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In this episode, Paul Denham talks with Naseef KPO, B2B Marketing Leader, Speaker and Mentor about all things ABM, in particular his experience using ABM platforms.Naseef’s role as leader of the marketing analytics function for an enterprise-sized organisation put him at the centre of selecting, implementing and driving value from an ABM platform.I was curious to understand what type of ABM platforms there are and the challenges around deriving value from these investments. Naseef shares his insights and opens up a bigger picture than the tactical narrow view of ABM which is all too common.Tune in to get full value from this engaging discussion.
In this episode, Paul Denham talks with Kristina Jaramillo, President of Personal ABM. The topic of the conversation centres on 'personal' ABM and how it can bridge sales and marketing to close accounts that are in the 60% of the market that's stuck in the status quo, with the aim of increasing marketing's influence over revenue.Personal ABM speaks to the people within target accounts to create a human bond. It goes directly to key decision-makers and influencers with insights that are specific to their gaps and impacts and content that speaks to them specifically. As a result, clients create a buying vision so strong that buyers pull sales, marketing and account teams through the buying process.But to achieve this and get your ABM on track, you've got to learn to walk before you start running:As Kristina says.."Get a strategy in place before you move forward""It's almost like if you're playing a game of chess""You can't just move pieces around and just hope to win""Think steps ahead""And that's a level of relevancy that's really needed to drive these interactions and be successful"."And especially move people that are in status quo".And considering 2/3rds of ABM programs underperform, this is time well spent.Tune in for a lively discussion about doing ABM up close and personal.
In this episode, Paul Denham talks with Corina Ludwig, President of FunctionFox about marketing in a very crowded market, including against competitors akin to 800-pound gorillas with very deep pockets.22 years ago, timesheet and project management tools were few and far between. There were about five competitors of FunctionFox when it launched.Today there are 3000+Learn how a small fish in a big pond with just a fraction of its competitors' budgets survived and thrived by being creative, focusing on its niche, and delivering more than software to its customers.Tune in to the full episode to learn more.
In this episode Paul Denham talks with Ryan Paul Gibson, Founder at content lift. The topic of the conversation centres on 'How to unlock the insights from customer interviews and turn these into marketing actions'.Ryan is a guy who only talks to customers – to figure out why they buy. And he's good at it. Very good.We explore the following:What types of customer interviews are there?Why bother with customer interviews?  Actionable steps to get goingTo compensate for interviews or not?How to unlock the insights from customer interviews and turn these into marketing actions.Tune into this episode to learn more .
'Marketing needs to shift its game and change its conversation’… to be successful, ‘we need to start thinking about relationship-driven business growth’.How does account-centric social selling help achieve this?How do I implement this organisation wide?Some of the issues and questions Sarah Goodall, Founder & CEO at Tribal Impact addressed when she spoke with Paul Denham, the host of the B2B Uncovered podcast.If there’s one person who knows what it takes to align social selling within an organisation, it’s Sarah. Boatloads of hands-on experience from startup to enterprise. And Sarah is generous in sharing her insights and experience in our discussion. Sales and marketing collaboration is easy to talk about – but in practice it's still a promised land for many. With significant changes in the B2B buying journey, both marketing and sales need to collaborate now more than ever before. Get this right and insight-driven marketing will replace vanity metrics, help drive revenue, and transform the marketing conversation at board level.🎧 Tune in to listen to the full episode.
In this episode Paul Denham talks with Andrew Hoerner, fractional CMO for several high growth SaaS startups, most recently the EVP Global Marketing at Symphony, a double unicorn status fintech backed by Goldman Sachs and other banks.Andrew shares with us his passion for telling stories that turn into revenue and growth, using examples including from Slack & Symphony.We delve into the art of B2B storytelling - dealing with competitors; building marketing teams with the right skillsets and the importance of a team's diversity and inclusion to the overall success.🎧  Tune in to this episode to learn more.
In this episode Paul Denham talks with Craig Hanna, Director of Product Management at Acquia. The topic of the conversation revolves areal world examples of product management from start-up to enterprise.Craig takes us through his journey from start-up to being acquired and the challenges faced within very different environments.It's a journey not without its hitches and lessons to be learned. What we do learn is that successful product development is far more complex than just creating a great product.Tune in to this episode to learn more.
In this episode Paul Denham talks with Jamie Barnett, Advisor and Board Member to high tech start-ups about product positioning.Very few companies get their positioning right early on, sometimes ever, and this ultimately has a detrimental knock-on effect, with the worst case scenario where the company fails. But this can be easily fixed with the right steps.Jamie shares her advice and experience both as a CMO and a board advisor helping high-tech companies understand and communicate their positioning.Tune in to get full value from this informative discussion.
In this episode Paul Denham talks with Adele Revella, CEO & Founder of Buyer Persona Institute about ensuring an ROI from buyer personas.We talk about the critical relationship between the B2B buyer journey and buyer personas and how to ensure you're not just going through a tick-box exercise. Adele's advice is clear and uncompromising.Based on her decades of experience in B2B marketing, we delve into the Five Rings of Buying Insight framework that Adele created that empowers marketers to put this into action without delay. Tune in to get full value from this engaging discussion.
In this episode Paul Denham talks with Vladimir Blagojević, Co-Founder at about engaging B2B buyers using a buyer centric, rather than a seller centric framework.Based on a case study that generated 1300 leads from a content download, we explore why this failed when six months later there were just two opportunities and no sales.We dig deeper into this on the podcast and focus on what needs to change for marketing to meet the needs of buyers in today's world rather than stuck in a paradigm that belongs back in 2011.Vladimir, as always, is generous in sharing his insights and best practices making this a highly valuable listen.
In this episode Paul Denham talks with Perryn Olson, VP Marketing at REX, a construction, engineering and technology firm about getting ABM started in a small, medium sized professional services business. (approx 75 employees)Our discussion covers the eight step program that Perryn put together after taking a deep dive into Account Based Marketing (ABM). He then introduced the concept to his leadership team and gained buy-in. Although early days in the roll-out, the eight steps helps keep the small REX marketing team keep on track and shows that ABM is not just the preserve of enterprise SaaS companies, but can be suitable for small and medium sized businesses, particularly those with a high sales value ($20k+) and a complex buying journey involving more than one or two people.Tune in to this episode to  learn how your business can start with account based marketing without over complicating it or investing in expensive marketing technology.
In this episode Paul Denham talks with Ankush Gupta, Founder at Eventible, the world's first B2B events review platform. Think G2 for events, not software and you'll be on the right track understanding Eventible. Our discussion covers Ankush's journey early on with his idea after travelling to Dreamforce and realising there was no reliable online destination to help make decisions about whether to invest the time and cost of travelling to events. Eventible was born – but so too was the pandemic and the rise of virtual events.A lively discussion covering the future of in-person, virtual and hybrid events, brand scoring for events and Zoom fatigue.If you're involved in organising, promoting or attending B2B events, tune into this episode and glean insights from a B2B marketer turned entrepreneur who is at the coalface with a unique perspective of the B2B events industry and its future.
In this episode Paul Denham talks with Philippe Ruttens, B2B Revenue Marketeer & Fractional CMO, about RevOps – what it is and the challenges Philippe has experienced and overcome in developing RevOps within several organisations during his career.Getting an organisation all rowing in the same direction around a business function that aims to maximise an organisation's revenue potential is what RevOps is about.But as we learn from this conversation this comes with significant challenges, not least the aligning of internal groups and stakeholders including marketing, sales, customer success, and product management.If you're on this RevOps journey, or wanting to start, tune into this episode and learn from a B2B marketing expert so you can help maximise your success and minimise the pain.
In this episode Paul Denham talks with Duncan Chapple, Head of Analyst Relations at CCgroup about the role analyst relations (AR) plays in helping tech firms grow and thrive in today's super competitive markets.A long held issue has been a lack of understanding, or misunderstanding about analyst relations among B2B marketers and sales professionals. And in this episode some of these are addressed head-on with no holds barred, debunking myths and shining a light into the darker recesses.Why should marketing and sales professionals care? With 60-90% of the B2B buying journey conducted via self-directed research and off radar for a vendor, savvy tech vendors utilise the significant and direct impact AR has on the sales cycle.But AR is not without its challenges and no more so than within the industry itself, where Duncan has been an active voice for change.Duncan shares valuable insights and helps demystify the world of AR and the role it can play in a modern marketer's toolbox.Strap on those headphones and tune in for what is a most interesting and value packed conversation.
In this episode Paul Denham talks with Hans Bunes and Zsuzsanna Ferenczi from Bunes & Ferenczi  about the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), without which the foundation of good marketing and sales is on shaky ground.But not all Ideal Customer Profiles are created equal. Hans and Zsuzsanna generously share some of the secrets of their success in helping numerous organisations both large and small nail down their ICP. The benefits of underpinning every aspect of the sales and marketing engine with a solid understanding of their ICP cannot be over estimated.From the unlearning of conventional wisdom, the importance of context, applying critical thinking to very assumption about your ideal customer are just some of the nuggets you'll glean from this conversation.
In this episode Paul Denham talks with Johan Abadie, Senior VP Marketing at Mediafly, about transforming marketing & sales with a data science approach.The start of the pandemic in early 2020 was a turning point for Johan and his team as he embarked on a mission to rid his organisation of data silos, radically improving the synergy between marketing and sales teams.Johan shares this transformational journey revealing insights including key hires, mindset shifts, hard lessons learned and must-dos that you can take away and apply to your own organisation.
In this second episode Paul Denham talks with Matt Heinz who is the President of Heinz Marketing about how marketing might look in 2025, the future role of technology and changing skill sets. This engaging conversation looks at the evolving modern integrated organisation comprising marketing,  go-to-market, sales, customer success and even product. Touching on owned media, rented media, martech, changing skill sets, leadership, culture, customer obsession, chief market officer, active buyers and epic sandwiches.
In this first episode Paul Denham talks with Steve Brothers who is the Founder and CEO at Splashmetrics about the role that content plays in the modern buying journey.Over the last few years buyers have become less inclined to speak to salespeople until late on in their buying journey, yet expect content to deliver the same level of information through self discovery. How is content rising to this challenge and what exactly is smart content?  Join us on this episode where all is revealed.
This is episode  0.5 – a short few words from the host, Paul Denham on why he started the B2B Uncovered podcast
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