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WinMental • Sport- & Gesundheitspsychologie:Yvonne Dathe

WinMental • Sport- & Gesundheitspsychologie

WinMental ist ein Podcast, für mentale Stärke, Lebensfreude und ein ausgeglichenes Leben. Es werden häufig Beispiele aus dem Gleitschirmsport herangezogen.


WinMental • Mit Lebensfreude Grenzen überfliegen!:Yvonne Dathe

WinMental • Mit Lebensfreude Grenzen überfliegen!

Der WinMental-Podcast, für mentale Stärke, Lebensfreude und ausgeglichene UnternehmerInnen.


Unsung Battles:Win Mental Combat

Unsung Battles

In the Unsung Battles Podcast, I’m on a mission to understand the tactics and the truths that men use to overcome their darkest days. Just like your physical body, your mental strength needs to be trained and developed. Each episode I’ll be interviewing men who have faced or are facing defining moments in their lives. By sharing the power in these stories I believe they will fortify our minds and encourage the bond of brotherhood. Everyday men fight battles against personal tragedies, mental illness, addiction, suicide, injustices, and other seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Whether you are listening for yourself or in an effort to help another, men capable of winning in mental combat are needed. You can find the podcast on all your major platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and more. It’s time to build mental strength, gain understanding, and upgrade our support to fellow brothers. Take that first action, subscribe, share. and let’s get to work.