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When The Shift Hits The Fan

When The Shift Hits The Fan

Update: 2024-04-29


Valerie Gangas is a transformational life coach, speaker, and author with a deep focus on helping individuals embrace their true selves and unleash their inner magic to genuinely thrive in life. With an extensive background working alongside the David Lynch Foundation and none other than Oprah Winfrey, Valerie brings a wealth of knowledge about meditation, the benefits of expanding consciousness, and personal transformation. 

Episode Summary:

This conversation dives deep into personal transformation amidst life's tumultuous shifts. Host Myrna Young welcomes Valerie Gangas to discuss finding one's true self during these profound times of change. The dialogue opens with personal reflections from Valerie on the death of her mother and the subsequent deep shift leading her to transcendental meditation and a renewed perspective on life.

Valerie's compelling narrative demonstrates how she leveraged her deepest despair as a catalyst for profound personal growth. With vivid storytelling, she shares her journey from debilitating depression to an extraordinary encounter with an ocean of peace within herself, illustrating the miraculous power of an inward pivot during her lowest moments.

Key Learnings:

  • Valerie Gangas emphasizes the importance of going inward, through means like transcendental meditation, to navigate and adapt to significant life changes.
  • Identifying and embracing these shifts can lead to a deepened understanding of life's mechanics and unseen dimensions, offering solace and guidance.
  • Valerie's book, "In Deep Shift," provides readers with insights, practices, and journal exercises to become natural shifters, capable of flowing with life's challenges.

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When The Shift Hits The Fan

When The Shift Hits The Fan

Myrna Young, Life Coach