Discover2030 SchoolWhat I learnt from Alex Hormozi - Leverage
What I learnt from Alex Hormozi - Leverage

What I learnt from Alex Hormozi - Leverage

Update: 2023-05-15


Welcome to "Leverage Lessons: Learning from Alex Hormozi," the podcast dedicated to extracting and sharing the powerful insights of one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs of our time. Each week, we delve deep into the teachings of Alex Hormozi, breaking down his profound strategies and principles that have turned businesses into success stories.

This podcast is more than just a collection of anecdotes or summaries. It's a study of the power of leverage and how it can be harnessed to propel businesses and individuals to new heights. Our discussions pivot around the four types of leverage Alex Hormozi has identified and used to build his own empire: Code, Media, Capital, and People.

Code: We explore how automating and systematizing can dramatically increase your efficiency, and how you can apply this in your own work or business.

Media: We delve into the vast potential of media, from traditional to social platforms, and how they can be leveraged to reach audiences and drive engagement.

Capital: We discuss how capital can be used as a leverage tool, from investing to scaling, and everything in between.

People: Finally, we focus on arguably the most valuable resource: people. We look at how to leverage the power of a team, and how to bring out the best in those you work with.

Join us as we dissect the teachings of Alex Hormozi, providing you with actionable insights, strategies, and tactics that you can implement right away. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, a budding business owner, or someone interested in personal growth and development, "Leverage Lessons: Learning from Alex Hormozi" will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to harness the power of leverage and create your own path to success. Subscribe now, and let the learning journey begin!

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What I learnt from Alex Hormozi - Leverage

What I learnt from Alex Hormozi - Leverage

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