DiscoverEarn Your LeisureThe Mindset of a Winner: The Life of an Unyielding Entrepreneur
The Mindset of a Winner: The Life of an Unyielding Entrepreneur

The Mindset of a Winner: The Life of an Unyielding Entrepreneur

Update: 2023-11-20


In this episode of EYL, hosts Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings sit down with guest Derrick Hayes, a successful entrepreneur and CEO. The conversation revolves around the mindset of a winner, the challenges of being a CEO, and the importance of creating opportunities for others.

The video transcript reveals Derrick's perspective on winning and self-improvement. He acknowledges that as a winner, he often feels like he's losing because he focuses on what went wrong and how he can improve. However, he also mentions that he feels like he's winning because he works hard and is relentless in his pursuit of success.

Derrick emphasizes the importance of being hard on oneself and not settling for mediocrity. He believes that by not congratulating oneself too often, it fuels the drive to achieve more. He also highlights the significance of waking up every morning and doing what one loves, as many people are unhappy with their lives because they aren't pursuing their passions.

The conversation then shifts to Derrick's ventures in Hollywood and content creation. He hints at the possibility of a show featuring Pinky, indicating the incredible opportunities that have come his way as a result of his hard work and success. Derrick expresses the satisfaction of being able to choose what projects to pursue and the importance of only taking on opportunities that align with one's values and goals.

Derrick also mentions his role as an investor and the importance of people having their businesses in order before seeking investment. He emphasizes the need for professionalism, preparedness, and a solid business plan when approaching potential investors. He shares his experiences of having to make tough decisions and let go of people he cared about when they weren't contributing to the mission and vision he had for his company.

The hosts delve into Derrick's corporate structure, with him revealing the various roles within his company, including a president, CFO, and human resources team. He mentions that some of the positions are filled by people he knew, but he also recognizes the value of bringing in qualified strangers who command respect from the team.

The conversation touches on the topic of children growing up in privilege and the potential loss of appreciation for the “grit and grind.” Derrick expresses his intention to provide opportunities and resources to his children while instilling in them the importance of being community leaders and using their privilege to benefit others.

Lastly, the dialogue highlights the need for talent that can meet the expectations and vision set by entrepreneurs. Derrick draws on an analogy from Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A, comparing entrepreneurs to musical composers who surround themselves with talented musicians. He stresses the importance of not lowering one's standards but instead seeking higher-level talent to align with the overall vision.

In summary, this episode explores the mindset of a winner, the challenges of being an entrepreneur, and the importance of creating opportunities for oneself and others. Derrick Hayes' insights and experiences provide valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs and serve as a reminder to be relentless in the pursuit of success while staying true to one's values.

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The Mindset of a Winner: The Life of an Unyielding Entrepreneur

The Mindset of a Winner: The Life of an Unyielding Entrepreneur

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