DiscoverBuild Your SaaSTaylor Otwell: the business of Laravel in 2022
Taylor Otwell: the business of Laravel in 2022

Taylor Otwell: the business of Laravel in 2022

Update: 2022-04-05


Taylor Otwell, is the founder of Laravel, a programming framework for PHP. But he's also one of the most successful indie SaaS operators I know. In this episode we discuss:

  • 0:30 – Taylor is changing how he hires and manages people at Laravel

  • 6:01 – How Taylor is finding new employees to work on Forge, Vapor, and his other products

  • 7:34 – The Laravel ecosystem has incubated incredible talent: Miguel Piedrafita, Caleb Porzio, Adam Wathan, Aaron Francis, Jack Ellis...

  • 10:03 – More and more indie SaaS apps are being built in Laravel

  • 10:48 – When is the next Laracon conference?

  • 13:11 – Taylor Otwell has the classic bootstrap success story

  • 14:28 – Laravel has been running too lean

  • 17:00 – What's it like to work as a developer at Laravel? (pair programming)

  • 18:33 – How Taylor does product development

  • 22:08 – "I haven't told anyone this yet, but I actually considered selling Laravel this past year." Here's why Taylor decided not to sell.

  • 26:30 – How do you deal with internet fame, and being a "known person?" 

  • 28:59 – Dealing with haters on Twitter

  • 31:50 – What is the future of web development, and the full-stack developer? What is the future of Ruby on Rails and Laravel?

  • 35:53 – Building excitement around PHP and Laravel with young people.

  • 42:13 – What inspires kids to get into programming? When it's fun, easy, accessible. This is why so many people started with Hypercard, Microsoft Access, PHP, Adobe Flash...

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Taylor Otwell: the business of Laravel in 2022

Taylor Otwell: the business of Laravel in 2022