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You Have to Feel it to Heal it with Gianna DeMedio

You Have to Feel it to Heal it with Gianna DeMedio

Update: 2023-09-11


My world turned upside down when my father had a heart attack in May of 2017. We spent five days fighting, praying, and hoping he would make a miraculous recovery, but it never came. My family and I said goodbye to him on May 22nd. The unexpected submersion into grief was by far the most difficult time of my life. Common thoughts included: Why are people saying “it never gets better”?! How am I ever supposed to function again? My life is over, right? During that time, I understood more of myself, I understood more of the world of grief, and I realized that there is a need for a greater understanding of loss for everyone. *Enter awkward stories of people who had no idea what to do or say around me after his death.*

The best grief advice I ever got was “Face it now. Don’t wait til later.” And that’s just what I did.

I found a great therapist who I saw weekly (though the first few sessions were just sobs), a psychiatrist who helped me appropriately medicate, and I started journaling about my grief. I know those few sentences make it seem so short and sweet– but it wasn’t. It was a lot of work. But I can confidently say I’m in the place where I am today because of the work I put in on myself.

I went to a storytelling competition in July of 2017… and WON! It was the first time I felt blood pumping through my veins again. I tried to figure out how to recapture that feeling and turned to podcasting. I knew nothing about the craft at the time, other than a microphone was involved and that I was comfortable in front of one.

I also wanted to create a store for modern sympathy gifts. After lots of late nights and Google rabbit holes, I eventually created the So Sorry For Your Loss podcast and blog and opened an ecommerce store called All The Skies. I have other resources too, like a Grief Resource Guide, Community, YouTube and social media accounts. 


Connect with Gianna:

Website: Gianna DeMedio | Grief Expert

Instagram: Gianna DeMedio Simon (@sosorrywithgianna) • Instagram photos and videos

Shop: All The Skies (


In this episode we explore:

  • You have to feel it to heal it 

  • Heart healing through connecting with others

  • How the simplest things mean the most

  • All the oceans, and all the skies

  • How becoming a mother filled a void 

  • Signs and messages from the other side

  • Time can't erase the love

  • Moving on from loss and creating a life that is beautiful 

  • And, so much more!


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With love,

Shauna xo

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You Have to Feel it to Heal it with Gianna DeMedio

You Have to Feel it to Heal it with Gianna DeMedio