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LTnT - Lifestyle, Travel & Technology is a Podcast based in Vienna, Austria with an international team that talks about various topics (as the podcast name suggests ūüėČ) bringing their experience and background to every episode. Between the hosts, combined, they've lived in about 15 countries and have been part of numerous projects ranging from real estate all the way to technology startups. We will eventually add video content as well, which will be uploaded to YouTube.
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Introduction to "Corona Virus (COVID-19) - Update Episode October "In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander and Garry scan through and analyze the internet on the rising numbers of people testing positive for the Corona Virus. Despite the increase in numbers of positive testing, the number of people being sent to the ICU has not increased at the same rate, which for many governments is a positive sign.  Despite this, governments around the world are limiting movement within cities as well as placing neighboring and risk countries on a blacklist.Even Trump was tested positive recently, after the first 2020 presidential debate. Only after 4 days did he return to office. Wouldn't he still be contagious?Podcast Episode SummaryThe numbersBlacklisted CountriesBerlin's limitations Testing Trumps COVID-19 caseFuture of South East Asia and being able to live there after the Pandemic  Traveling despite the Corona Virus 2020 so far QuotablesAlexander - " could really tell that once he took off his mask, he was really gasping for air..."Garry - " sister has done it a few times, she has to do it for her job..."Recommended Resources
Think Critical

Think Critical


Introduction to "Think Critical"In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the host Alexander has Jakob on the show as a guest again, to go over some things Jakob wanted to reiterate from the last time he was on the show. His message is to think critical about everything and anything - whether it is media from the news, facts from unreliable sources or advertisements of companies. All this requires one to think critical and come to an appropriate interpretation or decision based on thinking more critical.Podcast Episode SummaryJakob's opening messageVideo GamesAlexander's introduction to console gaming because of his father Problem solving skills left and right side of the human brainThink about things more criticallySecond guess everythingFake spacelast name after marriage genetically modified mosquitoes  closing message QuotablesAlexander - " games are always built in a way where you need to solve a riddle or a problem..."Jakob - "...a lot of things aren't being questioned enough..."Recommended Resources
Introduction to "Tech usage in the Philippines "In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander and Garry look into the usage of tech related products and services in the Philippines among Filipino's and Filipina's. Alexander being half Filipino, he knows that social media is a big thing among the people in the Philippines. Sure, social media is a big thing for a lot of us, but the Filipino's on average spend around  50 hours a week on their preferred social media platform overtaking most of Europe. Unlike many countries in Europe that are considered to be very conservative when it comes to anything tech related, the Philippines is trying to become a key player within the tech industry. They want to achieve this by implementing a Blockchain-based network for legal documents as well as salary's, which is being tested by the central bank of the Philippines. It is also the very first country, where their central bank are open to this emerging trend and are testing it out and even offering incentives for any company to set up their headquarters in the dedicated economic area called CEZA. Podcast Episode SummarySocial Media Usage of Philippines versus EuropeTik Tok - Filipino's are known for dancing Almost all business in the Philippines have an online presenceApple phones safer than Android phones?People of the Philippines are more open to new techPower of Blockchain TechnologyTokenisation Central Bank of the Philippines testing blockchain technologySilicon Valley of Asia aka Crypto Valley in the Philippines - CEZA = Cagayan Economic Zone AuthorityCEZA is Government backedScammersCryptcurrency and Blockchain is NOT the same QuotablesAlexander - "...the central bank of the Philippines - they are the first central bank in the world that are actually trying to implement a blockchain based society..."Garry - "...they overtake Europeans in average usage...50 hours a week..."Recommended Resources,at%2067%25%20in%20January%202020.
Introduction to "Philippines and Russia versus Austria"In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander and Garry compare their hometown to the places they originally come from. In Garry's case, being Russian but having the Austrian citizenship, he compares both countries based on his experiences and preferences. The same with Alexander, being half Filipino - half Austrian, he also compares the countries based on the same criteria. Podcast Episode SummaryHow long would it take you to travel the Philippines Banaue Rice TerracesNature between Austria and Philippines Nature in Russia  Trans-Siberian RailwayManila Bay looks like Miami Beach Mayon Volcano Filipino HospitalityFilipino Feasts - Kamayan, LechonEating out in PH, RU and AUTFilipinos are ranked #8 in the world and #1 in Asia for the friendliest and most hospitable peopleStreet-foodHuge Shopping Mall Culture in Asia and Russia2 of the biggest shopping malls in the world are located in the Philippines Philippines caters more towards expats than Austria doesAustria has the benefit of a proper working infrastructureNightlife in Moscow QuotablesAlexander - "...people want to get out of poverty they want to do something and some tend to get very creative and solve a problem..."Garry - "...same with russia, we have a bunch of topography - we have desert, we have tropical, we have temperate forest..."Recommended Resources
Hunting Adolf Hitler

Hunting Adolf Hitler


Introduction to "Hunting Adolf Hitler"In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander and Garry discuss the theory of Adolf Hitler's escape to South America. Alexander tuned in to one of "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast episodes, where Tim Kennedy appeared as a guest and promotes a show, he was a part of - "Hunting Hitler". Tim explains the theory and adds a short backstory for context.Based on this JRE episode and History channel's TV show "Hunting Hitler" the hosts of the LTnT podcast discuss various areas they picked up watching either TV show or podcast episode. They highlight some overwhelming details like the infamous, supposedly Nazi camp "Colonia Dignidad" now named "Villa Baviera", which is a Bavarian inspired village established by emigrant Germans that fled in post-World War II, known for the internment, torture and murder of dissidents during General Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship. Podcast Episode SummaryJoe Rogan Experience Podcast #1117 - Tim KennedyHistory Channel's "Hunting Hitler"Host's stance on the theoryPossible escape routes German settlements in South America Torture and murder of political prisonersExperimenting on twins Proud Nazis in South America Garry's great grandfather fought in the red army in WWIIOperation PaperclipConcentration CampsHitler's "Mein Kampf"QuotablesAlexander - "...german tiger tanks were far superior over anything else..." Garry - " is more about experimenting to see what happens to one twin if they do something to the other twin..."Recommended Resources
iOS vs Android

iOS vs Android


Introduction to "iOS vs Android"In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander, Garry & Nikki go over the battle between the two titans of mobile operating systems - Google's Android and Apple's iOS. First, the hosts mention what phones they preferred using over the years with the accompanying operating system that comes with the phone. Alexander then goes through some statistics regarding the performance of each operating system and their respective features they offer to consumers. At first glance, it is clear that Apple products and its OS are - on the spectrum of low-end to high-end products - rather leaning towards the high-end side, whereas Android based products have a wider range, offering anything from budget-friendly to expensive premium products. Podcast Episode SummaryWhat phones do the hosts use and why?StatisticsMarket ShareNumber of phones being used with one or the other OSApp storePro's and Con'sApple's history with gamingPressure from Huawei Epic games controversyCustomization of your phone's setupSecurity and Updates Voice Assistants Why do we choose one OS over the other QuotablesAlexander - "...these 2 platforms pretty much account for virtually almost every single phone in the last couple of years..."Garry - "...the OS (Apple) is pretty easy to use, much easier than Android for sure..."Nikki - "...for Apple's standards that is pretty cheap..."Recommended Resources
Introduction to "Hotel, Hostel or Poshtel?"In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander, Garry & Nikki discuss what the difference is between a hotel, a hostel and a poshtel. As the younger generation prefers a more intimate and personalized experience when traveling, the tendency for them to choose a hostel or a poshtel over the traditional hotel is much higher. Despite the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, many people in Europe have become impatient and started to travel to hot spot destinations like Ibiza or Prague to be able to enjoy their time with little to no limits and to avoid the strict guidelines given by governments in their home country. One of these guidelines in Austria for example is that businesses like bars, pubs and clubs are only allowed to be open until a specific time which is non existent in the aforementioned hot spot destinations. At these destination, the tourists are booking stays at hostels and poshtels more than they are booking accommodations in the surrounding hotels. Podcast Episode SummaryWhat are Poshtels compared to Hostels and Hotels?Why would you choose one over the other?Hotel Star RatingBristol Hotel and a short summary of the historyDuring your last holiday trip did you stay in a hotel or hostel?What do Hostels offer?Alexander used to go crazy ordering room service Characteristics of a Hostel and Poshtel and reasons why you would choose a Poshtel over a HostelQuotablesAlexander - " other words it is an upscale, luxury Hostel..."Garry - "...if you are traveling around Austria and you're not staying in these places for long, staying in hostels like these or Pensions is quite popular..." Nikki - "'ll probably look for hostels naturally, because it is an affordable option..."Recommended Resources
The Year 2020 so far

The Year 2020 so far


Introduction to "The Year 2020 so far"In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander, Garry & Nikki cover various events and occurrences the year 2020 had to offer so far. It would be accurate to say that the year of 2020 has been one of the worst years if not THE worst year for all of us. The year started off with WW3 almost breaking out, then the Taal volcano eruption and with the most recent event being the Beirut port explosion. In between was or is of course the whole situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, which is not to be forgotten.In this episode the hosts will go through a list of occurrences and events taking place in the year of 2020. They will go through what has happened, what the after effects were and give their opinions on it. Podcast Episode SummaryHong Kong ProtestsUS vs Persian General = almost ignited WW3Ukrainian Passenger plan shot downPrince Harry and Meghan Markel stepped down from royal dutiesAustralian Bush FireTaal volcano eruptionTrump impeachment Wuhan Hospital constructed Kobe Bryant's death BrexitHarvey WeinsteinCOVID-19 Pandemic Sporting Events cancelled Declassified information of UFO's = failed attempt to raid Area 51US leaves WHOElon Musk becomes a father Locusts invade Africa leading to huge damages George Floyd's deathHistoric SpaceX Launch of NASA astronauts Global protests igniting after the death of George FloydBeirut Port ExplosionKamala Harris becomes Joe Biden's running mate making her the first female black american Vice President nominee Russian VaccineQuotablesAlexander - "...the explosion started a domino effect as it lead to food shortages..."Garry - "...the footage existed for a long long time..."Nikki - "...there are a lot of vaccine manufacturers that are quite close to actually developing something..."Recommended Resources - Taal volcano episode - George Floyd's Death - Major Players in the Space Tourism Industry
Apps we use on a daily

Apps we use on a daily


Introduction to "Apps we use on a daily"In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander & Nikki discuss the applications they use most frequently and also mention the ones they use less frequently. Anything from productivity apps, to-do apps to entertainment apps will be discussed in this technology episode. Tune in to find out what these apps are that they use and perhaps there is one that might help you!Podcast Episode SummaryMost used apps on a dailyGrammarlyBitpandaCoinMarketCapSmart Apps for Smart HomeHue App - Smart LightsApps for ordering foodMjamLieferserviceOnline MarketWillhabenSports AppF1 appChampions League AppWeb BrowserBrave BrowserMusic appSpotifyQuotables Alexander - " app I check multiple times during a 24 hour period is Bitpanda..."Nikki - "...Brave is free and open sourced and it blocks ads and website trackers..."Recommended Resources
Introduction to "Major Players of the Space Tourism Industry"In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander, Garry & Nikki take you on an imaginary trip to space discussing the new emerging industry of Space Tourism. The hosts discuss all the major players within this industry like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin and compare differences on what they plan to offer tourists and at what price. There currently are 3 different kinds of space flights dedicated to space tourists, Orbital flight, Sub-Orbital flight and Lunar flight. Tune in to find out what the differences are between these flights and learn more about one thing the hosts all find fascinating - Low Earth Orbit Space Hotel. Some of these companies have already asked for capital and in return, tourists either get a reservation spot on the waiting list or bracing to start the journey. Some of these space tourism company's are even developing a hyper-sonic flight that reduces a 12 hour flight to just 90 minutes.Podcast Episode SummaryWhat is Space Travel and all kinds of it?First Space Tourist5 Key players in the Space Tourism industrySpaceXVirgin GalacticBlue OriginOrion BoeingPricing for a flightHyper-sonic FlightStar-shipFacebook wanting to provide Internet access to remote areasQuotablesAlexander - "...SpaceX expressed a certain interest in hypersonic flight..."Garry - " are going for a 3 day training..."Nikki - "...all these different company's, they all bounce off of each other..." Recommended Resources
Introduction to "TCK's - Third Culture Kids"In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander, Garry & Nikki discuss something they all have in common - being TCK's - also know as Third Culture Kids. The term TCK is used to describe someone who is (or was as a child) raised in a country/culture different to the one of their parents. Alex having Austrian and Filipino parents, lived in various countries as he was growing up. The same goes for Nikki and Garry too. Nikki, having German parents, has spent a big part of his life in African countries, where as Garry, who has Russian parents was born and raised in Austria. In this episode the hosts look at common issues and problems TCK's have or experience on a regular and share whether they can relate to it and how. There many pros and cons growing up in different countries, which will also be discussed in this episode.Episode SummaryWhat is a TCKWhat makes Alexander a TCKWhat makes Nikki a TCKWhat makes Garry a TCKPros and Cons Languages spoken withing the hosts' family'sWhere is Home for the hostsHow is English for the hosts and their family'sWhat language do you think in when you are angryDo the hosts feel like a foreigner in their home country's or the country of their current residenceDo TCK's notice other TCK's?What do the hosts like and dislike about being a TCKWhere are you from?What should TCK parents teach their kids of being a TCK?QuotablesAlexander - "...(TCK's) tend to think in various languages in various situations, at least thats the case for me..."Garry - "...I went to an international school, so i was always surrounded by TCK's..."Nikki - "...home is not so much connected to place, in my opinion..."Recommended Resources
Introduction to "Cardano (ADA) Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Network"In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander, Garry & Nikki discuss a cryptocurrency recently gaining a lot of hype for their developments within the industry. Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of the company behind the ADA token - IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong) - has been making big moves and continuously announcing this updates on Twitter and other various platforms. Since the beginning of the year the cryptocurrency managed to increase in value by approximately 200%. The update of the Shelly network represents the fully decentralized network and has been implemented recently, making it possible for ADA holder to stake their Cardano tokens and earn a reward for doing so. This can be compared to a dividend pay-out for traditional dividend paying stocks.Tune in to find out more about this revolutionary crypto trying to shake up the industry.Podcast Episode SummaryHistory and Background of the Cardano Cryptocurrency What can Blockchain Technology do for a user?Ethereum vs Cardano possible collaboration or partnership with LItecoinYear-to-date gains up 200% for CardanoCrypto Market and Stock Market reflection during the PandemicDeFi Market BoomLibra Project by FacebookQuotablesAlexander - "...each cryptocurrency has its own aim or purpose - one might be for financial transactions and the other one might be for verification processes..."Garry - "...I have an Adblocker for chrome I also have Ghostery - it keeps track of trackers of websites..."Nikki - "...we had corona and the after effects, I am sure the market has been shaken up a lot..."Recommended Resources
Introduction to "The Great Corona Depression"In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander and Garry invited Jakob to the podcast again to talk about a phenomena increasing during the time of the pandemic. Mental health issues such as depression has been increasing due to longer periods of isolation and barely any human contact. This of course can have a massive negative effect on ones mental health.As Jakob himself had suffered from mental health problems, he felt this topic needed to be addressed, since this issue can turn very serious if left "untreated". In general, it seems the number of people with mental health problems are increasing in the western world, whereas other countries or cultures see it more as a disgrace to the family if one of their family members suffers from this. Podcast Episode SummaryWhy does Jakob want to talk about this topicMost Americans seem to suffer from mental health issuesJakob's first hand experienceDifferent cultures/nations see mental health in different waysDo Russians tend to be more serious?Anxiety vs Nervousness Different forms of mental health issuesIntrovert and ExtrovertAble to be by yourself and be happy with yourself Growing up struggling is good - to an extentFather/Mother reflexesSeek helpQuotablesAlexander - "...mental health is something, i feel, your are suffering from unwillingly or involuntarily..." Garry - " your culture deals with mental health. Is it normal to be stressed, is it accepted to have problems?..."Jakob - "...all of a sudden the things that gave me my boost didn't give me that boost anymore..."Recommended Resources
Introduction to "Sex Tourism: Ping Pong Show of Thailand"In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander, Garry & Nikki talk about a topic, not many are comfortable discussing about, but still needs to be addressed. This episode will be on the infamous Ping Pong Show that you can experience in Thailand. A few years back, Alexander lived in Bangkok for almost a year with his family, so he is no stranger to what is available in Bangkok or even Thailand as a whole, since he and his family needed to entertain guests and provide these guests with an authentic Thai experience. A lot of people know about the Ping Pong Show as this "performance" that is not really available anywhere else other than in this part of Asia and thus would like to be a part of it. Alexander goes into detail, what exactly happens, how they got there and how the show progresses. He even mentions, why he was unable to continue living in Bangkok and decided to move away from his family.Podcast Episode SummaryAmsterdam Red Light DistrictBangkokAlexander's experience in BangkokBangkok Happy HourAustrian/Viennese Prostitution Human Trafficking Jim Jefferies view on prostitutionUniqueness of Bangkok and what it can do to foreignersA common occurrence of foreigners in Bangkok with local womenPing Pong Show - for some a must to experience when visiting ThailandAlexander's mom bringing guests to the Ping Pong ShowPattayaWhat Alexander experienced when at the Ping Pong ShowAct I - Ping Pongs with Basketball HoopsAct II -  Ping Pongs and audience member's mouthAct III - Glass bottles with liquidsAct IV - Pickles and DartsAct V - Razor BladesQuotablesAlexander - "...each lady had their own act that they were pretty much portraying or                         displaying..."Garry - "...going through the red light district is part of being a tourist there..."Nikki - "...this is where human trafficking comes in and plays a big part, because a                   lot of these girls in Vienna they come or they get from the Ukraine,                                 Philippines,..." Recommended Resources
Introduction to "Beers and Brews from around the world"In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander, Garry & Nikki talk about a very important topic - BEERS! They talk about all the different beers they have consumed during their travels or while living abroad. There are some beers that have really stood out, whether good or bad.They compare beers from different countries and talk about their most favorable ones. They also share which beers they would choose, if they were stranded on an island and only had the choice of 3 beers to bring. They also mention a Vienna-based independent nano-brewery, Wappler Brewing, the owner being a good friend of Nikki's. They've even won an award for one of their beers!Podcast Episode SummaryHistory of BeerOktoberfest Beers of different countries What types of beer Nikki prefersWappler Brewing Garry's preferenceFischer BräuRussian BeerAsian beersSan Miguel PHSouth American BeerStranded Island - which 3 beers would you want to have with you?QuotablesAlexander - "...whenever they taste Austrian beer they notice a difference in the taste of it. Locals would say its because of the water we get from the alps..."Garry - " wouldn't drink a lot of those, you would have like one to try it..."Nikki - ".. Wappler Brewing, which is their brewery here in Vienna..."Recommended Resources
Introduction to "GPU's - Graphics Processing Unit"In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander, Garry & Nikki talk about GPU's, also known as Graphics Processing Units and how they play a vital role in computers across many industries. Considered to be the soul of a computer, it makes video games look as beautiful as they do and with a new hype surrounding ray tracing, the new generation of GPU's are promising to deliver this new technology.The hosts cover different types of GPU's and also share with the audience what GPU they are using in their computers. They then continue by talking about the difference in GPU's between both computers and consoles for gaming, discuss why the component is such a vital one, how it is being used to mine cryptocurrency's and make the assumption where this technology may lead in the future and what it might provide to consumers.Podcast Epsiode SummaryGPU's - what is it? what does it do? How does one use it?CPU considered to be the brain and the GPU the soul of a computerVariations of GPU'sRay Tracing TechnologyThe new GPU's considered to be the new CPU'sDeep learning, AI, IoTCryptocurrency Mining with GPU'sShould you upgrade your PC for Ray Tracing?QuotablesAlexander - "...CPU is the so called brain of a computer and the GPU is the soul of a computer..."Garry - "'s the new titan with the rtx feature the 20000 series has..."Nikki - "...for a long time NVIDIA have been on the top spot..."Recommneded Resources
Introduction to "Our TRAIN travel experiences"In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander, Garry & Nikki share their experiences while they were traveling by train around the world. One of the hosts, even wants to take the train across the whole of Russia. Tune in to find out who would do this.The hosts talk about some memorable train trips in specific countries/regions they had and share some details that might be different from other countries. They also compare the national trains from European countries and discuss which country is known for their trains almost always being on time. Podcast SummaryAlexander's experiencesNikki's experiencesComfort of train travelAstana train travelEuropean border-less train travelWhich country has the most punctual trains in EuropeHow comfortable is it traveling by train in Austria or in EuropeEurope wide train ticketsease of use - train stations are mostly in city centers Garry's experiencesBeautiful scenery while traveling with trainTickets for train travelTravel essentialsQuotablesAlexander - "...when i was in switzerland, the trains were always delayed..."Garry - "...anyone who comes to Austria is really happy about the train systrem here..."Nikki - "...the blue train in South Africa, it goes from Victoria to Capetown..."Recommended Resources
Introduction to "Pride Month for LGBTQ Community"In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alexander, Garry & Nikki cover the annual event of Pride Month, what it stands for, what the movement wants to achieve and all known gender identifications and sexual orientations.The hosts talk about the events that take place in Vienna during the month of June that supports the LGBT Community and also a very well known spokesperson for the community - Thomas Neuwirth also known as Conchita Wurst - who also won the Eurovision Song contest in 2014. The hosts are educated by finding out all the available and known gender identifications and sexual orientations and what they mean. Podcast Episode SummaryLife BallOver-the-top costumes Stonewall riots (civil rights movement)Conchita Wurst - Thomas NeuwirthAll different kinds of Pride'sNikki shares how they have quotas at work when it comes to hiring for anti discrimination law Austrian government accepting of the LGBTQ CommunitySame Sex pedestrian traffic lights to show suuportFined for misidentifying gender of a person in Canadaadding a special toilette - non - binary - cause problems?Showcasing gay pride in cartoon animations targeted for toddlers and small children Quotables Alexander - " was a public reminder for the LGBT community..."Garry - " might be wrong to misgender them but you cannot put someone in jail or fine them for saying that..."Nikki - " moves with the Zeitgeist, when we were younger in the 80's and 90's, most cartoons especially the american ones, were all about war..."Recommended Resources
Guest: Ali HASNAIN

Guest: Ali HASNAIN


Introduction to "Guest: Ali Hasnain"In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, the hosts Alex and Nikki invited their good friend and fellow third culture kid, Ali Hasnain to the show to talk about racism, comedy and his podcast "Kimchi Curry". (Links to his IG profile and YouTube Channel can be found below)The episode dives into the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which is an international human rights movement, originating from within the African-American community, which campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people, highlighting the most recent incident of police brutality - the death of George Floyd. This lead to the ignition of global protests and people are demanding change.After backing off of racism, the episode showcases the comedy career of Ali and the comedy scene in Vienna. Despite living in a German speaking country and Ali's skits being mostly in English, there is a big demand for English speaking comedians in Vienna and Ali asks everyone to just sign up for an open mic night and try it out!Podcast Episode SummaryProtests in Vienna for the death of George FloydDeath of George Floyd because of police officer Derek Chauvin #BLM, Black Lives Matter MovementDerek Chauvin, reckless history and disciplinary actionsProtestsAgent Provocateur Strange piles of bricks showing up all over city'sLootingHasan Minhaj on how Asian/American and Arab/Americans react to violence against Afro/AmericansAli's racist encounters and experience being half Pakistani and half IndianHindustan Alex's experience with racism in AustriaWhite privilege and how some white people don't believe in white privilegeAli's resentment towards India for being part Pakistani   Does Alex also have this kind of resenment?Racial abuse in schools by teachers Eventually everyone will be brown  Racist situation during a comedy showAli's comedic career in Austria, ViennaOpen mic comedyAli's comedy FB page Curry's closing messageAli plugging his stuffQuotablesAlexander - " half asian half european, I am half brown, half white. I feel brown here in Austria, I feel white in Asia..."Nikki - " perverse and how paradox is it that the Americans who helped to beat fascism in Europe throughout one of the greatest sacrifices of human life in history..."Ali - "...I've been stopped by the police once, and i always thought to myself, I always wondered to myself was it racist or was it because my hair was really long?..."Recommended Resources
Introduction to "Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Event"In this episode of the Lifestyle, Travel & Technology podcast, Alexander will be the only one hosting due to unforeseen circumstances. The episode will cover a major event everyone involved with cryptocurrency knows about or at least has heard of - The Bitcoin (BTC) halving event.Alexander will dive into the topic of the Bitcoin Halving Event answering questions like what is a cryptocurrency? and what is a blockchain? He explains what Bitcoin is and why so many are already involved with the currency. He continues on by explaining how the technology behind Bitcoin works and how there is a reward system for so called "miners". This term will also be explained in the episode.Alexander ends by summarizing the episode and giving out his suggestion on which platform/broker/exchange he uses and why he chose to stick with this company.Podcast Episode SummaryWhat is a cryptocurrency?What is a blockchain? blockchain technology?Proof of Work consensus algorithmWhat is Bitcoin?Bitcoin (BTC) Halving EventBitcoin NetworkWhat does this mean exactly?History of BTC Halving EventsTheory of the Halving event and the chain reaction it sets offWhere can I buy bitcoins or other cryptocurrency?QuotablesAlexander - "...blockchain is the technology that enables the existence of cryptocurrency while the cryptocurrency itself is pretty much a medium of exchange..."Alexander - "...these miners get rewards in the form of Bitcoins..."Recommended Resources
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