DiscoverSuperFeast Podcast#205 Sexuality & Endogenous Psychedelics with Dr Jenny Martin Part 1
#205 Sexuality & Endogenous Psychedelics with Dr Jenny Martin Part 1

#205 Sexuality & Endogenous Psychedelics with Dr Jenny Martin Part 1

Update: 2023-10-16


Today on the show Mason is joined by Dr Jenny Martin to share a thought-provoking conversation around sexuality, the body's ability to manufacture DMT and other endogenous psychedelics, religion's influence on our relationship to sex, pleasure and wellbeing, and so much more!

With a doctorate in psychology and a vast field of knowledge in the areas of female sexuality, consciousness, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, mind-body medicine, and the heart/brain connection, Dr. Jenny knows, from the inside out, just how powerful our body's apparatus can be, especially when we know how to use it!

A passionate advocate for feminine pleasure and achieving flow states, joy and total transformation through the art (and science) of sacred sexuality, Dr. Jenny takes us on a journey through history, sharing how prevalent these practices have been for millennia within Christianity and many ancient cultures and schools of thought around the globe. Highlighting that the energetics of the masculine/feminine principle are intrinsic to life and our nature as human beings. 

Jenny speaks to the somewhat controversial concept that the original practice of Christianity was explored through the lens of sexuality, allowing us to entertain the notion that perhaps sexiness is next to godliness after all!

In all seriousness though, what may be useful to consider in this particular context is the deeper meaning of the colloquial phrase, “cleanliness is next to godliness”  If we delve a little deeper into the meaning of this concept what we're left with is the translation that keeping one's expression of life "clean" or more accurately, ordered, affords us a sense of ease through the application of balanced or measured action.

We could also explore what cleanliness or order means in relationship to sexuality and through the lens of the masculine/feminine principle, which is what, at a foundational level, is being spoken of when exploring the potential to use sexual practice as a means to illicit the production of neurotransmitters and endogenous psychedelic substrates such as DMT and oxytocin. Compounds that enable us to cultivate harmony and health within the body and mind. 

How do we keep our expression of sexual energy “tidy” not in the inhibited or frigid sense but functionally, applied in the same manner as the master, with reverence and respect for its power and potential capability? 

Through the Taoist lens, sexual energy is synonymous with life force energy, so we can confidently hypothesis that the more we can optimise and utilise this currency of energy through application and practice, the more life or aliveness we can experience, hold and entertain. 

Dr Jenny and Mason only touched the tip of the iceberg in this explorative chat, join us for part two, coming soon.


Dr Jenny & Mason discuss:

- Endogenous psychedelics.

- Religion's influence on our relationship to sex, pleasure and well-being. 

- Sex as a way of invoking the divine. 

- The goddess archetype and the importance of integration when exploring sacred sexuality.

- Near-death experiences and endogenous DMT.

Female orgasm & the vagus nerve.


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Dr Jenny Website
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Mentioned In This Episode
Book: The Woman With The Alabaster Jar.
The Spirit Molecule Documentary.
Literature On Female Orgasm By Barry R Komisaruk.
Psychedelic Literature From Michigan University.

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#205 Sexuality & Endogenous Psychedelics with Dr Jenny Martin Part 1

#205 Sexuality & Endogenous Psychedelics with Dr Jenny Martin Part 1