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Welcome to the SuperFeast Podcast! Join tonic herbalist and health educator Mason Taylor as we explore the magical world of Tonic Herbalism. We will explore the relevance of these ancient herbs and medicinal mushrooms in our modern culture of health to invigorate the body, restore organ health, create badass immunity and bring harmony to the hormones. Want to enhance performance, longevity, energy and radiance? Then dive in with us and learn why tonic herbal adaptogens have been used for millennia for this exact intention. So get ready to activate your SuperHuman health as we deliver this deep tonic herbal philosophy right your eardrums.
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Today, Tahnee welcomes Naturopath Jennifer Ward of Halsa Health onto the show. Jennifer specialises in women's health, particularly in preconception, pregnancy and postpartum care. The women share a beautiful conversation surrounding preconception, what it is, what it entails, the role diet, lifestyle and stress play in hormonal health and why both women and men need to share the load when it comes to fertility and conception. Throughout their chat, Tahnee and Jennifer explore the intricacies of preconception, delving into the many elements that are involved on the journey of preparing the body and psyche to carry and birth a child.  Jennifer, through her extensive work within a holistic and clinical setting, emphases the importance of an individualised approach, one that involves simple, sustainable, daily health practices to create an environment in which the body feels safe to host a growing child. Jennifer highlights that ideally fertility is engaged with as a daily practice, and not thought of as something that is only tended if and when a woman wants to become pregnant. Offering practical advice on managing stress and tuning into the body's natural rhythms through simple acts such as getting enough sleep, spending time in nature, and practicing gratitude. The women explore the nuanced balance between being informed and becoming overwhelmed by the plethora of information available on preconception care, and the often overlooked role that male partners play in the preconception process overall. With attention called to the fact that their health and stress levels also play a crucial role in a successful conception. This episode is a reminder that the journey to motherhood and beyond is deeply personal, and that women, by taking the time to listen to their bodies and seek support from the modalities and practitioners that feel aligned with their innate and individual needs can make all the difference. After all each woman is the oracle of her own living system.  For those interested in learning more about Jennifer's work or seeking personalised support, find her at Halsa Health, and the links below.  Jennifer & Tahnee discuss: - Body literacy and the menstrual cycles. - The importance of preconception care for both women and men.  - How diet, lifestyle and stress influence fertility and hormonal health. - Embracing preconception as a long term daily practice. - The connection between diet culture and nutrient deficiencies in women.    Resource Guide: Guest Links Jennifer's Website Jennifer's Instagram Jennifer's Facebook Halsa Health Website Halsa Health Instagram Halsa Health Facebook Mentioned In This Episode Jennifer's Preparing The Body For Pregnancy Online Course Related Podcasts Nurturing All Phases of Birth with Nutritionist Tahlia Mynott (EP#138)   Connect With Us: SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:    
Mason, and long time SuperFeast friends, Dan Sipple and Marcus Pearce join forces today for an insightful conversation around diet, lifestyle and longevity in the world's Blue Zones, and how the quality of life experienced by the individuals living in these areas is cultivated through joy, community, resilience and pace. The tread that weaves itself so gracefully throughout this conversation is one of unbridled self expression, of the value in allowing ourselves the freedom to include and relish in the aspects of our lived experience that we most enjoy, those feel like a balm not only to our bodies and hearts, but our souls as well. We're given insight on these musings as Marcus shares from his experiences spending time with the people of Ikaria, an island located on the coast of Greece in the Eastern Aegean Sea. Here the people live slow and in community, moments are savoured and enjoyed, alcohol is commonly consumed but rarely in excess, the same goes with meat. Things get done in the time it takes to do them and deadlines are not really a thing. The pace and the variants considered essential for life are vastly different to those that we are indoctrinated to esteem through the Westernised systems that the majority of us are engaged in, with motivation for "success" often derived from pursuits laced in capitalism. Listening to Marcus, Dan, and Mason discuss research on the factors that contribute to wellbeing and longevity in the Blue Zones worldwide, we can identify that it is not the frantic striving for shinier, more, better, higher, younger, that enables a human to flourish, it is in fact the very essence of the dutiful notion of chop wood, carry water, and not duty as in oppression, more so an agreement with what is, carried forward allowing space to enjoy the simple yet enriching facets of life that can only be accessed in the present with presence. We're introduced to the fact that when measuring the two separately, social connection has a more potent positive influence on health than diet, and those that have the most abundant sense of health are embracing both in equal measure. In the field of wellness individual's are so often told (and sold) that health is something that can only be accessed on the other side of "clean" living, and that longevity is derived from the perfect morning routine, nutrient intake, exercise and supplement regime. However in reality often the people that live the longest (and happiest) lives are those that are living in joyful communion with the things that they enjoy, vices included. We've all seen or heard the stories of the 100+ year old woman or man who attributes their longevity to their daily cigarette, coffee or can of coca cola. Centenarians are not exclusively green juice drinking yogini's or those who engage in a multifaceted wellness routine, Many are those that live simply, at natures pace, in community with purpose and without too much stress. Those who are culturally rich. How your life looks is not nearly as important as how your life feels, for you, regardless of the thoughts/opinions of an external audience. It is not always accessible for those living in the psyche of the Western grid to live like the inhabitants of the Blue Zones, however what is accessible is the knowledge of a different way, and the inspiration to include more of what and who you love in your days, and that that is often more powerful than any perfected way of living.   Mason, Dan & Marcus discuss: - The Blue Zones diet controversy. - Adapting Blue Zone lifestyles to a modern setting.  - Traditional lifestyle and its influence on health.  - Social life over diet for longevity. - Authenticity and success, what it is and how you measure it. - The power of adopting an individualised approach to health.    Resource guide Guest Links Dan Website Dan Facebook Dan Instagram Marcus WebsiteMarcus Longevity Podcast Marcus Facebook Marcus Instagram Marcus Youtube Marcus Linkedin Marcus X Mentioned In This Episode Dan BuettnerGraham HancockWeston PriceThe China Study Book Dan Sipple's Netflix Blue Zone Documentary Instagram Post Related Podcasts Moving Towards Destiny with Harmony with Marcus Pearce (EP#181) Connect With Us: SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education      
Today Mason welcomes the remarkable Peter Galle onto the show. Peter is a practitioner of true Classical Chinese medicine, one of many exceptional individuals keeping the practice of this lost healing art present and alive in the current diluted culture of Westernised appropriation. Peter and Mason go deep in this episode, inviting us to acknowledge with gravity, the enormous value the sensory faculties of sight, smell, taste, touch and perception hold in the fruitful practice of healing, regardless of the modality. Both men share their knowledge and insights passionately, many of which are heavily influenced by the Huang Di Nei Jing, The Yellow Emperor's Classic Of Internal Medicine, a seminal text on Chinese medicine that captures the root intention of the Classical approach. Peter speaks from the heart, with care and diligent reverence for those who walked before him, whose path of mastery was apprenticed in alignment with the original guidance of this ancient craft. Covering all manner of topics; including the challenges practitioners face when working to harmonise complex pathologies, the importance of honouring lineage and working with classical texts, why self-cultivation and self-care are crucial aspects for the longevity of the healers' practice, developing perceptual sensitivity and the acuity and discipline that is required to accurately read the body and its subtle cues, plant medicine and the indigenous use of Cannabis in China and so much more! This episode is rich and valuable, a truly insightful listen for all, especially those in communion with the practices of Chinese medicine.    Peter & Mason discuss: - The difference between commercialised Chinese medicine and true Chinese medicine. - The challenges faced by practitioners in treating complex illness. - The magic and interconnectedness of plants in healing. - The importance of self-cultivation for practitioners. - The layers of the body and disease in Chinese medicine. - Honouring the lineage and working with classical texts in Chinese medicine. Resource guide Guest Links Peter's Website Peter's Instagram Mentioned In This Episode Stephen Harrod Buhner Books Related Podcasts Qi Cycles And The Dao with Jost Sauer - Acupuncturist (EP#48)Lifestyle Medicine with Acupuncturist Jost Sauer (EP#63) Connect With Us: SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
In today's episode Mason shares the mic with Logan Christopher founder and CEO of US company Lost Empire Herbs. The gents discuss performance based herbalism, the power of spagyrics and the Taoist approach to health, all the while sharing deep camaraderie around what it's like to grow through an evolving family owned business. Logan takes centre stage as he narrates his personal journey through the herbal landscape, shedding light on the significant role herbs play in bolstering vitality and well-being. The duo examine how herbal tonics, with their multifaceted properties, can be strategically utilised to cultivate distinct levels of health and performance, while providing a holistic approach to personal wellness. Logan shares his insights on spagyric tinctures, and the transformative experience's he's faced while working with them, offering us a glimpse into the alchemical intricacies and multidimensional nature these meticulously crafted elixirs can embody.  We're introduced to the concept of "health beyond danger" and reminded of the Taoist principals surrounding balance and moderation. Mason and Logan share candidly about the challenges and rewards that come with owning a herbal business, both reflecting on what's involved in their roles as founders and CEO's. From the nuances of decision-making to the art of team-building, the men emphasise the importance of building a cohesive team that aligns with the company's overarching vision. Both sharing anecdotes and lessons learned from their journey's at the helm of a burgeoning herbal empire. Tune in for more.   Logan & Mason discuss: - Logan's introduction to tonic herbs and his journey in the health industry.  - Herbal spagyrics and their metaphysical nature. - Performance and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). - Herbs and business; going from founder to CEO. - Tonic herbs for hormonal/sexual health. - Lost Empire Herbs latest product range.    Resource guide Guest Links Lost Empire Herbs Instagram Lost Empire Herbs Facebook Lost Empire Youtube Lost Empire Herbs Website Legendary Strength Website Logan's Substack Mentioned In This Episode School Of Evolutionary Herbalism Related Podcasts Mind & Body Peak Performance with James Newbury (EP#106)Herbs For Performance and Dì Dào (地道) with Mason Taylor on The Awoken Athlete podcast (EP#130) Connect With Us: SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:    
Tahnee speaks with the phenomenal Yolande Norris Clarke. Yolande is a birth liberation activist, birth-witness, spell-breaker, way-shower, childbirth educator, midwifery teacher, and mother of 9 (soon to be 10) beautiful children. In this juicy episode with Tahnee, Yolande shares her birth stories and the powerful insights she's gained both working and being in the free birth space.  The women speak to the growing awareness and education surrounding free birth, sharing thought-provoking dialog around the impact of subconscious programming and the role manifestation plays in creating one's reality, inviting us to question beyond the “traditional” institutionalised approaches women are most often sold as gospel, and consider the power of choice in shaping an individual's birthing experience.  Yolande shares her love of German New Medicine, celebrating its holistic mind-body approach and the positive implications it has had for her own healing and parenting. Passionately encouraging mothers to embrace and trust in their children's innate ability to heal, emphasising that love, support, and validation are the most essential elements on the parenting journey.  This beautiful conversation serves as a catalyst for reflection, inviting individuals to consider their choices, to embrace the power of surrender, and recognise the profound impact the mind has on the birthing experience and beyond.  We’re left with a rich tapestry of insight into the realms of birth, motherhood and self-healing, reminded that the human organism has the innate power to self organise, and is coded to reproduce as nature intended, in a wild, unfiltered and undomesticated way.   Yolande & Tahnee discuss: - Free birth, Yolande's birth stories and surrender as a discipline. - The "perfect pregnancy" and the myths surrounding it. - Birth as an initiation and spiritual experience. - Reclaiming the joy of motherhood. - Creation, manifestation and commitment. - German New Medicine.   Resource Guide: Guest Links Yolande's Website Yolande's CoursesYolande's German New Medicine Salon Yolande's Book Yolande's Instagram Yolande's FacebookYolande's TikTok Mentioned In This Episode Free Birth Society Ina May Gaskin Books Janine Parvati Baker BooksJane Hardwicke Collings Related Podcasts Birth Is A Body Based Event with Clancy Allen (EP#79)Birth Work, Ceremony, and Rites of Passage with Caitlin Priday (EP#148) Connect With Us: SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:      
Phytality founder Mark Pages, joins Mason for an illuminating conversation around the profound health promoting benefits of marine phytoplankton and other plant based sources of omega-3. The pair discuss the history and resurgence of marine phytoplankton as a life giving superfood, its primordial origins, and its potential as a sustainable dietary replacement for other more commercialised, processed and anti-environment sources such as those derived from fish and krill oils. Mark and Mason cover the controversy surrounding marine phytoplankton and the importance of ensuring its purity and quality. Mark breaks down the manufacturing processes used at Phytality to ensure the finished product is both highly bioavailable and nutritionally rich. Emphasizing the vital need for a balanced intake of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, especially when aiming to reduce inflammation and support cardiovascular health. Mark draws our attention to the potential risks of consuming excess dietary omega-6, highlighting the importance of mindful choices for overall well-being. The antioxidant properties of phytoplankton are also spoken to, particularly the benefits of zeaxanthin and lutein, and their impact on eye health. With an overall emphasis on the necessity for high-quality, bioavailable sources of omega-3 in the daily diet. An incredibly informative chat today.   Mark & Mason discuss: - The history and resurgence of marine phytoplankton as a superfood. - The primordial origins of marine phytoplankton. - The health benefits of marine phytoplankton. - The importance of purity and quality when sourcing phytoplankton. - Phytoplankton, plant protein & nutrient bioavailability. - The importance of maintaining a balanced omega-3 to omega-6 ratio when consuming omega rich foods.   Resource guide Guest Links Phytality Website website Phytality Instagram Phytality LinkedIn Mentioned In This Episode Phytoplankton Introduction from Woods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionMarine Planktonic Cyanobacteria OriginWorld’s Biggest Oxygen Producers Living in Swirling Ocean Waters Study: Appearance of Fatty Acids In Human PlasmaStudy: Maintaining Low Omega-6/Omega-3 Ratio for Reducing the Risk of Autoimmune Diseases, Asthma, and AllergiesStudy: Benefits of Omega-6 and Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Human Health: An Update for 2021What Impacts The Conversion of Alpha-linolenicacid (ALA) To DHA and EPA? How Industrial Agriculture Affects Our SoilPhytality Phytoplankton Growing ProcessPhytality Production FacilitiesThe Biochemistry Of Fats YoutubeRhonda Patrick On The Benefits of Omega-3sSuperfoods Book, David Avocado Wolfe Related Podcasts A Plant Based Approach That Works with James Newbury & Matt Legge (EP#187) Connect With Us SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:    
Mason welcomes nutritionist, author, actor, podcaster, yoga teacher and public figure, Lola Berry, on to the show today, for a grounded and insightful chat on the art of failure, and how to repurpose the energy behind adversity and loss into the creation of something beautiful, purposeful, and close to your heart. Having ventured into the world of acting from the tender age of 18, Lola is no stranger to rejection. Anyone who operates within an industry where the stakes are high and the failure rate is about 99%, has to have thick skin. Lola has just that.  As a hard working triple Virgo, and self proclaimed A type personality, Lola always digs deep, choosing to fuel her pursuits through embodied optimism, a stance that allows her to embrace personal setbacks with the gumption of the phoenix rising; the one who recognises that renewal and rejuvenation can be found in the fiery ashes of the alchemical process.  It's refreshing to hear Lola speak to failure as something that is workable, a medium that is malleable and open to interpretation, especially as the fear of failure is so often associated with people not taking action on the dreams and visions that lay dormant inside them, waiting to be birthed and appreciated by the world at large. Lola teaches us that with an open and hopeful heart, diligent gestures of effort, and an unwavering belief in the infinite possibilities available to those who try, success is always an option, no matter what that may mean to each individual.  Mason and Lola speak to the value in consistently seeking support, celebrating therapy as an integral component to self evolution, grace and forward momentum. Lola's enthusiasm, unapologetic passion and grounded authentic nature are such a balm, her welcoming, encouraging and inspiring presence reminding us that failure need not be an obstacle in the pursuit of our passions, more so a stepping stone that enables us to reimagine our trajectory with humility, patience and a willingness to prevail.    Lola & Mason discuss: - Embracing failure as a tool for self evolution. - The brutal nature of the acting industry. - Trusting the unknown & feeding your soul fire. - The power of living in alignment with your personal truth. - Mental health and the value in seeking the support of a therapist.  - Being an open vessel for spirit to work through. Resource guide Guest Links Lola's Instagram Lola's TikTok Lola's Facebook Lola's Linkedin Mentioned In This Episode Fearlessly Failing Book Fearlessly Failing Podcast Related Podcasts Moving Towards Destiny with Harmony with Marcus Pearce (EP#181) Connect With Us SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Tahnee sits down with the formidable and incredibly inspiring, Kimberly Ann Johnson, for a raw and potent chat about the feminine experience. The women explore the role of archetypal rites of passage; birth, menarche, menopause, death, and the unique, nuanced and powerful technology that female physiology inherently embodies.   Informed by her work as a Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Experiencing practitioner, author, yoga teacher, mother and postpartum advocate, Kimberly speaks with true reverence for the cyclic nature of womanhood, expressing that the faculty of listening, witnessing and holding space for the processes that are forever unfurling themselves within the body, mind and spirit of women is one of the most nurturing acts that women can offer both themselves and others. When we give our deep attention to the beauty, wildness and non linear nature of the feminine experience we agree to a rebellion against the rigid societal structures that feel as though they are designed to keep women confined to an existence that is far too small for the raw force of their intrinsic nature.  Kimberly shares her work with people in trauma, defining trauma as the outcome of an incomplete cycle, an event that because it has gone unwitnessed and unacknowledged in its full, lingers as injury in the body and psyche. Here we are introduced to the profound impact of circle work, of sitting in the presence of and holding space for the buoyancy and the dullness that colour the spectrum of human experience.  As Kimberly speaks she allows herself to feel and express emotion as it arises, her voice at times choked by the acknowledgement of grief, joy, love and despair, and it is truly freeing to receive. The courage of heart, the embodiment of all she teaches and practices is a breath of fresh air, a humbling gesture of solidarity to the part in all of us that longs to feel safe within the full scope of our somatic experience. I loved this one, I hope you do too.    Kimberly & Tahnee discuss: - Kimberly's origin story. - Community and what women really need postpartum. - The power of witnessing and circle work. - Feminine trauma, what it is and how it presents in the body. - Archetypal rites of passage. - Menopause & not giving a f#ck. - Kimberly's work with Stephen Jenkinson and the  value of wisdom and eldership in our society.   Resource guide Guest Links Kimberly's Website. Kimberly's Instagram. Kimberly's Facebook. Kimberly's YouTube. Kimberly's Linkedin. Mentioned In This Episode Mother Circle Online CourseKimberly's BooksSecond Spring Book - Kate CodringtonJane Hardwicke Collings WebsiteJane Hardwicke Collings Four Seasons JourneyJane Hardwicke Collings Autumn Woman Harvest Queen WorkshopUma Dinsmore-Tuli Yoga Nidra Related Podcasts The Power Of Menopause with Jane Hardwicke Collings (EP#77)Only Living People Die with Stephen Jenkinson (EP#203)Sexual Activation and Feminine Embodiment with Eva Williams (EP#144) Connect With Us SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:    
In today's episode Mason takes the guest seat and sits down to chat with Melissa Ambrosini on her #1 rated podcast; The Melissa Ambrosini Show Melissa is a multiple bestselling author, keynote and TEDx speaker, and queen of mastering your Mean Girl.  In this explorative and thought provoking conversation, Mason shares the download on Taoist tonic herbalism, conscious conception/birth, how to incorporate SuperFeast herbs into your daily life/family culture, the signature China sourcing that makes SuperFeast so unique and the importance of tradition and lore in herbal cultivation. Mason also runs us through the practice of Gua Sha and emphasises the importance of connecting to the ancient roots that lay so deeply at its core. With a shared passion for holistic health, Mason and Melissa cover vast ground, their dialog spanning the realms of medicinal mushrooms, tonic herbs and Taoist philosophy. Whether you are new on the herbal path, are a sometimes herbal friend, or a seasoned pro, there are many pearls of wisdom littered for all throughout this informative conversation.     Mason & Melissa discuss: - Birth Magic & the conscious birth of Mason and Tahnee's two children. - Taoist Tonic Herbalism. - SuperFeast sourcing. - The Three Treasures; Jing, Qi, Shen. - Longevity and the merit of daily practice in the cultivation of it. - The SuperFeast origin story. - Herb dosage for postpartum, breastfeeding and children. - Gua Sha, what is it and how to utilise it in your life.   Resource guide Guest Links Melissa's Website Melissa's  Podcast Melissa's Facebook Melissa's Instagram Melissa's Twitter Melissa's YouTube Time Magic Book Wholy Mama Mentioned In This Episode SuperFeast YIN Gua Sha Tool SuperFeast YANG Gua Sha Tool SuperFeast QI SuperFeast JING SuperFeast I Am Gaia SuperFeast Astragalus SuperFeast Mason's Mushrooms Related Podcasts Gua Sha: Become Your Own Healer with Mason Taylor (EP#174)   Connect With Us SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
We're in for a real treat today as we welcome author and doctor of classical Chinese Medicine, Ann Cecil-Sterman, on to the show. Ann is a passionate participant in the revival and preservation of the classical teaching's of acupuncture. In a societal landscape where this incredibly rich and time-honoured craft is continually being dried out and robbed of its innate magic and energetic intelligence, Ann's work is profoundly needed. Speaking to us of the emergence and history of acupuncture, Ann takes us on a journey through its origins, emphasising its birth as a complete system devoid of any gradual elemental development. Instead, over time, its holistic essence has been eroded by the commercialisation and materialistic pursuits of the Western world. Ann sheds light on the fact that even the term "Traditional," commonly used to describe this ancient practice (e.g. Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM), is a relatively recent addition, tacked on to the modality by Chairman Mao at the time of its colonisation. We're reminded that classical acupuncture is a practice founded on the principals of animism, a shamanic offering that ultimately aims to heal an individual's ailing spirit through devotional intention, a medicine that is truly of the heart.  Ann graciously guides us through the intricate network of acupuncture points and channels, highlighting how the Western approach, driven by intellectual rigour, has often oversimplified this comprehensive system. Confusing rote learning and academia with genuine skill and mastery. Throughout this incredibly inspiring and thought provoking chat, the message we're continually left with is this; the core essence of Chinese medicine and acupuncture is derived from the concept of conservation, one that holds deep reverence for bodily energy as a finite resource. The human form is seen to be the bridge between what is of the heavens and what is of the earth, and following the Tao, the way; nature, is a task that asks us to be considerate of what surrounds us, above, below, and in all directions. To know deeply that although we exist within a sea of infinite energetic potential, that the flesh, sinew, bone and blood of our body is at the mercy of elemental forces, and to live long and prosper, we must be moderate in our consumption of life and experience. Listening to Ann share her profound wisdom with Mason is a genuine pleasure, offering a discourse that I hope all our listeners will savour and contemplate.   Ann & Mason discuss: - The historical emergence of classical acupuncture.  - How the true practices of acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been diluted through colonisation. - Reducing degenerative disease with lifestyle medicine. - The connection between mental health and Kidney Essence. - Cold exposure through the lens of Chinese medicine. - The healing potential of warm water.   Resource guide Guest Links Ann's WebsiteAnn's Instagram Ann's Facebook  Ann's Twitter  Mentioned In This Episode Becoming Healthy, Staying Healthy Book Related Podcasts Why Chinese Medicine Is Failing Us with Rhonda Chang (EP#80) YinYang Wuxing For Inner Harmony with Rhonda Chang (EP#89) Preserving Classical Chinese Medicine with Dr. Simon Feeney (EP#127)   Connect With Us SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Mason is joined by Dr Jenny Martin for the second instalment of their conversation exploring the connection between sexuality, altered states of consciousness, and endogenous psychedelics. In today's segment Dr Jenny takes us further into the cervix and its role in female pleasure, highlighting that women, by design, are innately wired to experience mystical states of consciousness through sex. Dr Jenny take us on a wild ride into subtle realms that the body exists in and is a part of, traversing both the science and traditional lore on topics such as quantum and torsion physics, dark matter, piezoelectricity, Kirilian photography, the body's electromagnetic field, HeartMath and more. Exploring how the intelligence behind all of these theories and schools of thought can aid us in understanding our inherent capabilities and how to utilise and potentiate the capacity of our human form, both earthy and otherwise.  Mason shares his knowledge in the area of Taoism, translating many of these concepts through the expression of Five Element Theory and the Taoist organ wheel, marrying the East vs West approach in a relatable and digestible way.  Dr Jenny explains polyvagal theory through the lens of female pleasure, outlining the various elements of perception and stored trauma that can inhibit an individual's ability to experience bodily welfare regardless of the environmental safety that they may physically find themselves in. Furthering our understanding of the mind/body connection and the subtle energetics that are always at play, when engaging in sex, partnered or otherwise. There is just so much terrain covered in this episode, with many threads to explore and tunnels to delve deep into, we are continuously invited to consider what and who we are beyond the confines of the literature we are strategically fed or allowed exposure to, and the societal structures and norms continually imposed on us.  Take a moment, take a breath and let your psyche spiral around the mysteries and magic of your innate metaphysical nature.   Dr Jenny & Mason discuss: - Healing trauma through sexual practice. - Consciousness, physics and the multidimensional nature of the  human body. - HeartMath and reaching altered states through sex. - Polyvagal theory, fear and female pleasure. - Social media and the colloqualisation of trauma. - Relationship as a gateway to spiritual development. - The intersection between sex, pleasure, and reproduction from a biological and spiritual perspective. Guest Links Dr Jenny WebsiteDr Jenny CoursesDr Jenny Substack Mentioned In This Episode Stealing Fire BookDr Daniel KeownA Spark In The Machine BookThe Uncharted Body Book Related Podcasts Sexuality & Endogenous Psychedelics with Dr Jenny Martin Part 1 (EP#205) Connect With Us SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
In today’s episode, Mason is joined by SuperFeast's longtime friend and ally, Jinti Fell, for a heartfelt and candid conversation about her journey as entrepreneur, online personality and content creator. Together, they explore the ups and downs, the challenges, and the transformative moments that shaped her path. Jinti's story offers valuable insights into the complexities of online identity and the pursuit of authenticity in the online space.  Jinti takes us back to 2016, when she first entered the world of online content creation, a time when YouTube was still evolving, and the idea of creating content professionally wasn't widely accepted. Jinti shares her initial motivation, which was to find a creative outlet while navigating the experience of motherhood. Little did she know that this venture would lead her down a remarkable and life altering path. As her online presence grew, Jinti felt the pressure of meeting external expectations, openly sharing her tendencies as a high achiever and people-pleaser, traits which led her to constantly seek validation through success and approval. In the process, Jinti admits to losing touch with her authentic self, consumed by the opinions of her online community.  Despite the complexities of her life as a public figure, Jinti emphasises the simplicity of her ultimate goal—to lead a happy, un-compromised life. Her journey serving as a reminder that staying true to your values and seeking joy can stand as powerful guiding forces when navigating life's twists and turns. A down to earth and relatable chat today.   Jinti & Mason discuss: - Jinti's journey into entrepreneurship and online content creation.  - Ego death, authenticity and the complexities of online identity. - External expectations and the importance of staying true to your personal values. - Creating a life in alignment with your personal why and using joy as a guiding force. - The herbs and supplements Jinti uses to keep well.   Resource Guide Guest Links Jinti's InstagramJinti's TikTok Jinti's Website Jinti's Youtube Mentioned In This Episode Why The Weak Are Crumbling Right Now with Jost Sauer (EP#143)SuperFeast JING BlendSuperFeast Eucommia BarkSuperFeast Deer AntlerSuperFeast SHEN BlendSuperFeast QI Blend Shilajit Related Podcasts Motherhood, Birth, and Embodying Your Truth with Jinti Fell (EP#129) Connect With Us SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Today on the show Mason is joined by Dr Jenny Martin to share a thought-provoking conversation around sexuality, the body's ability to manufacture DMT and other endogenous psychedelics, religion's influence on our relationship to sex, pleasure and wellbeing, and so much more! With a doctorate in psychology and a vast field of knowledge in the areas of female sexuality, consciousness, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, mind-body medicine, and the heart/brain connection, Dr. Jenny knows, from the inside out, just how powerful our body's apparatus can be, especially when we know how to use it! A passionate advocate for feminine pleasure and achieving flow states, joy and total transformation through the art (and science) of sacred sexuality, Dr. Jenny takes us on a journey through history, sharing how prevalent these practices have been for millennia within Christianity and many ancient cultures and schools of thought around the globe. Highlighting that the energetics of the masculine/feminine principle are intrinsic to life and our nature as human beings.  Jenny speaks to the somewhat controversial concept that the original practice of Christianity was explored through the lens of sexuality, allowing us to entertain the notion that perhaps sexiness is next to godliness after all! In all seriousness though, what may be useful to consider in this particular context is the deeper meaning of the colloquial phrase, “cleanliness is next to godliness”  If we delve a little deeper into the meaning of this concept what we're left with is the translation that keeping one's expression of life "clean" or more accurately, ordered, affords us a sense of ease through the application of balanced or measured action. We could also explore what cleanliness or order means in relationship to sexuality and through the lens of the masculine/feminine principle, which is what, at a foundational level, is being spoken of when exploring the potential to use sexual practice as a means to illicit the production of neurotransmitters and endogenous psychedelic substrates such as DMT and oxytocin. Compounds that enable us to cultivate harmony and health within the body and mind.  How do we keep our expression of sexual energy “tidy” not in the inhibited or frigid sense but functionally, applied in the same manner as the master, with reverence and respect for its power and potential capability?  Through the Taoist lens, sexual energy is synonymous with life force energy, so we can confidently hypothesis that the more we can optimise and utilise this currency of energy through application and practice, the more life or aliveness we can experience, hold and entertain.  Dr Jenny and Mason only touched the tip of the iceberg in this explorative chat, join us for part two, coming soon.   Dr Jenny & Mason discuss: - Endogenous psychedelics. - Religion's influence on our relationship to sex, pleasure and well-being.  - Sex as a way of invoking the divine.  - The goddess archetype and the importance of integration when exploring sacred sexuality. - Near-death experiences and endogenous DMT. Female orgasm & the vagus nerve.   Resource Guide Guest Links Dr Jenny WebsiteDr Jenny Substack Mentioned In This Episode Book: The Woman With The Alabaster Jar.The Spirit Molecule Documentary.Literature On Female Orgasm By Barry R Komisaruk.Psychedelic Literature From Michigan University. Related Podcasts Love, Sex, and Psychedelics with Dr. Molly Maloof (EP#137)+   Connect With Us SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Tahnee takes the mic in today's special episode as she welcomes Montana Lower, founder of holistic skincare company Bluem, on the show. Tahnee and Montana share a beautiful discourse around the raw nature of mothering, what it's like to be a mother and business owner/CEO, greenwashing in the beauty industry, using nature as medicine, trusting your body's inherent wisdom and letting your intuition guide the way.  The women recount their journeys into motherhood, championing pregnancy and birth as portals into self-love, self trust and personal power. Tahnee and Montana share passionate exchange on the medicinal actions of plants, both emphasising that natural lore will always reign supreme over the scientific model.  Montana poses the question; is it nature backed by science or is it science backed by nature? Do we as a collective put our faith only in the word of a strategically measured metric or do we trust the innate knowing of the earth and the seeds that sprout into the flora of her nurturance? An advocate for living life in alignment to your values, Montana is no stranger to making difficult decisions, choosing only to engage with practices and products that sustain and nourish the land and the creatures who occupy it.  You can feel the integrity in each word Montana speaks, her energy is infectious and inspired, it's impressive to hear such grounded conviction in someone so young.    I really enjoyed this one, I hope you do too.   Montana & Tahnee discuss: - Montana's journey into motherhood.  - The birth of her company Bluem. - Healing ancestral wounds & working with your family.  - Greenwashing in the beauty industry. - Mothering in business. - Trusting in nature over science. Resource guide Guest Links Bluem Website Bluem InstagramMontana Lower Instagram Related Podcasts Reclaiming Pureness and Sovereign Living with Jessika Le Corre (EP#96) Deconstructing The Beauty Industry with Jessica DeFino (EP#152)   Connect With Us SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Today Tahnee sits down with Stephen Jenkinson, author, storyteller, musician, and culture activist, for a very real and very potent conversation around living, dying, and what it takes to embrace the fragility and asymmetry of life.  Influenced by a diversity of life experience and his work in death centred care, Stephen holds deep reverence for the art of living, a journey that is synonymous with loss. As an advocate for embodying death within the experience of life, Stephen asks us to engage with the practice of loss, of learning to live in the absence of something we once held dear or true as a preparation for the promised and very tangible characteristic of life; death.  Stephen views dying as a moral obligation, inviting the idea that to die mindfully, deliberately and consciously is a political act, a religious or spiritual event worth respecting as much as the breathing part of life.  Stephen poses the very important question that is so absent in our western culture; what is to become of me when I die?  Inviting us to hold awareness around the suggestion that to acknowledge the transient nature of life, is to be pertetually overwhelmed, a notion that is so beautifully captured in the following line he recites from an old provencal prayer; "God help me. My boat is so small and your sea so immense."   Throughout this discourse, Stephen encourages us to welcome the entire spectrum of living, to embrace the varied gradients that are expressed and experienced. We're summoned to ask ourselves whether we can cultivate the courage and embody the wisdom to remember the ones we love in the myriad of contexts they may inhabit. Whether we can we love the decrepit and decaying aspects of ourselves and others with as much vigour and enthusiasm as the parts that are robust, shiny and effervescent. If we can we sit alongside the dying with a smile instead of a grimace as they dissolve out of the breath based living that is so pedestaled and celebrated in our death illiterate culture. We are prompted to consider why death is continuously shunned and sanctioned to the dark corners of our psyches, asked whether we, in our enduring efforts to be the biggest, brightest and most gallant version of ourselves, are missing the poetry of loss?  It's in these questions that perhaps we begin to decipher the language crafted around our living and therefore our dying, to know and to develop the relationship we share with it.  A powerful and important chat today.   Stephen & Tahnee discuss: - Stephen's journey into death work.  - Living as an embodiment of death.  - Natural vs medicated death. - The extension of life as an extension of death. - Shepherding children through death and loss. - Approaching death with willingness vs resistance.    Resources Guest Links Orphan Wisdom Website Orphan Wisdom FacebookStephen's Youtube Mentioned In This Episode Die Wise Book Faith, Hope and Carnage Book Related Podcasts Death, Ceremony, and Walking Towards Grace with Zenith Virago (EP#117) Connect With Us SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Nutritionist Jessica Cox joins Mason for an illuminating conversation around the topics of holistic health, diet culture and the connection between food, mood and gut health. With a shared passion for the healing potential that medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs provide, Jessica and Mason joyously jam out, sharing the simple yet delicious ways these beautiful plant allies can be consumed through the daily diet while covering where they're positioned in a more clinical diagnostic setting.  With 15 years experience on the ground working with people in clinic, Jessica shares how the extreme approaches to diet currently occupying the wellness space are causing more harm than good, and the work she does as a practitioner to manage expectations and shepherd her clients through lifestyle change.  In this episode Jessica and Mason aim to demystify diet culture and bring awareness around the seasonal place extreme or therapeutic type diets hold, emphasising that seasons in our lives may call us to adjust our approach but ultimately dietary diversity is the key to long-lasting health. Jessica stresses the limitations of a one-size-fits-all all attitude and champions the powers of building strong foundations with a back-to-basics methodology.  It's a delight to witness the camaraderie these two share as they weave the knowledge and wisdom they've individually gained through years lived thoroughly through all facets of the wellness space. Ultimately reminding us that beyond the circulation of dietary fear, confusion and dogma, exists the middle path of balance, a place where solace can be found through the practice of sensibility and moderation.  A beautiful and grounded chat today, well worth the listen for beginners and those in the know. Enjoy.   Jessica & Mason discuss: - Extreme diet culture and the harm it causes. - The connection between food, mood, and emotions. - The practitioner/client relationship and the importance of trust in creating positive treatment outcomes. - Ego, practitioner as god, and helping the person in front of you.  - Dairy and calcium. - Dietary diversity and gut health. - Anti-nutrients and the myths surrounding them. - The clinical and nutritional use of medicinal mushrooms.   Resource guide Guest Links Jessica's WebsiteJessica's InstagramJessica's FacebookJessica's YoutubeJessica's PinterestJessica's TwitterJessica's Recipes Related Podcasts Optimising Your Gut Bacteria with Dan Sipple (EP#68) Tonics For Season Pimped Up Matcha Latte (recipe by Jessica Cox)   Connect With Us SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Back for part two of their chat on conscientious parenting, Mason and Tahnee come together today to expand their discourse into the area of the conscious and subconscious mind, exploring how ingrained patterns of thinking and behaving influence our ability to show up for our children and partners in the ways we desire, highlighting that awareness and presence are ultimately at the crux of all these things. Tahnee speaks to the RIE parenting method and the work of Magda Gerber and Janet Landsbury, sharing their framework around empathy, and how to use it as a tool of enquiry and understanding, especially when experiencing interpersonal difficulties with your child.   The topic of empathy poses the existential question; how do we walk on the hot coals of our experience with grace and regulation? Tahnee and Mason both champion engaging with personal practice and developing tools that enhance the cultivation of your mental, physical and spiritual capacity, whether these be through herbal allies, meditation, movement, breath or self compassion.  Tahnee emphasises how difficult it can be to break habitual patterns, recounting a recent experience she had relocating the tea towels in her house, Tahnee found she kept going back to their previous location, which stands as a simple (and very sweet) reminder that it takes time to change and it's imperative that we allow ourselves humility as our bodies and minds catch up to new terrain. Rhythm, routine and being realistic with expectations is also explored, along with using play as a tool for learning.  Another stimulating conversation between our favourite pair.   Mason & Tahnee discuss: - Empathy for your child's experience as a key pillar in conscious parenting. - How to communicate with your kids without being condescending.  - The books and tools Tahnee & Mason use to support their parenting intentions. - Treating your child like an individual with unique needs, regardless of their age. - Using rhythm and routine to create stability/safety in the family culture. - How to use seasons and celebratory festivities to punctuate time throughout the year.  - The work of Rudolf Steiner. - The importance of encouraging play, wonder and magic in parenting.  - Using Astrology, German New Medicine and Human Design to support your children.   Resource guide Guest Links Tahnee's website Tahnee's Instagram Mason's Instagram Mentioned In This Episode RIE Parenting MethodJanet LansburyMagda GerberNew Earth Mama InstagramHow to Talk So Little Kids Will ListenGerman New Medicine Related Podcasts Conscientious Parenting with Mason & Tahnee Taylor Part 1 (EP#200) Connect With Us SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Mason and Tahnee Taylor come together today in celebration of our 200th episode for a special conversation on one of our most requested areas of interest; conscious parenting. The pair prefer the term "conscientious engaged parenting", highlighting how they endeavour to use awareness as a tool in their approach to family culture and raising their two children, Aiya and Leo. It is lovely to have Mason and Tahnee sharing the mic to shed light on their very human, and very humble take on conscious parenting, highlighting the importance of a grounded approach that champions all parents regardless of their societal disposition or socioeconomic means. Both Mason and Tahnee engage with a style that is rooted in a strong foundation of adaptation, learning and integration. Tahnee speaks to the difference in hardships faced by children of prior generations who were exposed to famine and war, those who had a responsibility to the family far beyond their years, how many children in the current age are completely removed from these types of stressors, and how that informs their innate resilience and ability to intercept worldly challenges.   Mason shares the importance of operating from a place of non judgement and appreciating how difficult it can be to raise children in a society that is grossly removed from sustainable ways of living, both at the socioeconomic and nature based levels. Emphasising it is more about working to co-evolve with society than to completely override it. A grounded, inspired and thought provoking chat today, and like most endeavours in life, honour is found in the volition of the intention rather than the perfection of the execution.  Enjoy.   Mason & Tahnee discuss: - What the concept of "conscious parenting" means to them. - Using boundaries to create closeness and connection as parents and children grow and evolve. - The modern day coddling of children through societal regulation. - The power of co-regulation in diffusing challenging parenting situations. - Parenting through the lens of Taoism; the Spleen and how it's connected to the mother wound. - Learning from elders and honouring the past while embracing new ways of being and doing. - Conscious uncoupling. - The importance of continually making space to tend to the relational union.   Resource guide Guest Links Tahnee's website Tahnee's Instagram Mason's Instagram Mentioned In This Episode The Continuum Project BookDifficult Conversations Book Related Podcasts The Birthing of Our Son (Part 1) with Tahnee and Mason (EP#163) The Birthing Of Our Son (Part 2) with Tahnee and Mason (EP#167) Connect With UsSuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
Mason is joined on the show today by the magnificent Rosie Rees. Rosie is a leader and pioneer in the field of sexual wellness, and and activist and advocate for the feminine form and its vast array of power and prowess. Rosie champions women of every age and expression to embrace their bodies and reclaim their right to body sovereignty and pleasure. This chat has been a long time coming and it is truly such a gift to have Rosie here with us sharing her special flavour of magic. Throughout the conversation Rosie and Mason touch on the areas of Taoist sexual practice, yoni de-armouring, using self pleasure as a gateway to living through the intuitive lens, sexuality through a woman's seasons; pre and post menopause, conscious relating and so much more! Within the dialog shared around the practice of self pleasure, Rosie highlights the importance of curating a relationship with pain, emphasising the prevalence of numbness that many women commonly suffer from within their yoni space. Rosie puts forward that the process of transforming numbness into pleasure is alchemical and involves an entire spectrum of sensation which may include physical and emotional pain. Rosie goes on to champion the power of holding oneself through this process and re-iterates that self pleasure is a self lead healing practice where anything can come up, in, out and through for release. As with any journey of self knowledge the heroine will be asked to delve into the subterranean depths of her body and psyche, her liberation guided by her willingness to meet whatever arises on her path of embodiment.  A potent, juicy, fun and refreshing exploration into the realms of feminine pleasure today, take a moment and dive in.   Rosie & Mason discuss: - Marriage and conscious coupling. - The importance of calling on your wellness tools in times of stress or ill health.  - The dangerous side effects of Intrauterine devices (IUD's). - The power of yoni egg practices for overall health and wellness. - Applying traditional Taoist sexual practice to the modern age. - Rosie's origin story, and the magic of following the intuitive breadcrumbs when working to bring your dreams into fruition. - Yoni de-armouring; the breakdown and the breakthrough. - Sexuality in perimenopause & menopause.   Resource guide Guest Links Rosie's Website Rosie's InstagramRosie's FacebookThe Golden YoniSplash Blanket Website Yinn Body Website Yinn Body InstagramYinn Body Facebook  Related Podcasts Life-Changing Sex Makes Anything Possible with Kim Anami (EP#28)Sexual Activation and Feminine Embodiment with Eva Williams (EP#144) Connect With Us SuperFeast InstagramSuperFeast FacebookSuperFeast TikTok SuperFeast Online Education   Check Out The Transcript Below:
Today Mason welcomes Laura Howarth of Happy Herbs Co on the show for an insightful conversation around holistic business, using herbs as allies, staying in alignment with the vision and allowing the intention of the intuitive heart to lead. Having been in each others orbit for the past 7 or so years through Happy High Herbs; the former incarnation of Happy Herbs Co, Laura and Mason share history in the herbal space. Recalling fond memories of times past when SuperFeast was operating out of a small garage in South Golden Beach in the NSW Northern Rivers Region. The pair reminisce on the simpler days while offering the ways in which the spirit of a business will call for change as it grows and expands.  Through Happy Herbs Co, Laura champions a humanistic approach, highlighting that community and connection will always be at the core of everything she does as the custodian of one of Australia's leading herbal institutions. In a digital age where ecommerce is increasingly outsourcing the interpersonal relationships forged through bricks and mortar business, Laura's ethos is centred around keeping human to human contact alive in a world driven by artificial intelligence. It is inspiring and beautiful to hear Laura share the Happy Herbs Co story, reminding us that benevolent acts of rebellion have the potential to pioneer long lasting change. With the rise in coverage and appreciation for the medicinal use of psychoactive and non psychoactive herbs within this country and abroad, let us all take a moment in reverence for the collective of humans, who through care and diligent action, have paved the way in the face of governmental bureaucracy and backlash.  Whether you're a seasoned supporter or new to the Happy Herbs phenomenon, this chat offers a wonderful window into the history of the holistic medicine community in Australia.   Laura & Mason discuss: - The evolution of Happy High Herbs into Happy Herbs Co. - Laura's origin story. - Intention, integration and using herbs as allies in business.  - The value of human connection & in person offerings in the digital age. - The Happy Herb Humanity charity.   Resource guide Guest Links Happy Herb Co Website Happy Herb Co Instagram Happy Herb Co FacebookHappy Herb Co Youtube Related Podcasts Herbalism; The Peoples Medicine with Erin Lovell Verinder (EP#141) Connect With Us SuperFeast Instagram SuperFeast Facebook SuperFeast TikTok   Check Out The Transcript Below:  
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Awesome podcast - I've gotten so much useful info and inspiration over the past 18 months from when I started listening (your podcast was the first I started listening to when I finally got into podcasts!) Thanks Mason and the team for putting out really empowering stuff!

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As someone who has had anxiety most my life, this excites me. although it may be a while off, it's still the step in the right direction! more plant medicine!! less man made crap!

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Yet another amazing podcast. Such much valuable information in here! I'll be sending this one right toy sister....hint hint nudge nudge? baby on the way?

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