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As UnFake As It Gets

Author: Nicholas Weaver

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"As UnFake As It Gets" is a music podcast hosted by a life diversity of African Americans and a Native American Indian who discusses trending topics, celebrity news, current events, pop culture and more while being intellectual yet witty. Join us every other week right here, because, well here it's "As UnFake As It Gets"!
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In this episode of "As UnFake As It Gets" it's the norm! That being said it's hosted by your making history every time they podcast hosts, Muff the co-host and Nick the host | The only podcast in the world with an African American co-host and a full blooded Native American Indian of the Choctaw Tribe host | The guys start off the podcast discussing the debacle between Hollywood actor Michael Rapaport and NBA player Kevin Durant | Nick then talks about how he hates new Podcasters that thinks they know everything about podcasting just a few episodes in. | They then discuss a few trending topics/celebrity news but for the most part this is a shooting the breeze type episode. | Nick does however give his take on why the U.S. Government is giving out so much money in stimulus and you do not want to miss hearing it! | Be sure to follow "As UnFake As It Gets" on Twitter/Instagram @AsUnFakePodcast | Check out our website | Send us an email --- Send in a voice message:
Episode 4: Know Your Worth

Episode 4: Know Your Worth


In this episode it's co-host Muff aka M-U Double aka The Co-Host with No Notes aka Muffin So Black aka Muffin Too Black giving you his views and opinions through the eyes of an African American and it's also the host Nick aka Nicky Podcast aka Nicky J Fox aka Mr Hold Nothing Back aka Plenty Monikers aka The Host with the Most Notes giving you his opinions through the eyes of a Native American Indian of the Choctaw Tribe! | The guys get into the trending topics and celebrity news of the past few weeks such as Trey Songz video of spitting in girls mouths, LeBron James keeping his vaccine choice a secret, March Madness bracket predictions, Sharon Osborne and Sheryl Underwood's heated race debate, Meghan Markle versus the Royal Family, Drake's new accomplishment, Cardi B going diamond off "Bodak Yellow", new music by Drake, Kevin Gates, NF ft Hopsin and Clever ft Lil Wayne. | The guys also get into some shooting the breeze topics such as it's amazing that the voice of self conscious everyone has in their head volume is always the same, kids who don't know right from wrong still know to lie and much more. | Nick gives an indie podcast called "Hot Tub Topics" the Overnight Celebrity treatment! | The guys play a voicemail from a loyal listener named Ray Lofton! | Make sure you follow "As UnFake As It Gets" on Twitter/Instagram @AsUnFakePodcast | Visit the website | Special thanks to the podcast listening app/website Podcast Republic which you can download in the Google Play store or you can stream from their website | Don't forget to tell your friends and family about "As UnFake As It Gets" and click that follow/subscribe button wherever you're listening! | Be sure to leave a voicemail by clicking the blue microphone icon at the bottom right corner of our website, we'll play it on air! --- Send in a voice message:
In Episode 3 of "As UnFake As It Gets" the African American co-host Muff aka M.U. Double F aka Muffin Too Black and the Native American Indian of Choctaw Tribe host Nick aka Nicky Podcast aka Nicky J Fox aka The Host With The Most Notes aka Mr Hold Nothing Back discusses the trending topics of the past few weeks such as The Weeknd getting a Superbowl ring, update on the vaccine, racism, the upcoming George Floyd trial, Neicy Nash hosting everything and so much more| The guys also discuss the documentary of The Man From 3036 and the wild things he says are to come in the near and distant future| You can follow "As UnFake As It Gets" on Twitter/Instagram at @AsUnFakePodcast | You can leave a voice message on the website to be played on air, just visit | Email the guys at | Special thanks goes out to the podcast listening app and website Stitcher | You can follow Nick on Twitter/Instagram at @NickLWeaver | Don't forget to tell everyone you know about "As UnFake As It Gets" and surely don't forget to hit that follow/subscribe button on whatever podcast listening format you are using! --- Send in a voice message:
In this second episode of "As UnFake As It Gets" the Native American Indian host Nick is of course joined by his African American host Muff. | The As UnFake guys discuss trending topics of the week such as Joe Biden stopping the $50k student debt relief, Nicki Minaj's father's killer turned himself in, Tom Brady wins his 7th Superbowl, Ayesha Curry's nude photo, Charlamagne helping more and more black people, The Rock's new NBC show, Keenan's new NBC show, The Weeknd getting a behind the scenes Superbowl documentary and much more celebrity news and current events. The guys also discuss shooting the breeze topics like what is Normal?, how do you properly address a persons boyfriend or girlfriend if you don't know their sex, Technology of how it lacked 200 plus years ago to what it is now and how it will be 200 years from now, hardcore hoes and how the ones known as hoes are always clean and the goody two shoes girls are always dirty plus much much more shooting the breeze topics | Follow "As UnFake As It Gets" on Twitter/Instagram: @AsUnFakePodcast or shoot us an email | You can support this podcast by sending any amount you see fit via Cash App to $Nick8807 to get an amazing shout out and more. | We'd like to take this time to thank everyone who listened to our first episode and those listening to this one, the second. | Don't forget to hit the subscribe/follow button on your podcast listening formats and don't forget to spread the word to let people know that at this podcast it is and always will be "As UnFake As It Gets"! --- Send in a voice message:
Fresh Start

Fresh Start


"As UnFake As It Gets" podcast is finally here ladies and gentlemen! Host Nick (@NickLWeaver) and Muff are 2 podcasters you may know from the podcast "Real aka truth". As the episode title says the guys decided to start a new podcast having a "Fresh Start". The guys talk the trending topics/celebrity news/pop culture/current event subject matters of the week such as; Joe Budden joins Patreon, Nick Cannon catching Covid, R. Kelly in more trouble, Fat Joe's new song with Rihanna and DJ Khaled, Jeff Bezos stepping down as Amazon's CEO and much, much more! You can follow "As UnFake As It Gets" on Twitter/Instagram: @AsUnFakePodcast or shoot us an email --- Send in a voice message:
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Nick Weaver

Hope you all enjoy "As UnFake As It Gets"! We're on social Twitter/Instagram @AsUnFakePodcast

Feb 25th
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