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Our mission is to help highlight the every day good in our world. On this show we explore the contribution of systems and people we often take for granted.

What corners will our curiosity take us into and how can we be grateful for what we find?

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Unpopular | 144

Unpopular | 144


Bill gates said that “Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose.” When it comes to our online personas we often equate success with popularity, but being unpopular could be exactly where you need to be to make your biggest difference.Complete show notes and links: & Water: Subscribe:
Creating | 143

Creating | 143


You can appreciate someone else’s effort even if you don’t agree with the result. For example, I reveal my intent on world domination which seems normal with some of the other ways people use their creativity.Subscribe:
Following | 142

Following | 142


Following is more than clicking a button.Subscribe:
Change | 141

Change | 141


Adapting to change often means taking a broader view. Change is the process where we grow. Subscribe:
Sometimes all it takes to connect with others is to take a second look. That second look can help us span the universe, our political differences, and 200,000 years of history.Subscribe:
Doing a thing is a good; doing a thing and improving how we do a thing is better.Subscribe:
Finding an extreme answer can serve as a reference point as we navigate the day to day challenges of our lives.Subscribe: by Dyalla Swain Waves by Enrique Hoyos:
You’re powerful enough to face your uncertainty. You’re strong enough to build your future.Subscribe: by Dyalla Swain Waves by Enrique Hoyos:
You can’t be grouchy and grateful. I’ve been spending time time being both.
Finding ways to be grateful in chaos isn’t just possible, it’s a really good strategy.This is not the episode I planned on recording or writing to start of the week, but after seeing the news I think it’s an important one to get out there. want to help people see and learn why they’re frustrated and what they can do about it. Sometimes when we ask for a solution we get a solution we don’t want in response. This would be like praying and generically asking for a blessing. Then, when the blessing comes we reject it because it wasn’t what we were expecting.Even worse we get frustrated where we do something we regret.
Oftentimes all we have to do is take a look at regular events in a different way.Today let’s jump intogratitude and #YouTube | 134YouTube’s existence demonstrates the successful achievement of three ingredients we struggled with in the early days of the internet:Accessibility: Let us imagine for a moment a young internet and the computers that connect to it. In those early days connecting online meant dial up and monopolizing the family phone line. Ah, the oh-so familiar sound of a dial up modem. Getting connected meant sitting still.Screen Machines: Computers of this era would generally struggle to draw images on the screen. Video was a dream. When it did happen it was pixelated and usually featured a low frame rate. That didn’t matter much though if you were on a laptop. The refresh rates on those early beasts left artefacts on the screen. Wasn’t much to see there.Storage: Beefy hard drives were always expensive. Beefy hard drives with fast connections to the internet were really expensive. Having the capacity to host video required human kind building significant infrastructure. From fibre networks to firmware for servers we had a lot work to do to build the capacity needed for online video.
#Gratitude & #Eid |133

#Gratitude & #Eid |133


A successful fast is worth celebrating. And, even if we didn’t directly participate, we should be grateful for those who did.I’ve been on three deployments to predominantly Islamic countries. I was a part of the Army’s initial invasion into Iraq. I did a second deployment to Iraq ending in 2006. I’ve also served in Afghanistan.My interaction with the cultures in Iraq was limited. It was mostly confined to observations while driving and interactions at whatever local bazaar was set up nearby.In Afghanistan I served as part of a team of advisors to an Afghan Army Unit. It was a stressful deployment. It had its rewards. Working as closely as we did it also taught me a lot about other cultures. These memories are a part of who I am.
As part of the prep for this episode I reached out to the audience on twitter and asked how does gratitude impact your expectations?The tweet got a couple of likes. Quite a few saw it, and one person tersely and aptly replied, It really shouldn’t.’s right. It really shouldn’t. In an ideal world we should be able to conjure gratitude and keep it going infinitely. But I don’t live in an ideal world, and I don’t have perfect experiences.For me, my ability to be grateful is often hampered by my own expectations not being met.
Being grateful involves exercising a choice and your ability to choose is one of the most powerful aspects of our human experience.Subscribe: by Dyalla Swain Waves by Enrique Hoyos:
Gratitude isn’t the same as gravity. It’s not something you fall into, but it is something you can choose. by Dyalla Swain Waves by Enrique Hoyos:
Being grateful helps more than just ourselves. by Dyalla Swain Waves by Enrique Hoyos:
One of the places I admire finished renovations and reopened on February 21st. Then COVID hit. Their determination to still serve their customers is worth being #grateful for.Visit Matlack's in Boise: by Dyalla Swain Waves by Enrique Hoyos:
Content creators often judge their success based upon the size of their audience. What if we based it on the friendships we make along the way instead? podcast community is one of the most kind and mutually supportive groups on the internet. Want to start a podcast? There’s a lot of great tutorials and a great network of people out there who can help.One thing each generation of new podcasters Is collaborate with other shows. This often means doing interviews and sharing content. I’ve been the guest on some great shows. Recently I got to join the Life is Not a Box of Chocolates podcast. The hosts were wonderful.Whatever community you’re involved in, I hope it’s one where you can collaborate with others. My story added value to their show. The experience added value for all of us. During the show I asked the hosts to share something they’re grateful for.Subscribe: by Dyalla Swain Waves by Enrique Hoyos:
What are you grateful for that others overlook? I’ve asked that question to dozens of people at this point and no two answers are the same. In this episode I share some unique responses, and challenge you to leave your own in the comments below.Life's NOT A Box Of Chocolates Podcast: by Dyalla Swain Waves by Enrique Hoyos:
A mom tries to feed her kids. A judge tells her she’s selfish. This is a conversation that inspires gratitude.Source: by Dyalla Swain Waves by Enrique Hoyos:
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