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Nomad Podcast is inspiring stories of lifestyle transition with successful digital nomads. You'll find conversations with nomads, founders and domain experts who share their wisdom and special expertise to help you be more effective on the road. For videos, links, show notes, interview questions, transcripts, travel photos and more visit
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For the full audio interview, transcript, show notes, photos and more visit: Thompson has architected an amazing life of world travel and helping other freelancers via her online course. Listen to her journey and where she's headed next. A visit to Costa Rica led Danielle down the path of adopting the nomadic lifestyle. Fast forward a year and she's now built an impressive agency business and as well an online academy to help empower other freelancers to achieve financial success and freedom of mobility in their businesses. Danielle recently checked off a bucket list item of signing a long-term lease living with friends in an amazing house in Bali. In this conversation we discuss Danielle's morning routine, what meditation means to her, her multiple experiences with ayahuasca, productivity tools, mindset adjustments, biofeedback and more. Enjoy this conversation.
For the full audio interview, transcript, show notes, photos and more visit: Marisa Meddin walked away from what many would consider to be a dream job in the pursuit of discovering her life's purpose and achieving freedom and location-independence. Hear her story.Many people would kill for the opportunity to attend the Grammy's, work with up & coming musical acts like Beyoncé AND get paid for doing it. But Marisa felt unfulfilled in her role at Pepsi and left to pursue an ecommerce business selling her mother's famous brownies online. She has since launched and run a handful of other successful businesses including an eCourse for helping demystify the college admissions process and a coaching role to help others discover their life's work. In this episode we'll hear Marisa's entrepreneurial journey, learn about her question framework for zero'ing in on one's true purpose in life and discover her recommendations for top hip hop artists. Enjoy!
For the full audio interview, transcript, show notes, photos and more visit: Simkins created an ad campaign for Fidelity Insurance which grossed over $46 billion in revenue (yes with a "B"). Learn how she did it while traveling the world as a nomad. How much can change in a year... Helen went through an abrupt personal and professional breakup which proved to be a blessing in disguise and became the springboard for her nomadic transition. In this episode she shares the secrets of how she AirBnb'd her place in Boston out and secured twelve listings on the first night. Helen shares tips for growing your Instagram following and does a walkthrough of the design philosophy behind the campaign she did for Fidelity that grossed $46BN. Check it out. 
For the full audio interview, transcript, show notes, photos and more visit: Bowles is co-founder of The Maverick Investor Group and host of The Maverick Show podcast. Learn how he's deliberately architected his lifestyle of nomadic adventure.Matt (aka my doppelgänger) has built an incredible lifestyle that allows him to travel the world to exotic locations meeting and interviewing nomads all while helping others invest in cash-flowing real estate properties. In this episode we learn how Matt first entered the nomadic lifestyle, how he's architected his business, stories of his adventures in Corsica and as a DJ, advice for aspiring nomads, and more. 
For the full audio interview, show notes, transcript, photos and more visit Lakoff has spent the last 8 years on the road traveling across Asia and South America. He shares stories of his entrepreneurial, nomadic and biohacking journey towards becoming a better human.I met Ben shortly before the Nomad Cruise at the Restation coliving space in Gran Canaria island. Ben was a pillar of the Nomad Cruise 8 community and has subsequently become a good friend via a weekly mastermind group he organized. In this interview I got a chance to sit down with him after the cruise and ask him questions about his entrepreneurial endeavors, nomadic stories from his 8 years on the road, lessons from biohacking his way to the title of fittest man in Thailand and the usual queries of gear, hacks, book recommendations and more. If you're looking for advice on how to do long-term, sustainable nomadic travel, look no further than this episode.
For the full audio interview, transcript, show notes, photos and more visit: As master of ceremonies for the Nomad Cruise Bori Vigh has the challenge of how to bring a large group of complete strangers together on a vessel at sea and create the conditions for deep bonding. She's developed a 7-step workshop that accomplishes this in short order and the community of the cruise is testament to how well it works. Bori also happens to run the largest backpacker blog in Hungary, and is working on rolling out her next initiative, The Retreat Factory. In this episode we'll learn about all the above and more. Enjoy. 
For full audio interview, transcript, show notes, photos, questions and more visit: takes guts to go against the advice of all your friends and quit a high-paying corporate job to pursue a life of service and volunteering but that's exactly what Tarek Kholoussy did. In this interview we'll hear about some of the crazy experiences one accrues when traveling to over 100 countries. Tarek shares what's involved physical and mental conditioning-wise to run 25 marathons, 2 ultra marathons and the world's highest marathon at Mount Everest base camp. We'll learn about his current initiative Nomads Giving Back, how two back-to-back experiences of confronting mortality catalyzed him to take the nomadic leap and more. Enjoy. 
For the full audio episode, transcript, show notes, photos and links to all the resources mentioned visit: FD quit his corporate job in 2008 and embarked on an adventure of a lifetime which became a nomadic existence he's continued to this day. Johnny is founder of the Nomad Summit in Chiang Mai, Thailand, author of "12 Weeks in Thailand: The Good Life on the Cheap," co-host of "Travel Like a Boss" and "Invest Like a Boss" podcasts, divemaster and muay thai fighter. In this episode Johnny shares lessons on  architecting a dream lifestyle that enables you to travel the world while earning passive income via your investments. 
Andrés Piñeiro Coen has been nomadic for the past seven years and has backpacked all over South & Central America, engineered and sold creative sponsorships to some of the world's largest brands like GoPro, Lufthansa and Under Armor. In this interview he shares experiences of converting a failed graffiti store business into a profitable mural contest event in Panama, road wisdom from his travels and his philosophy of hustle. For transcript, show notes, photos and links to all the resources mentioned in the show visit
For links, show notes, transcript, photos and more visit: Fund your nomadic travels by creating a profitable side business. Alex Hillman shares the 30x500 method for taking you from zero to $15k in sales.Funding is typically the biggest roadblock that precludes more people from living the nomadic lifestyle. Unless you have massive savings you'll need a fountain of income to sustain you during your travels which means either a) taking a job or b) making a job for yourself. We covered option A with Luke Tierney of Nomad Playground. Today we're covering option B with Alex Hillman of 30x500. Alex is cofounder of an academy designed to take first-time entrepreneurs from zero to $15k in sales. In this interview we discuss the pitfalls commonly faced by new entrepreneurs, the gist of the 30x500 method involving an intensive "Sales Safari" market research phase, construction of eBomb lead magnets, list building, the strategy for product development, crafting a winning launch sequence and ultimately all that's involved in making your first $15k in revenue. Alex and his partner Amy have coached hundreds of students and are indirectly responsible for millions in sales by virtue of cultivating skills of successful entrepreneurship in these folks. Please enjoy our conversation.
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