RV lifestyle, but he has also lived it for over ten years. 

Here is some of what you will discover in the podcast:

•How to buy a used RV for way less than most people spend when buying a used car

•How to experience the unsurpassed freedom to travel and live anywhere you want to

•What kind of RV to get?

•Cost of an RV and how to find the best deals

•How to get healthcare on the road

•The joys of solo RVing

•How retirees are supplementing their retirement income while RVing

•How RVers are adding to their savings while having the time of their lives living the RV lifestyle. We will discuss how they’re doing it and how you can too

•How you can live the RV lifestyle on just your Social Security income and have money left over

Over 1,000 RVs a day are being sold, and many of them are being purchased by retirees who want to live the RV lifestyle while doing it well within their budget.

If you want to live the enjoyable RV lifestyle on just your Social Security, then check out the podcast.

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Secrets of RVing on Social Security

Secrets of RVing on Social Security

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