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Tao Te Ching Verse 62: Giving the Tao

Tao Te Ching Verse 62: Giving the Tao

Update: 2020-11-27


Tao Te Ching Verse 62

translated by Han Hiong Tan

Dao is the safe haven for all beings.
The good people value it.
The bad people receive protection from it.
Words consistent with Dao will place you in a coveted position.
Deeds consistent with Dao will make you stand out from the crowd.
Even if people are bad, Dao will not reject them.
There are important events such as coronation and swearing in of ministers.
In these pompous ceremonies, officials carrying precious jade lead the procession followed
by four thoroughbreds.
This grandiosity becomes insignificant when compared to simply presenting Dao as a gift.
Why has Dao always been valued since antiquity?
It is as the saying goes:
"If you seek it, you will get it; if you make an error, you will be forgiven."
Hence, Dao is valued by all.

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Giving the Tao to Others

The Tao is our treasure and our refuge.  When it’s my treasure I can be grateful.  When it’s my refuge, I can work to connect with it.

So.  At home: what do I appreciate?  Who do I appreciate?  Run your mind’s eye over the people in your home life.  Go as close as you like.  My wife has this little freckle on the back of her ear.  It’s cute - just doing its thing, and it’s one of those things that make her her.  And what about you?  

Now let’s consider if there are any aspects about our home life that seem like they could use a little more harmony with the Tao.  I would like to spend more time playing with my cats, giving them attention and love.  What about you?

Now let’s think about how we might set aside our selfish desires at home and those places where we can move more into Harmony.  Let’s ask the Tao to help us be open to ways in which we can serve its gifts to others.  There’s no need to identify specific actions - let’s allow the moments to reveal themselves and be willing to serve if called upon.

Let’s look at work, now.  Who do I appreciate at work?  With whom do I like working?  Who do I respect?  

And: where do my relationships at work need a little more harmony?  With bosses?  Customers?  Colleagues or coworkers?

And let’s again think about our selfish desires at work.  Can we ask the Tao to help us be open to abandoning these desires?  Can we ask the Tao to show us ways we can exercise compassion, humility, and joy?

And now with friends.  Let’s appreciate the feeling we get when we’re with friends.  There are the funny ones, the interesting ones.  The listening ones.  The ones with whom we may have a strong bond.  Let’s remember how much they enrich our lives.

And what about those people in our group that we don’t usually talk to?  Are they weird?  Not so easy to talk with?  Are they funny in a uh-oh way instead of a ha-ha way?  

Let’s ask the Tao to help us include those people in our lives in a way that honors them and is safe for us.  Let’s also ask the Tao to help us be open to serving the group with genuine humility, setting aside the desires that may crop up to be popular or liked from time to time.

OK, now let’s ask the Tao to help us practice these things as we go about our week.  Let’s ask for the willingness to be open to considering them.









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Tao Te Ching Verse 62: Giving the Tao

Tao Te Ching Verse 62: Giving the Tao

Dan Casas-Murray