DiscoverThe Night Owl: True Ghost StoriesThe Haunted Pompee House - Part III
The Haunted Pompee House - Part III

The Haunted Pompee House - Part III

Update: 2024-03-25


In the previous two episodes, the team has been investigating the mysterious happenings at the Pompee house - a transplanted historic home now sitting atop a cliffside in far west Austin.  Homeowners Kevin, Sherry and their six year old daughter Jolene have been having strange experiences since moving in in 2018. Through interviews the team learned that the family were having sightings of what they believed to the spirit of a little girl in white stockings, shadow figures in doorways and hallways, disembodied voices calling both Sherry and Jo throughout the house, and lastly the previous home owner who passed away while living in the home has been felt throughout the upstairs front room and parlor. Following the team’s interviews, they decided to bring in their psychic friend Jeffery to see if they could connect any dots between the sightings, the history and what he might pick up on his visit. Jeffery validated many experiences, including the previous homeowners presence. But he also brought to light a slightly more unsettling presence that seemed to like watching the homeowners daughter sleep. This led the family to open up to the team, for the first time, about Jolenes’ night terrors and her fear of sleeping alone. Then, at the end of this initial investigation, a psychic medium named Michelle with no connection to this case, the team or this family was pulled into this case in a unique way. Now, in  this episode, the team continues their adventure at the Pompee house, this time with this unexpected new psychic medium joining us  from north Texas.


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The Haunted Pompee House - Part III

The Haunted Pompee House - Part III

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