DiscoverThe Night Owl: True Ghost StoriesThe Haunted House of Torment - Part III
The Haunted House of Torment - Part III

The Haunted House of Torment - Part III

Update: 2023-08-28


In this concluding episode of this series, investigating a popular Haunted House attraction here in Austin TX, the Night Owl team brings in psychic friend Sara to explore the haunt and its corridors in hopes of gaining more clues to the mysterious happenings at this unique site. From previous episodes of interviews and exploration,  they learned that the haunt has been experiencing paranormal activity since its early beginnings at their Highland Mall location, but continues to this day in their current Ridgepoint location. Aside from ominous feelings and unexplained footsteps or doors opening, the staff are also seeing a tall shadow figure, creatures scurrying through the hallways and up the walls, the spirit of a small girl, and there are places, especially Haunt 3, the Haunted Manor, that have staff almost too terrified to do their job. At the end of the previous episode, the team made an eerie discovery, a casket that was found in the vacant building when House of Torment moved in,  that could potentially be a source for the activity they are experiencing in Haunt 3. Join the Night Owl team now as they revisit this haunt with Sara and try to get to the bottom of the odd happenings at the House of Torment.

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The Haunted House of Torment - Part III

The Haunted House of Torment - Part III

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