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Welcome to the SuperFeast Podcast! Join tonic herbalist and health educator Mason Taylor as we explore the magical world of Tonic Herbalism. We will explore the relevance of these ancient herbs and medicinal mushrooms in our modern culture of health to invigorate the body, restore organ health, create badass immunity and bring harmony to the hormones. Want to enhance performance, longevity, energy and radiance? Then dive in with us and learn why tonic herbal adaptogens have been used for millennia for this exact intention. So get ready to activate your SuperHuman health as we deliver this deep tonic herbal philosophy right your eardrums.
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Today Tahnee sits down with Stephen Jenkinson, author, storyteller, musician, and culture activist, for a very real and very potent conversation around living, dying, and what it takes to embrace the fragility and asymmetry of life.  Influenced by a diversity of life experience and his work in death centred care, Stephen holds deep reverence for the art of living, a journey that is synonymous with loss. As an advocate for embodying death within the experience of life, Stephen asks us to engage with the practice of loss, of learning to live in the absence of something we once held dear or true as a preparation for the promised and very tangible characteristic of life; death.  Stephen views dying as a moral obligation, inviting the idea that to die mindfully, deliberately and consciously is a political act, a religious or spiritual event worth respecting as much as the breathing part of life.  Stephen poses the very important question that is so absent in our western culture; what is to become of me when I die?  Inviting us to hold awareness around the suggestion that to acknowledge the transient nature of life, is to be pertetually overwhelmed, a notion that is so beautifully captured in the following line he recites from an old provencal prayer; "God help me. My boat is so small and your sea so immense."   Throughout this discourse, Stephen encourages us to welcome the entire spectrum of living, to embrace the varied gradients that are expressed and experienced. We're summoned to ask ourselves whether we can cultivate the courage and embody the wisdom to remember the ones we love in the myriad of contexts they may inhabit. Whether we can we love the decrepit and decaying aspects of ourselves and others with as much vigour and enthusiasm as the parts that are robust, shiny and effervescent. If we can we sit alongside the dying with a smile instead of a grimace as they dissolve out of the breath based living that is so pedestaled and celebrated in our death illiterate culture. We are prompted to consider why death is continuously shunned and sanctioned to the dark corners of our psyches, asked whether we, in our enduring efforts to be the biggest, brightest and most gallant version of ourselves, are missing the poetry of loss?  It's in these questions that perhaps we begin to decipher the language crafted around our living and therefore our dying, to know and to develop the relationship we share with it.  A powerful and important chat today.   Stephen & Tahnee discuss: - Stephen's journey into death work.  - Living as an embodiment of death.  - Natural vs medicated death. - The extension of life as an extension of death. - Shepherding children through death and loss. - Approaching death with willingness vs resistance.    Resources Guest Links Orphan Wisdom Website Orphan Wisdom FacebookStephen's Youtube Mentioned In This Episode Die Wise Book Faith, Hope and Carnage Book Related Podcasts Death, Ceremony, and Walking Towards Grace with Zenith Virago (EP#117) Connect With Us SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Nutritionist Jessica Cox joins Mason for an illuminating conversation around the topics of holistic health, diet culture and the connection between food, mood and gut health. With a shared passion for the healing potential that medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs provide, Jessica and Mason joyously jam out, sharing the simple yet delicious ways these beautiful plant allies can be consumed through the daily diet while covering where they're positioned in a more clinical diagnostic setting.  With 15 years experience on the ground working with people in clinic, Jessica shares how the extreme approaches to diet currently occupying the wellness space are causing more harm than good, and the work she does as a practitioner to manage expectations and shepherd her clients through lifestyle change.  In this episode Jessica and Mason aim to demystify diet culture and bring awareness around the seasonal place extreme or therapeutic type diets hold, emphasising that seasons in our lives may call us to adjust our approach but ultimately dietary diversity is the key to long-lasting health. Jessica stresses the limitations of a one-size-fits-all all attitude and champions the powers of building strong foundations with a back-to-basics methodology.  It's a delight to witness the camaraderie these two share as they weave the knowledge and wisdom they've individually gained through years lived thoroughly through all facets of the wellness space. Ultimately reminding us that beyond the circulation of dietary fear, confusion and dogma, exists the middle path of balance, a place where solace can be found through the practice of sensibility and moderation.  A beautiful and grounded chat today, well worth the listen for beginners and those in the know. Enjoy.   Jessica & Mason discuss: - Extreme diet culture and the harm it causes. - The connection between food, mood, and emotions. - The practitioner/client relationship and the importance of trust in creating positive treatment outcomes. - Ego, practitioner as god, and helping the person in front of you.  - Dairy and calcium. - Dietary diversity and gut health. - Anti-nutrients and the myths surrounding them. - The clinical and nutritional use of medicinal mushrooms.   Resource guide Guest Links Jessica's WebsiteJessica's InstagramJessica's FacebookJessica's YoutubeJessica's PinterestJessica's TwitterJessica's Recipes Related Podcasts Optimising Your Gut Bacteria with Dan Sipple (EP#68) Tonics For Season Pimped Up Matcha Latte (recipe by Jessica Cox)   Connect With Us SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Back for part two of their chat on conscientious parenting, Mason and Tahnee come together today to expand their discourse into the area of the conscious and subconscious mind, exploring how ingrained patterns of thinking and behaving influence our ability to show up for our children and partners in the ways we desire, highlighting that awareness and presence are ultimately at the crux of all these things. Tahnee speaks to the RIE parenting method and the work of Magda Gerber and Janet Landsbury, sharing their framework around empathy, and how to use it as a tool of enquiry and understanding, especially when experiencing interpersonal difficulties with your child.   The topic of empathy poses the existential question; how do we walk on the hot coals of our experience with grace and regulation? Tahnee and Mason both champion engaging with personal practice and developing tools that enhance the cultivation of your mental, physical and spiritual capacity, whether these be through herbal allies, meditation, movement, breath or self compassion.  Tahnee emphasises how difficult it can be to break habitual patterns, recounting a recent experience she had relocating the tea towels in her house, Tahnee found she kept going back to their previous location, which stands as a simple (and very sweet) reminder that it takes time to change and it's imperative that we allow ourselves humility as our bodies and minds catch up to new terrain. Rhythm, routine and being realistic with expectations is also explored, along with using play as a tool for learning.  Another stimulating conversation between our favourite pair.   Mason & Tahnee discuss: - Empathy for your child's experience as a key pillar in conscious parenting. - How to communicate with your kids without being condescending.  - The books and tools Tahnee & Mason use to support their parenting intentions. - Treating your child like an individual with unique needs, regardless of their age. - Using rhythm and routine to create stability/safety in the family culture. - How to use seasons and celebratory festivities to punctuate time throughout the year.  - The work of Rudolf Steiner. - The importance of encouraging play, wonder and magic in parenting.  - Using Astrology, German New Medicine and Human Design to support your children.   Resource guide Guest Links Tahnee's website Tahnee's Instagram Mason's Instagram Mentioned In This Episode RIE Parenting MethodJanet LansburyMagda GerberNew Earth Mama InstagramHow to Talk So Little Kids Will ListenGerman New Medicine Related Podcasts Conscientious Parenting with Mason & Tahnee Taylor Part 1 (EP#200) Connect With Us SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Mason and Tahnee Taylor come together today in celebration of our 200th episode for a special conversation on one of our most requested areas of interest; conscious parenting. The pair prefer the term "conscientious engaged parenting", highlighting how they endeavour to use awareness as a tool in their approach to family culture and raising their two children, Aiya and Leo. It is lovely to have Mason and Tahnee sharing the mic to shed light on their very human, and very humble take on conscious parenting, highlighting the importance of a grounded approach that champions all parents regardless of their societal disposition or socioeconomic means. Both Mason and Tahnee engage with a style that is rooted in a strong foundation of adaptation, learning and integration. Tahnee speaks to the difference in hardships faced by children of prior generations who were exposed to famine and war, those who had a responsibility to the family far beyond their years, how many children in the current age are completely removed from these types of stressors, and how that informs their innate resilience and ability to intercept worldly challenges.   Mason shares the importance of operating from a place of non judgement and appreciating how difficult it can be to raise children in a society that is grossly removed from sustainable ways of living, both at the socioeconomic and nature based levels. Emphasising it is more about working to co-evolve with society than to completely override it. A grounded, inspired and thought provoking chat today, and like most endeavours in life, honour is found in the volition of the intention rather than the perfection of the execution.  Enjoy.   Mason & Tahnee discuss: - What the concept of "conscious parenting" means to them. - Using boundaries to create closeness and connection as parents and children grow and evolve. - The modern day coddling of children through societal regulation. - The power of co-regulation in diffusing challenging parenting situations. - Parenting through the lens of Taoism; the Spleen and how it's connected to the mother wound. - Learning from elders and honouring the past while embracing new ways of being and doing. - Conscious uncoupling. - The importance of continually making space to tend to the relational union.   Resource guide Guest Links Tahnee's website Tahnee's Instagram Mason's Instagram Mentioned In This Episode The Continuum Project BookDifficult Conversations Book Related Podcasts The Birthing of Our Son (Part 1) with Tahnee and Mason (EP#163) The Birthing Of Our Son (Part 2) with Tahnee and Mason (EP#167) Connect With UsSuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Mason is joined on the show today by the magnificent Rosie Rees. Rosie is a leader and pioneer in the field of sexual wellness, and and activist and advocate for the feminine form and its vast array of power and prowess. Rosie champions women of every age and expression to embrace their bodies and reclaim their right to body sovereignty and pleasure. This chat has been a long time coming and it is truly such a gift to have Rosie here with us sharing her special flavour of magic. Throughout the conversation Rosie and Mason touch on the areas of Taoist sexual practice, yoni de-armouring, using self pleasure as a gateway to living through the intuitive lens, sexuality through a woman's seasons; pre and post menopause, conscious relating and so much more! Within the dialog shared around the practice of self pleasure, Rosie highlights the importance of curating a relationship with pain, emphasising the prevalence of numbness that many women commonly suffer from within their yoni space. Rosie puts forward that the process of transforming numbness into pleasure is alchemical and involves an entire spectrum of sensation which may include physical and emotional pain. Rosie goes on to champion the power of holding oneself through this process and re-iterates that self pleasure is a self lead healing practice where anything can come up, in, out and through for release. As with any journey of self knowledge the heroine will be asked to delve into the subterranean depths of her body and psyche, her liberation guided by her willingness to meet whatever arises on her path of embodiment.  A potent, juicy, fun and refreshing exploration into the realms of feminine pleasure today, take a moment and dive in.   Rosie & Mason discuss: - Marriage and conscious coupling. - The importance of calling on your wellness tools in times of stress or ill health.  - The dangerous side effects of Intrauterine devices (IUD's). - The power of yoni egg practices for overall health and wellness. - Applying traditional Taoist sexual practice to the modern age. - Rosie's origin story, and the magic of following the intuitive breadcrumbs when working to bring your dreams into fruition. - Yoni de-armouring; the breakdown and the breakthrough. - Sexuality in perimenopause & menopause.   Resource guide Guest Links Rosie's Website Rosie's InstagramRosie's FacebookThe Golden YoniSplash Blanket Website Yinn Body Website Yinn Body InstagramYinn Body Facebook  Related Podcasts Life-Changing Sex Makes Anything Possible with Kim Anami (EP#28)Sexual Activation and Feminine Embodiment with Eva Williams (EP#144) Connect With Us SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:
Today Mason welcomes Laura Howarth of Happy Herbs Co on the show for an insightful conversation around holistic business, using herbs as allies, staying in alignment with the vision and allowing the intention of the intuitive heart to lead. Having been in each others orbit for the past 7 or so years through Happy High Herbs; the former incarnation of Happy Herbs Co, Laura and Mason share history in the herbal space. Recalling fond memories of times past when SuperFeast was operating out of a small garage in South Golden Beach in the NSW Northern Rivers Region. The pair reminisce on the simpler days while offering the ways in which the spirit of a business will call for change as it grows and expands.  Through Happy Herbs Co, Laura champions a humanistic approach, highlighting that community and connection will always be at the core of everything she does as the custodian of one of Australia's leading herbal institutions. In a digital age where ecommerce is increasingly outsourcing the interpersonal relationships forged through bricks and mortar business, Laura's ethos is centred around keeping human to human contact alive in a world driven by artificial intelligence. It is inspiring and beautiful to hear Laura share the Happy Herbs Co story, reminding us that benevolent acts of rebellion have the potential to pioneer long lasting change. With the rise in coverage and appreciation for the medicinal use of psychoactive and non psychoactive herbs within this country and abroad, let us all take a moment in reverence for the collective of humans, who through care and diligent action, have paved the way in the face of governmental bureaucracy and backlash.  Whether you're a seasoned supporter or new to the Happy Herbs phenomenon, this chat offers a wonderful window into the history of the holistic medicine community in Australia.   Laura & Mason discuss: - The evolution of Happy High Herbs into Happy Herbs Co. - Laura's origin story. - Intention, integration and using herbs as allies in business.  - The value of human connection & in person offerings in the digital age. - The Happy Herb Humanity charity.   Resource guide Guest Links Happy Herb Co Website Happy Herb Co Instagram Happy Herb Co FacebookHappy Herb Co Youtube Related Podcasts Herbalism; The Peoples Medicine with Erin Lovell Verinder (EP#141) Connect With Us SuperFeast Instagram SuperFeast Facebook SuperFeast TikTok   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Dylan Smith of Vital Veda joins Mason on the show today for an expansive conversation around the Vedic sciences, and how to use the natural lores on which these were founded to formulate your life from a place of flow rather than friction. Dylan is certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and holistic health educator who uses the vast depth and breadth of his knowledge to help, to heal and to teach. Drawn to the craft through his own initiating experiences of Panchakarma, Dylan's path is one of well trodden embodiment.  Dylan unfurls his knowledge and wisdom in a gentle and considered way, sharing how the practical application of this ancient philosophy can assist in the very tangible material decisions one is required to make in their every day life, such as where to live, where to work, how to eat, when to evolve a relationship and more. In Ayurveda it is said that the number one quality for successful healing is to surrender to the hands of the healer; the physician. Dylan shares the concept of hasta vasti; the power of the hand that heals, explaining that it is not so much the herb or the method that elicits the medicine but the that hand it comes from. In a contemporary climate where regulators and governing bodies have the dominion to inhibit and repossess the credentials of a practitioner based solely on their capacity to concede to the law and order of obligation, what is left for the sovereign individual in which these choices don't align? The hands the heal. What Dylan is speaking to through the lens of hasta vasti is the inherent power of the healers touch, the aura, the energy, life force, Prana, Qi or seeming magic that works through the body of the practitioner as a conduit of harmony. When the apparatus is taken away and the herbs held hostage to capitalistic greed, what's left over is the craft, the heightened sensory system, trained meticulously to perceive, to feel, to hear and to know. There is so much potency in this, this is nature based wisdom, universal to all beings. The hands of the healer could be the hands of the practitioner you hold dearly in esteem, these hands could also belong to you, perhaps the most powerful healer of all; the self.  I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation, may it bring inspiration and insight.   Dylan & Mason discuss: - How to use the Veda's to manufacture your life in alignment with the universal flow. - Vedic Astrology. - Yin and Yang through the Vedic lens, and how this philosophy can be applied to the practicalities of being and doing. - The inception of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine into Western allopathic medicine. - The future of holistic health practice beyond regulation. - Dhanvantari and initiation of the Ayurvedic healer. - The guru/disciple relationship. - Karma and trust as key elements in healing. - Jyotish herbology.   Resource guide: Guest Links: Vital Veda Website Vital Veda Instagram Vital Veda FacebookVital Veda Podcast Mentioned In This Episode: One Eleven Website Related Podcasts: The Ayurvedic Way with Wayne Celeban - Ayurvedic Practitioner (EP#51)Ayurveda and Yoga - The Healing Arts with Myra Lewin from Hale Pule (EP#55) Ayurvedic Healing with Susan Van Daal (EP#41) Connect With UsSuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
We're delighted to welcome Myra Lewin of Hale Pule back on the show today to share her insightful dialogue in the realms of Ayurveda, yoga and business with Mason. Myra was first on the show back in February 2020, a moment in time we all look back on now with a pivotal understanding. Back then Myra spoke with Tahnee about the foundational aspects of yoga and Ayurveda and how these tools can be used to create harmony in one's body and life. Today Myra connects with Mason about the importance of "the why" when engaging with a personal or vocational endeavour and how her offerings through Hale Pule have changed since the pandemic when the world went primarily online. Myra speaks to the Ayurvedic approach, of interacting with the body as a self correcting organism, and using herbs and practices to support the body's natural cyclic functions and the inherent intelligence embodied in each of its cells. Originating from a previous life lived through the lens of the scientific medical model, Myra shares how her experiences with Ayurveda shaped her holistic understanding of the body, mind, spirit, and being as a whole, and how the linear workings of her mind are continually cracked open through the practice of Ayurveda and its governing principals.  Myra and Mason explore how many of the premier herbs of the Ayurvedic cannon are used in a casual and one dimensional fashion, especially in the contemporary field of health, and how this approach can often mask the core issue rather than resolve it, as traditionally practised via the ancient roots of this highly revered system.  Sharing their resonance for embodied health in an explorative, grounded and charming conversation, the pair provide us with deep insight, wisdom and light hearted sentiment as they explore the many similarities that Ayurveda and Taoism share.  Take a moment, take a breath and settle in for the sweet journey this episode takes us on. A truly enjoyable listen. P.s Myra will be hosting an incredible 3 day event focusing on Ayurvedic wisdom for anti ageing and longevity in Sydney later this year, click here to view the entire program.  PLUS SuperFeast will be partnering with Hale Pule for a special in person offering in the Northern Rivers on 11th November, mark the date in your calendar and stay tuned for more details.    Myra & Mason discuss: - The power of "the why" in keeping focus on any endeavour; business, personal or otherwise. - The Ayurvedic approach to health and healing. - How the practice of Ayurveda challenges the linear based thinking present in many Western models of health.  - The importance of laughing at yourself, embracing mistakes and honouring the merits of both the ego and the higher self. - How to begin your journey with Ayurveda and view health through the elements and doshas. - Ayurvedic herbalism.   Resource guide and Guest Links: Hale Pule Website Hale Pule Blog Hale Pule Instagram Hale Pule Facebook Hale Pule Pinterest Hale Pule YouTube Hale Pule PodcastsHale Pule Sydney Event   Mentioned In This Episode: Hale Pule Agni Therapy Online Course   Related Podcasts & Content: Ayurveda and Yoga - The Healing Arts with Myra Lewin from Hale Pule (EP#55) Tonic: Sleepy Ashwagandha Milk Connect With Us: SuperFeast Instagram SuperFeast Facebook SuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
The wonderful Dr Mario Alam joins Mason on the show today to share a genuine and open hearted conversation centred on the nature of empathy and connectivity, and how these elements are innately wired into our universal humanity. Mason and Mario traverse the somatic and cerebral landscapes as they explore how unresolved trauma at both the childhood and multigenerational level can interfere with our inherent capacity to confidently feel, rather than think our way through life. Mario highlights what happens at a physiological level when the body and mind experience prolonged stress (emotional and physical) and the many tools and practices one can use to release tension in these areas and the being as a whole.  Throughout this conversation we can feel the open tone of receptivity as Mason and Mario share this important dialogue, relaying the personal experiences that have influenced them individually on their journeys toward a life lived from an embodied state.  We explore the therapeutic outcomes that are available through the appropriate application of various psychedelic mediums, including MDMA, psilocybin, DMT and iboga, especially in the treatment of addiction and other mental health conditions. Mario and Mason cover an enormous amount of ground within the scope of holistic healthcare, carrying an overarching message that embodiment is key when working to restore harmony within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. Emphasis is placed on the importance of honouring the intricacies of the mind/body connection and the integrative process that is so integral to healing, but often missing from more unilinear modalities of health.  Two kindred spirits, on a mission in their own right, to alleviate unnecessary suffering and degeneration, uniting through a passionate exchange to vision a harmonious and vibrantly well future.   Dr Mario & Mason discuss: - Empathy; how to utilise this gift and move it through the body. - How trauma impairs our ability to trust the sensations of the feeling body. - Using acupuncture and kinesiology to help children process their somatic experiences and emotions. - How trauma impacts the body's physiology. - The prolific application of steroidal medicine in the Western medical model. - Using Taoist tonic herbs to regulate the body and nervous system. - Micro dosing psilocybin and neuronal connectivity.  - The power of Psychedelic assisted therapies in the treatment of mental health conditions.   Resource guide: Guest Dr Mario WebsiteDr Mario Instagram   Mentioned In This Episode Little Jewels Acupuncture Go Fund Me PageKhalil Gibran Poem - Children   Related Podcasts The Future Of Psychedelic Assisted Therapies with Tania De Jong (EP#189) Love, Sex, and Psychedelics with Dr. Molly Maloof (EP#137)   SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
In celebration of #30daysofJING; our annual soiree into the depths of Kidney Water and Jing Essence - the primordial lifeblood of our very existence - we're taking a trip down memory lane, showcasing an episode from the archives (EP#166), in which Mason, our favourite larrikin and main herbal man, passionately explores why something as simple as including Jing herbs into your daily diet, consecutively for 30 days, can create life changing results. In our modern landscape of living we're surrounded by the notion of *more, whether that's the desire for more money, more freedom, more rights, more comfort, more knowledge, intellect, a new car! Do we ever stop to think however, that the energy behind this messaging to strive for more, to consume or take, also requires us to give? The currency of that giving is funded by our bodily resources, it's the mental processing required to operate a computer program, app or smart phone, the physical strength it takes to carry the groceries to the car, to weed the garden, the agility to chase the grandkids around the park, to engage in a daily movement practice, the discipline required to keep up with personal admin, chores, the visceral material needed to be able to dream and vision, to create, prioritise, compartmentalise and execute. This giving currency is our Jing, our Kidney Qi, it's the innate stuff we're born with, passed on from our ancestors, from our mum and dad.  Jing is the primal Essence of our life. Cultivation practices are essential if we are to adapt to and make the most of this wild and wonderful life, the more available potential we have stored, the more we're able to materialise, and by more I don't mean the physical accumulation of stuff, it's more capacity to face challenges with grace, more courage to fiercely love through our shared humanity, more emotional resilience so we can harvest knowledge from the experiences we encounter and transform it into wisdom that can be used to nurture, teach, influence and inform. The messages in Mason's words may have been transmitted many months ago but the potency still rings true, after all this wisdom is thousands of years old, and it's simple; embrace your cyclic nature, and that of the seasons, take good care of your body, mind and Spirit through appropriate thoughts and actions, and most of all, considerately nourish your Kidneys so you can hold your health in own hands and confidently lead yourself through your lived experience informed by your own personal flavour of sovereignty.  A potent chat today; simple actions, powerful outcomes.   Mason explores: - What Jing Essence is at its core. - The quintessential Jing herbs of the Taoist tonic system.  - The relationship between Jing Essence and the Kidney's. - The Yin/Yang transformation cycle. - How to protect and cultivate Jing essence. - Setting an intention for the 30 days of JING. - Addiction and excess in the western lifestyle - The deep recesses of Kidney Water. - Creating rhythms in our life that create automated flow. - How 30 days of JING can positively influence vitality and longevity.   Resource guide Mason's Instagram SuperFeast Instagram 30 Days Jing Starter Kit 30 days of Jing Facebook SuperFeastTonicHerbs - TikTok   Jing Tonics JING blend SHEN Blend Deer Antler  Cordyceps Eucommia Bark Related Articles: Jing: What Is It? How to Cultivate It? JING Blend: Our Favourite Adrenal Tonic JING Challenge: 30 Days To Restore Core Energy Adrenal and Kidney Health- Breathing and Movement The Three Treasures: Jing, Qi and Shen   Related Podcasts Jing Energy with Mason Taylor (EP#02) Adrenal Fatigue and Repair with Sage and Dan (EP#170) How I Formulated the JING Blend with Mason Taylor (EP#171) SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Benjamin Berry or Your Mate Benny as he's fondly known, joins Mason on the podcast today to chat about the medicinal value of functional breath work and cold therapy. Benny came into the global spotlight at the time of the infamous flooding that decimated much of the Northern Rivers landscape in 2022. As a civilian on the ground responding to the needs of his community, Benny's presence began permeating the wider populace via a series of Instagram posts calling for stronger government intervention, many of which received thousands if not millions of views. Throughout the flood relief effort, what Benny did was show us that with persistence, heart and authentic care; people power works. People can only be as powerful as they are adaptable, which leads us to the theme of today's episode; how the practices of breath work and cold exposure can create mental, physical and emotional resilience when applied appropriately.  Throughout this conversation, we get a sense of just how potent the effects of these practices can be, especially when an individual is faced with a challenging situation. Benny carries a distinctly reassuring calm and grounded energy, one that is reinforced by the daily lifestyle habits he keeps and shares through his powerful work. Like any health-promoting protocol that rises to fame, there is plenty of misunderstanding and misinformation around the useful application of breath work and cold therapy, so it is a great pleasure to have Benny, one of the leading Australian advocates for these crafts, on the show today to graciously guide us through.  Enjoy.   Benny & Mason discuss: - The role of community at times of big life transition. - Benny's involvement in the Northern Rivers 2022 flood relief effort. - The importance of using integrity when holding space in breath work ceremony, and how this influences positive outcomes. - The experiences that lead Benny to the work he offers today. - The difference between true ice bathing and cold immersion.   Resource guide: GuestBenny's Instagram   Mentioned In This Episode The Wim Hoff Method Conscious Club Solhouse Studio WebsiteSolhouse Studio Instagram   Relevant Podcasts The Yin and Yang of Hot and Cold Therapy with Dr Marc Cohen (EP#179)   SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Chiropractor Dr Aisha Ahmed joins Mason on today's show. Aisha is an incredibly well-studied and accomplished individual with 20 years of experience working across many healing modalities. Aisha has always been drawn to caring for others and began her journey in the industry at the age of 15 working alongside her father in his medical clinic. With a deep reverence for the power of hands-on adjustment and a passion for the holistic approach, along with a myriad of tools in her practitioner belt; including a Masters in Chiropractics, certifications in Jungian Psychology, Dry Needling, NeuroEmotional Technique and 10 years apprenticing with a highly regarded traditional Chinese herbalist, Aisha uses the knowledge she's gained to restore her clients capacity to feel vibrant, energised and pain-free.   In this jovial conversation, Aisha and Mason emphasise the importance of viewing the body as one unified organism comprised of many systems and explore the role of integrative care in achieving positive client outcomes. The pair passionately speak to the power of the Five Element Theory and Chinese medicine framework, highlighting the simple yet effective lifestyle approaches, that when practised with consistency, can be the difference between an individual's recovery and a life laced with pain. An inspiring and informative listen for all, especially those who want to support the longevity of their body, mind and Spirit; an endeavour which could be as simple as wearing a scarf when it's windy, and socks when it's cold... Enjoy.   Dr. Aisha & Mason discuss: - The integration of holistic modalities within the medical system and the power they hold for positive treatment outcomes.  - The marriage between chiropractics and Chinese medicine. - The potency of physical touch and body manipulation in health and healing. - The inadequacy of standard medical training in understanding the body as unified organism.  - The simple lifestyle hacks Chinese medicine uses to help people live well for longer. - Treating injury with heat instead of ice. - Cancer through the lens of Chinese medicine.   Resource List Guest  Aisha's Facebook Mentioned In This Episode  Dr Simon Morgan Chiropractor  Related Podcasts Why Chinese Medicine Is Failing Us with Rhonda Chang (EP#80)YinYang Wuxing For Inner Harmony with Rhonda Chang (EP#89)   SuperFeast Online Education Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Today we welcome back the poetic and exquisitely wonderful Dr. Jimi Wollumbin, one of our beloved local medicine men and regular SuperFeast podcast guests. From the first few minutes of this conversation Jimi does what Jimi does best and dissolves the armouring around our collective heart as he eloquently speaks to the harrowing yet beautifully humbling path of the healer. The wounded one within all of us, that through necessity, is given no other choice but to be a student of its lived experience.  Jimi and Mason speak of the alchemical process, of Taoist fog walking, of the medicine contained in the shadows of life, the places pregnant with transformative possibility, the tunnels we fear to enter despite knowing there is light at the end. Through this conversation we're taken on a journey that calls us to embrace the entire spectrum of our human experience, to know strife as a teacher equal in esteem to love. We're reminded of the deficit of life that light-washing leaves us in, to honour the gradient of emotion in between what is "good" and what is "bad" because after all our misery is universal, and so is our joy. We all breathe, bleed, love, despair, succeed and fail. Just as the revolution of natures seasonal wheel inevitably turns, rising and falling, growing and decaying, so too do we; rise, fall, grow and decay, and it is these very innate, very human, very necessary processes that allow us to evolve, to adapt, to renew and to regenerate. To be alive in our living. This was a very special conversation, it is my sincere wish that you draw as much solace from it as I did.    Mason & Jimi discuss: - Initiation and walking the medicine path. - Love and Strife as the Western translation of Yin and Yang. - Ego death, surrender and soul growth. - The absence of cultural lore and rights of passage in our modern systems of living, and the impact that has on our psychology at both an individual and collective level. - Using seasonal imagery to guide you through the transitional phases of life. - Adaptation as a necessary and very innate aspect of life. - Jing Essence, the reserve that fuels our capacity to transmute challenging circumstances.  - Resilience, hormetic stress and the power of integration. - Befriending your grief.    Resource guide: Dr. Jimi Wollumbin Website Dr. Jimi Wollumbin Patreon Jimi Wollumbin Instagram Dr. Jimi Wollumbin Facebook Related Podcasts: Trauma, Resilience and Natural Disaster with Dr. Jimi Wollumbin (EP#155) Microbes and Viruses - The Hidden Wonders of The Invisible World with Jimi Wollumbin (EP#58)   SuperFeast Online Education Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Mikaela and Bryan of Alchemystic Fungi join Mason today for an explorative conversation around the multidimensional nature of the mycelial world.  Connected through their shared passion and reverence for mother nature and her plant queendom, Mason, Mikaela and Bryan dive deep into the unifying and medicinal role fungi play on the planet, placing a spotlight on the plethora of functional applications it can have, especially as a remedy to the industrial impacts of our time.  Whether it's churning through plastic, alchemising industrial waste, feeding the forests or supplying sustainable swaps for common synthetic materials, throughout this conversation we can begin to glean hope that despite the looming doom of the climate crisis, we have a future; and that future is fungi. Mikaela and Bryan spend their days on beautiful Bundjalung Country, visioning, researching, fossicking, educating and creating in the realms of fungi. Profoundly devoted to their craft and quest, this dynamic duo are deeply rooted in nature based ethics, unified by a circular economy where nothing goes to waste and everything is fed back into the death, birth, growth cycle of the earth.  Alchemystic Fungi have big dreams and I personally cannot wait to see Mikaela and Bryan bring their visionary magic into continuous creative form. A rich and inspiring listen.    Bryan, Mikaela & Mason discuss: - Heart math and the work of Stephen Harrod Buhner.  - The Alchemysitic Fungi origin story. - The mushroom market; competition verse connection and infinite unity. - Mycelium, water filtration and environmental toxins. - Mycorrhizal associations; the symbiotic relationship between a fungus and a root system. - Fungi and atmospheric carbon. - Mycelial based materials as the future of sustainable industry.   Resource guide Guest Alchemystic Fungi Website Mentioned in this episode  Paul Staments Christopher Hobbs Stephen Harrod Buhner Relevant Podcasts Entering The Imaginal Realms with Stephen Harrod Buhner (E#88) Psilocybin Journeywork & Fungi Academy with Jasper Degenaars (EP#120) The Wild World Of Medicinal Mushrooms with Jeff Chilton (EP#37)   SuperFeast Online Education Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Tania De Jong from Mind Medicine Australia joins Mason for another inspiring and informative conversation on the topic of psychedelic assisted therapies. In the time since Tania was last on the show, the TGA, Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration, made the monumental decision to reduce the scheduling of MDMA and psilocybin, two key allies in the successful treatment of drug resistant mental health conditions. The ruling to reschedule these compounds from Schedule 9 Prohibited Substances to Schedule 8 Controlled Drugs is incredibly important for the future of psychedelic assisted therapies, and although their immediate legal application is only indicated for a narrow index of specialised cases; MDMA for drug resistant PTSD and psilocybin for drug resistant depression, it's a huge win for Australia as the front runners in the legalisation of this movement.  Tania relays what these scheduling changes mean for the future of psychedelic assisted therapies, and introduces us to The Healthy Person’s Trial, an exciting new research experiment for therapists operating out of The Australian National University in Canberra. Tania shares her personal story with psychedelic assisted therapies, and the experiential journey that lead to the creation of Mind Medicine, the not for profit company she founded with her husband and business partner Peter. Tania speaks with grace and humility, eloquently educating on what's happening on the ground with this movement. A penetrating and illuminating listen for all.  Tania & Mason Discuss: - Why the TGA's decision to schedule the therapeutic application of Psilocybin and MDMA is a big deal. - The future of psychedelic assisted therapy in Australia. - CPAT, Mind Medicine's Certificate in Psychedelic Assisted Therapies course. - The Australian National University's Healthy Person's Trial. - Connection as a key factor in healing from mental health conditions. - Tania's personal experience with psychedelic assisted therapies. - The Mind Medicine's origin story.   Resource guide Tania's WebsiteTania's TED TalkTania's MusicMind Medicine WebsiteMind Medicine Instagram Mind Medicine Facebook Mind Medicine YoutubeCreativity Australia   Mentioned in this episode  Driftwood The Musical Mind Medicine CPAT CourseTania's Heaven On Earth Album   Relevant Podcasts: Psychedelic Assisted Therapies & Mental Health with Tania de Jong (EP#124)   SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Kohta Mitamura joins Mason for a deep dive into the guiding principles of Human Design. Speaking graciously to technology's influence on the rise of individualisation, Kohta shares his insights on how the principles of Human Design can enable individuals to harness their unique genius and apply that knowledge to create communities that transcend the moralistic world views often imposed on them by birth. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of both permaculture farming and Human Design, Kohta explores the correlation between these systems and how their foundational aspects can be utilised to gain self knowledge and create harmony on both an individual and collective level. Ultimately we can understand Human Design as a self regulating open sourced profiling system, founded on a backbone of astrology, the chakra system, Kabbalah and the teachings of the I Ching. Human Design offers a mechanical understanding of the circuitry that all human consciousness is comprised of. Mason and Kohta met on a permaculture farm in the Northern Rivers many moons ago and it is a delight to have them reconnect through this heartfelt and informative conversation today.     Kohta and Mason discuss: - The foundational principles of Human Design. - The four profiling types in Human Design. - How to apply Human Design to your life. - Using Human Design to create harmony in relationships. - The relationship between Human Design and Astrology. - Individual and collective destiny through the lens of Human Design. - Materialism and belonging.   Who is Kohta Mitamura? Kohta has spent last 15 years living in farming communities in Hawaii, Australia and Japan. With a mystical yet pragmatic inclination, Kohta found the study of Permaculture and Human Design as foundational frameworks for his pursuit of holistic well being. Kohta is a new staff member at Human Design America and is developing educational materials for their creative individuals. Resource guide Guest Human Design America Relevant Podcasts Maximsing Your Human Potential with Dr Molly Maloof (EP#47)   SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Today Mason explores the world of plant based nutrition and performance with crossfit legend James Newbury and ATP Science co-founder and naturopath Matt Legge. The episode opens with an introduction to Phyba, James and Matt's new plant based protein powder, leading us down into a wonderful and very nuanced rabbit hole that exposes the cutting edge thinking and technology utilised to develop it. Throughout this conversation the gents speak passionately on a vast area of topics including epigenetic's, holistic living, the importance of fresh, seasonal and local foods, how the colour green has been used to manipulate consumers in the supplement industry, the key role the alcohol and perfume industries have played in the preservation of botanicals across history, cellular adaptation and so much more! What really shines through in this episode is the deeply heartfelt and devotional energy James and Matt carry on their mission to help people feel happy and be well. A mission that is fuelled by innovation, education, razor sharp vision and joy. We go deep into the nuts and bolts of the body's metabolic pathways, exploring the microbiome and how to best utilise plant based nutrition to create vibrant long lasting health.  Within the health industry exists an incredibly dense sea of quick fixes, fads, rules, restrictions and misinformation, and it is folks like James and Matt that allow us to breathe a breath of fresh air with their grounded, well researched and factual approach. A beautiful and insightful listen for all; regardless of dietary disposition or preference.   James, Matt and Mason Discuss: - Fibre and the importance of phytonutrient rich forms in the daily diet. - The key role of epigenetic's in health and wellness. - The link between branch chain amino acids, diabetes and depression. - Plant based protein, anti-nutrients and disturbances in the microbiome. - The misinformation surrounding green foods in the supplement industry. - Global food culture and the myths around it. - The pivotal role alcohol and perfumery have played in the preservation of botanicals throughout history. - The mission beyond the product and being a custodian of a company's spirit rather than of the company itself. - Performance fatigue, lactic acid and mitochondrial biogenesis. - Using discernment when applying ancient wisdom to a modern life.   Resource guide Guests Matt WebsiteJames Instagram James Website Mentioned in this episode  Phyba WebsitePhyba Facebook Phyba InstagramPhyba Podcast Tonics for Performance & Recovery Cordy Na Na Smoothie Relevant Podcasts The Power Of Recovery with Crossfit Champion James Newbury (EP#65)Mind Body Peak Performance with James Newbury (EP#106)   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Stephanie Nosco joins Mason for another instalment of our Five Element seasonal series. Today we're exploring the Earth Element and Yi; the Spirit of the Spleen. In this insightful conversation Stephanie shares the simple lifestyle measures we can take to nourish our Earth Element and allow our Yi to express freely. The Spleen/Earth Element corresponds to the practical magic of our daily toil, when harnessed with intention and care, this is the energy that allows us to anchor our visions and materialise them into tangible form. Yi is at the centre of this manifestation process. Yi is intercepting medium between what is of the heavens (Yang) and what is of the earth (Yin). Yi enables us the ability to reduce our projects into achievable bite sized tasks, think the methodical magic of a well written to do list. In relation to the seasonal cycle, Yi and the Earth Element are connected to Late Summer, the period that follows the Yang of Spring/Summer and precedes the descent into the Yin of Autumn/Winter.  This energy is characterised by digestion; whether that be on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual planes. Yi governs intellect and applied thinking; processes that allow us to make sense of our experience through the organisation of thoughts and feelings. Yi is heavily interconnected with the Shen (cognition and clear thinking) and Hun (higher vision/planning), when all 3 are working in harmony we are more equipped to live our lives on purpose, devoting the chop/wood carry water of our daily actions to the embodiment of our destiny, and the establishment of a legacy that will exist beyond our physical form.   Mason and Stephanie discuss: - Yi, the Spirit of the Spleen. - Moving Earth; using the Five Elements to create bonds and boundaries. - Writing a to do list as a spiritual act.  - Pacifying overwhelm with celebration. - Bringing dreams into fruition and the energy or I vs we; individuation vs unity. - Navigating the upper, middle and lower worlds with Wu Shen. - Devotion and legacy; the relationship between the Fire and Earth elements. - Using Spleen energy to bring yourself back into centre. - The diaphragm; embodying Heaven on Earth through breath. - Rumination, knotted Qi and Damp Spleen. - Consumerism and Spleen imbalances. - Lifestyle tips to consider when working to nourish the Spleen/Earth Element.   Resource Guide Guest Nosco Yoga Stephanie's Instagram Stephanie's Facebook Yin Yoga Teacher Training  Stephanie's YouTube channel   Mentioned In This Episode Mantak Chia Lorie Dechar   Relevant Podcasts Shen, The Heart Compass and Fire Element with Stephanie Nosco (EP#185) The Wu Shen and Alchemy Vs Ascension with Stephanie Nosco (EP#123) Calm Mind, Joyful Spirit: The SHEN blend with Mason and Tahnee (EP#91) How To Eat In Spleen Season with Kimberly Ashton (EP#151) Check Out The Transcript Below  
"The whole point of the Shen is to be our compass on earth, not to fly back up to heaven, because the Shen will do that. But it's really, can I call the Shen down and have the Shen and it's rhythm inform my life?" Oh, heavenly Shen! The ultimate expression of true intelligence and Joy, the bridge between heaven and heart, where wisdom lives and love reigns supreme. As we sit in the balmy heat of the hottest (and last) month of Summer- the Heart Fire element, we want to take a moment to journey to the core of this season and explore its equally soulful and outward Yang expression. Guiding us through this conversation, bridging the esoteric and physical nature of the Heart Fire element so gracefully, is Medical Qigong therapist, Yin Yoga teacher, psychotherapist and 5 Element educator Stephanie Nosco. Stephanie explores the apex of expression, which is the Fire Element- when the sun is at its highest point, nature is bursting with life, and the ascending energy of excitement fills the air. Stephanie also discusses the practices, protectors and boundaries to be mindful of in Heart Fire season and why balance is essential. This conversation is a divine exploration of how we can show up shining and expressing our full potential in the Summer season without soaring too high in the excitement and losing that soul connection to self and consciousness. Mason and Stephanie discuss: -The Shen Treasure. -Meditation and Shen -The expression of Shen. -Heart resonance and Shen. -Protectors of the Heart. -Boundaries of the Heart. -Practices for Heart Fire season. -The Small Intestine and discernment. -Listening to the compass of the Heart. -How the Heart Fire Element is expressed.  -The difference between excitement and joy. -Shen and the relationship with ourselves. -Gratitude practices to nourish Heart Shen. -Speech is the centre of the Heart and the Shen. -The physical and energetic purpose of the triple burner.   Resource guide Guest: Nosco Yoga Stephanie's Instagram Stephanie's Facebook Yin Yoga Teacher Training  Stephanie's YouTube channel   SHEN blend  SHEN blend - The Incredible Benefits. (Article) Relevant Podcasts: The Wu Shen and Alchemy Vs Ascension with Stephanie Nosco (EP#123) Calm Mind, Joyful Spirit: The SHEN blend with Mason and Tahnee (EP#91)   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
In this special interview Mason shares a deep conversation with one of his greatest inspirations in work and in life, Stephen Harrod Buhner. Stephen's work in herbalism, heart perception, plant medicine, earth poetry, Lyme's disease, bacterial intelligence and more, has reignited the journey's of many into the indescribable "imaginal" realm that plant enthusiasts, artists and adventures throughout time have known well. In this chat Stephen invites us to reach beyond the reductionistic mental approach to life that our Western culture insists upon and "trains" us for, to discover and dance with the wild non linear spaces that lay within. Mason and Stephen touch on many beautiful topics ranging from wild terrain medicine, herbal antibiotics and the effect of pharmaceuticals on the planet. Delving into the mystical and empowering realm that is driven by feeling, the place where we can start to develop a deep relationship with the planet and the plants that help us to heal. Stephen's books and work are transformational, and we cannot recommend them highly enough! Among Mason's favourites are; The Lost Language Of Plants, The Secret Teachings Of Plants, Plant Intelligence And The Imaginal Realms and Sacred And Herbal Healing Beers.    Who is Stephen Harrod Buhner ? Stephen Harrod Buhner is a interdisciplinary, independent scholar, polymath, Fellow of Schumacher College UK and head researcher for the Foundation for Gaian Studies. Stephen is an extraordinary human who, like many (if not all), cannot be summed up in a simple paragraph, to read more about the universe that is Stephen Harrod Buhner, please see his extensive bio here.   Resources: Stephen's Website Stephen's Books Stephen's Articles The Foundation For Gaian Studies
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As someone who has had anxiety most my life, this excites me. although it may be a while off, it's still the step in the right direction! more plant medicine!! less man made crap!

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