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Author: Julie Watson, Liz Doyle Harmer

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The Afterglow Podcast gives women the permission and tools to live life according to their own rules.
The Afterglow Podcast is a platform to educate and empower women through conversations with courageous Canadian women, breaking down limiting beliefs and outdated rules.
The Afterglow is your second act. It’s what came after you did what you were told, and instead decided to do what was in your heart. It’s how you have reinvented yourself. It’s your vision for the next 40-50 years.It’s when you took your power back.
We call that The Afterglow.
37 Episodes
Show notes: 5:00 Get Your Shit Together the book is for everyone. 6:00 Why write the books? 7:30 How they met 10:00 Their first book handbook for Cool Moms and why What to Expect when you re expecting is outdated 11:30 How to not lose your shit as a mom, most advice is bullshit 13:00 Rebel Papa group- why men need support too 15:00 Moms need more than a day a the salon or a facelift for our vaginas 16:30 Redefine money 18:00 Women can be insecure around money even when they are intelligent 20:00 A book for people who don't know where to start 23:00 Ask yourself how money makes you feel 25:00 Money is NOT real 27:00 The mindset blocks of money 30:00 Things are not evolving quickly enough for women and money 32:00 The Gender Gap is real 36:00 Take care of yourself 40:00 Communication is key 43:00 Can you have it all? 48:00 What is the future for The Rebel Mama the business? 53:00 What is your Afterglow?
Show Notes:  3:20 Zahra story of Resilience from Uganda and Yemen 5:20 Zahra went to the International School in Yemen as well as an Arabic School 7:00 Zahra questioned what being a girl meant  9:30 Yemen was the worst country in the world to grow up for girls 11:55 What were the actual limitations for girls in Yemen 16:00 Zahra acted out in class, she was "trouble" 19:15 How Zahra tried to fit in, and completely changed who she was 21:00 Zahra experienced extreme depression  25:00 Zahra moved to Canada with her 3 children and had no work experience 29:00 How her skills working at a shop in the mall helped her move forward in her career 34:00 How Zahra was able to push through the limitations put on women 40:00 The tragedy of being an immigrant 43:00 Think like an immigrant 49:00 Zahra has a comfort zone she is not happy being in, she does not hold herself back 52:00 Push yourself a little, baby steps 54:00 There's always a silver lining 55:00 What is Zahra's Afterglow Find Zahra online at: IG: @zahrasays Buy Zahra's Book:  What It Takes: To Live and Lead With Purpose, Laughter and Strength
Show Notes: 3:00 Suzie tells us about her upbringing in Montreal 5:00 Suzie puts herself through Engineering at McGill 6:00 Suzie is an eclectic thinker in terms of Science and Math 8:00 Suzie talks about going into business, being the first woman hired at PG&E 9:45 How Suzie came in and turned things around for Weight Watchers 10:00 What gave Suzie the courage to enter a male dominated environment 12:00 Her first 50 years gave her resilience, and how her dad was her main role model. 14:15 Suzie wants to be a role model for women 16:20 Suzie's self taught barriers 18:00 Suzie used her experience to create a product and become an entrpreneur 20:00 How Suzie had the desire to create something first, and then tried to find the product 22:00 Suzie does it all 25:00 Suzie had an aha moment and created a product to serve herself 28:00 How Love Good Fats came to be 30:00 Suzie read a book and transformed her thinking to FATS being a good thing 35:00 What kept her going through all the obstacles 39:00 Suzie considers herself a changemaker 41:00 Suzie talks about barriers as a gay woman. 45:00 What still needs to change to equalize and have a just society 49:00 Suzie has a hugely successful business in her 50's, what would Suzie say to women in their 50's Find Suzie:  IG @lovegoodfats @suzie.lovegoodfats
Show Notes:  3:45 Dr. Rhonda McEwen and Dr. Jill Biden and the history of Doctor 5:45 Rhonda talks about culture of growing up in Trinidad and going to an all girls school 8:00 How and why Rhonda stayed in the Sciences 10:30 How an all female and all black environment growing up influenced her 14:12 Rhonda's Mother as a role model  16:00 Growing up in a rich fertile environment and then moving to London England 20:11 Rhonda's inner knowing as she changed careers 24:00 Rhonda is a curious human man likes to ask questions 26:00 The results of Rhonda's PHD 30:00 What has changed in the use of cell-phones since 2007 34:00 Rhonda's research in Technology with Autism and ADHD 37:45 Rhonda's new role as Special Adviser on Anti-Racism and Equality at UTM 51:00 Should we be scared of Robots?? Find out more about Dr. Rhonda McEwen's role and research here:
Show Notes: 3:30 Milestone day at Cheekbone beauty 5:25 Creating a product that gives back 6:20 All Indigenous children have been impacted by inequality in education funding 10:00 Jenn Talks about how the impact of residential schools is ongoing 13:15 Jenn has become the product of residential schools through generational trauma 18:00 Being of mixed race has questioned where Jenn fits in 20:20 Jenn tells us about an actual dream she had one night about creating Cheekbone 24:00 Jenn goes back and describes her struggle with addiction and getting sober 31:00 Jenn provides insight into building something regardless of your education 36:00 Jenn goes on Dragon's Den 44:00 Cheekbone is on a journey to become more sustainable 46:00 How the time during Covid affected her business 49:00 How can we support Indigenous businesses 51:00 What Jenn would say to her 15 year old self 52:00 What is Jenn's Afterglow?  Find Jenn Harper : IG + Twitter: @cheekbonebeauty 54:35 Stay tuned for What's your Afterglow
Show Notes: 3:23 Overview of "Flip The Script with EAAA"(TM) Program originally designed for women in university 7:25 We are socialized as girls to prioritize others needs before ourselves 10:00 Rates of sexual violence went down 46% in those who took the Flip The Script Program   11:15: The idea for Flip the Script came from Charlene Sen 16:16: The pleasure gap 20:00 How Kelloggs affected our sexual desires 25:00 What are the changes being made to adapt this program for younger girls ages 14-17 years old? 29:00: The roll-out of the program for younger girls 32:00 Sexual Violence is on a continuum 38:25 Programs for Men and Boys to take on responsibility and gain knowledge. Coaching Boys into men. 43:00 Being a good bystander.  51:00 Being a disrupter is a shared responsibility 52:35 Is it possible top have a world without sexual violence More information on Flip The Script: (Sexual Assault Resistance Education)
Show Notes: 4:08 Jennifer tells us how Covid affected her 6:30 How George Floyd changed Jennifers self-expression 10:00 Jennifers insecurities moving to Canada from Jamaica 18:00 Jennifer's purpose for creating her documentary on black beauty 24:00 Jennifer's works are purposeful and intense topics, find out why 30:00 Was there time where Jennifer's race or sex was limiting? 35:00 What's it like working with her husband? 38:00 Sudz, Jennifer's husband says "this is a peer marriage" 43:00 How it feels to Jennifer to be recognized by awards in her work 47:00 Jennifer's view on the arts- Art is everything 50:00 What is Black History month to Jennifer? 56:00 What would you say to your 15 year old self? Find Jennifer Holness at: IG: @hungryeyesmediainc @jenniferjholness
Show Notes:  2:40 Websters definition of RESILIENCE 3:00 Komal shares here own definition of resilience 5:40 Komal explains why her grandmother and mother are both her role models 10:00 Komal fells a sense of responsibility to being a South Asian Canadian 12:30 The importance of looking back as well as forward, being a part of a bigger purpose 15:15 How Komal keeps from BURNOUT 23:30 What programs Komal is running right now 34:45 Audacity: Komal tells her Michelle Obama story 41:15 Interview tips from Komal 44:45 Where did the name for her podcast come from 47:23 What lessons did Komal learn in 2020 50:00 What's one thing she wants all women to know Find Komal Minhas at I.G: @komalminhas Podcast: Lessons Learned with Komal
Julie interviews Liz to find out if she managed to survive 2020. Good needs. She did.  We talk diversity, complexity, money, sex and more. 
In this episode, Liz interviews Julie as they look back on lessons learned in 2020. We talk vulnerability, self-worth, somatic healing, and astrology. 
Julie + Liz return for a second season with more focus, more clarity and more inspiration.  They are excited about the line-up of upcoming guests and reach out to you to help achieve the goal of getting other guests to join in the fun. Stick around as Season 2 evolves, and we hear from more Canadian Womxn providing inspiration and tools to live life according to your own rules.  SHOW NOTES: 2:15: The big compelling question The Afterglow Podcast seeks to answer 3:22 What is The Afterglow, anyway? 4:45 How do we get conditioned away from who we truly are and how can we come back. 7:00 It's never too late. What does living in your own agency mean? 10:00 What can we learn from our guests. Who is coming up and what to expect! 13:50 How can you overcome the obstacles on the way to your Afterglow 14:30 Our proud Canadian perspective. 16:00 Our Season 2 themes! 16:30 Our Season 2 guest wish list! 
In this episode Julie + Liz discuss the last 24 episodes, the lessons learned, and what impacted them the most from interviewing incredible Canadian women. They celebrate their own accomplishment of starting The Afterglow and being badass women getting shit done! 
3:40 Elaine shares her early upbringing as an Indigenous woman in Canada 6:50 Intergenerational trauma - Elaine's family's experiences with residential schools in Canada 7:50 Elaine's struggle with alcoholism, addition and self-harming 8:58 Elaine reflects on the wisdom and safety of her grandmother 14:40 How did Elaine find her way back to healing through Indigenous wisdom 20:40 The inspiration behind Calling My Spirit Back 23:45 What Elaine's culture believes about alcohol - worth a listen!! 24:00 Elaine's profound experience of finding love 32:00 Why anxiety can often be unprocessed emotions 35:42 Elaine shares her experience working to end and heal the ongoing trauma of Missing + Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada LEARN MORE ABOUT ELAINE AND HER AMAZING BOOK HERE
1:30 How small-town upbringing shaped Jeni B 7:00 Losing parents. Jeni B beautifully describes how our parents are so closely woven into our personal stories. 9:50 What Jeni B learned from her hardworking mom 13:30 Jeni B and mindful awareness 15:40 The inspiration for Jeni's gorgeous podcast This is It Actually 16:30 Jeni's experience with divorce 19:00 The power of forgiveness 22:00 Modelling healthy relationships to kids post divorce  25:00 The hidden wisdom of Gilmour Girls! 28:30 Stepping outside of the "wife" role 31:30 What motivates Jeni B to push through the boundaries 34:30 The 40s are where it's at baby! 38:30 What would Jeni B say to her 15-year-old self 42:15 Body acceptance + gratitude 44:40 What is Jeni's afterglow 47:00 Jeni B's practices to cultivate mindful awareness. Yoga! Learn more about Jeni here!
2:00 What was it like for Paulette to immigrate to Canada at age 11 4:20 Did Paulette feel different/othered growing up in Canada 6:10 How Paulette overcame being streamed into a lower level at school - an experience not atypical for black children in Canada 10:20 What about the kids that get lost and Paulette's experience raising her son in the same anti-black system 15:10 What drives Paulette to stand up for herself and who she truly is 19:15 What motivates Paulette to work towards the empowerment of girls, women and minorities 22:30 The four pillars of the Canadian Women's Foundation (CWF) 23:00 How the CWF supports girls 27: 45 How can we support girls in our local neighbourhoods 31:00 How can we support women towards leadership roles 35:50 It's never too late for women to transition into greater leadership. Paulette shares stories of her inspiring friends and network 40:28 What is Paulette's Afterglow? It's a good one! 42:50 Paulette has won numerous awards. What do they mean to her 46:00 What would Paulette say to her 15-year-old self 47:05 What is resilience for Paulette and why people of colour need even more resilience. LEARN MORE ABOUT PAULETTE HERE
2:00 Leisse's child hood was perfect on the outside and incredibly painful on the inside 4:30 Leisse tells her origin story of waking up 7:25 Steps Leisse took to recover from people pleasing 11:25 Leisse shares her story likening it to the book Gotta Go about a butterfly 14:25 Leisse has zero tolerance for BS 19:00 Leisse shares how she overcame the trauma, and how she works with clients 23:14 Divorce was the worst experience of her life 26:25 The C word. Leisse talks about what getting breast cancer meant for her 29:40 Leisse reads the poem To Call Myself Beloved 34:50 What does Leisse mean by WE are the media 37:20 Leisse talks financial literacy 41:50 What's the story Leisse tells herself around wealth and success 46:00 Leisse has doubt and fear that still lingers, there's always work to do 50:00 How Covid has been a gift 55:50 What would Leisse say to her 15 year old self
SHOW NOTES 2:40 How did Kim become a sexpert! 4:15 What does sex positive mean? 5:55 Female masturbation - why is it taboo and how can it empower women? 8:45 What is the link between sexual empowerment and life empowerment 10:37 A really big takeaway. Kim’s major philosophy 11:24 Julie shares her changing views around sex 12:35 What does pleasure offer us 15:20 What are the brakes and the accelerators when it comes to sex 19:30 How do we baby step our way into sexual empowerment 24:30 The g-spot orgasm 30:17 Can things we practice in the bedroom become things that change ourselves? our world? 32:50 How can we teach sex positivity to the next gen 36:50 Quick blow job tips 44:00 Who inspires Kim 45:28 What would Kim say to her 15 year old self 49:10 A quick awesome recap 52:00 The highs + lows of relationships LEARN MORE ABOUT KIM
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