DiscoverSuperFeast Podcast#204 Rewilding The Beauty Industry with Montana Lower
#204 Rewilding The Beauty Industry with Montana Lower

#204 Rewilding The Beauty Industry with Montana Lower

Update: 2023-10-091


Tahnee takes the mic in today's special episode as she welcomes Montana Lower, founder of holistic skincare company Bluem, on the show.

Tahnee and Montana share a
beautiful discourse around the raw nature of mothering, what it's like to be a mother and business owner/CEO, greenwashing in the beauty industry, using nature as medicine, trusting your body's inherent wisdom and letting your intuition guide the way. 

The women recount their journeys into motherhood, championing pregnancy and birth as portals into self-love, self trust and personal power.

Tahnee and Montana share passionate exchange on the medicinal actions of plants, both emphasising that natural lore will always reign supreme over the scientific model. 

Montana poses the question; is it nature backed by science or is it science backed by nature? Do we as a collective put our faith only in the word of a strategically measured metric or do we trust the innate knowing of the earth and the seeds that sprout into the flora of her nurturance?

An advocate for living life in alignment to your values, Montana is no stranger to making difficult decisions, choosing only to engage with practices and products that sustain and nourish the land and the creatures who occupy it. 

You can feel the integrity in each word Montana speaks, her energy is infectious and inspired, it's impressive to hear such grounded conviction in someone so young. 
I really enjoyed this one, I hope you do too.


Montana & Tahnee discuss:

- Montana's journey into motherhood. 
- The birth of her company Bluem.
- Healing ancestral wounds & working with your family. 
- Greenwashing in the beauty industry.
- Mothering in business.
- Trusting in nature over science.

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#204 Rewilding The Beauty Industry with Montana Lower

#204 Rewilding The Beauty Industry with Montana Lower