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Zaneta Kelsey: Perseverance & Excellence in Tech

Zaneta Kelsey: Perseverance & Excellence in Tech

Update: 2022-08-05


In this episode, we speak to Zaneta Kelsey, Founder at Delightsum, LLC, about her passion for elevating BIPOC voices in the tech field. We also discussed: 

  • Her work at IBM and many other tech companies in Seattle, Dallas and Denver. 
  • Zaneta shares her experiences being one of few, Black women in tech, and her struggles in battling the status quo of a White dominated industry.   
  • She shares the courage that she had to exhibit to continually who up and excel in spaces that were not created for her. 
  • Her upbringing prepared her to work in an industry with very little representation due to her father’s example.  
  • The trauma that she experienced in childhood was mitigated by the love and stability she in her family. 

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About our guest: 

Zaneta Kelsey has over 20 years of digital transformation experience. She began her career designing and consulting clients at the start of the e-commerce era before 2000. With deep industry insight and a passion for customer empathy and acquisition, she founded Delightsum. She consults clients in multiple industries from large B2B tech firms, tech start-ups, nonprofits and local small businesses. Her corporate consulting and executive background enables her to compassionately understand the annual goals that her clients are working towards and partner with them to collectively achieve. Zaneta’s goal is to bring delight to her clients as they bring delight to the customers they serve.

 Zaneta is very active in the Colorado professional community. She has served as a State of Colorado Commissioner on the Business Experiential Learning Commission which led to her leading the Equity in Scholarship Taskforce as a board member of the Colorado Community College System Foundation Board. 

She is currently leveraging her expertise to build a model that supports and scales Colorado’s tech companies owned by founders of color.


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Zaneta Kelsey: Perseverance & Excellence in Tech

Zaneta Kelsey: Perseverance & Excellence in Tech